i went to a local bridal store to look for a tiara today. while i was there, a girl came out of a dressing room in a wedding dress, smiling widely and looking excited. i realized i missed the rush of wedding dress shopping. but then, i remembered my dress at home, hanging in the closet and protected in its white garment bag, and smiled knowing i already have my dream dress.

our postal service at work

i just re-mailed three invitations that were sent back for additional postage. it seemed a little odd since they were weighed and measured to be sure the postage was correct when they were first mailed. i explained the situation to the post office employee, hoping our theory that these three got spit back out during the sorting process was true.

post office employee: you need 13 more cents.
me: but the others went through just fine.
post office employee: well, you may be getting those back too.
me: they’ve already been received.
post office employee: then maybe the recipient was charged.
me: i think they’d mention if they were charged 13 cents.
post office employee: well, then maybe you lucked out and they just didn’t get caught.
me: you’re telling me that about 100 of these just ‘slipped through the cracks’?
post office employee: i guess so.

our first present

we got our first wedding present yesterday. joe’s friend got the set of knives we had registered for. yay! i couldn’t help but laugh at how the box was addressed:

joe, cady, dizzy, julius and aj schulman.

then, i just had to feel sorry for dizzy. neither of our parents want to take him while we’re on our honeymoon, and now he’s not part of the family! poor guy!!

speaking of presents, my mom says we’re not supposed to use our wedding presents until after we’re married. blah. so now, i suppose i will set up a gift table like rachel did in her apartment to display our gifts for the many people non-existent vistors we have. hehe. at least the women who come to my bridal shower will see them.

i’m so ready to have my dining room back. the floor is covered in wedding paraphernalia, i.e., my bridesmaids’ gifts, baskets, ribbon, etc. now my table will be cluttered with presents. it does make me happy though. 🙂

45 days to go

it’s amazing how many people have told us they received our invitations and they can’t wait until the wedding. have any of the rsvp’d? nope. not one. i forsee many, many phone calls occuring in the near future.

our engagement announcement didn’t run sunday. blah. and i haven’t received a response to my email inquiring when it will run. double blah.

i think everything has been arranged. i have my musicians. i have my flower preserver. i think i’m good to go. speaking of flower preservation, we decided to get the shadow box so we can have my bouquet, joe’s boutonniere, a program, a yarmulke and whatever else preserved together. i’m excited. it should look great. i just hope it’s hangable. 🙂

tomorrow we go to register for our last gifts. we need to hit bed, bath and beyond for towels, new bed set, etc. fun times. that and dinner should make for a nice evening.


well, my musicians are lined up.

my brother volunteered to recruit musicians back in january. that was plenty of time to give people notice so they could rearrange their holiday plans. he still hasn’t made any progress and now is giving *me* attitude: “it’s too short notice!” it wasn’t eight months ago.

but that’s beside the fact. my mom called the orchestra director at the college i attended (who is good friends with my brothers). “sure. i’ll round up a group. no problem.”

that was my idea in the first place, but ryan blew it off. at least things have worked out.

stress, stress and more stress

i’m beginning to think i’m overstressing myself. my newest fear is that i will have to get my wedding dress let out. i tried it on the other day and i swear that it feels tighter and was harder to zip up. although, the latter could be because the tag came off so instead of having that to pull the zipper i had to use the zipper itself.

be that as it may, i am petrified of my dress not fitting. the strange thing is that my scale says i weigh about the same as i did when i bought the dress, and the nurse at my doctor’s office on monday said i’d dropped four pounds from when i was last there four months ago. a pound a month doesn’t sound good to me, but i guess with the extra insulin i’m contending with that’s actually a miracle. my previous doctor told me i’d have to work out more than normal to lose weight. blah on her.

joe says i look sexy to him, which makes me feel good. then i look in the mirror and become depressed. my little brother told me tonight it’s not a big deal if my dress has to be let out. and he told me not to think i’m fat anymore.

i wish i could see myself the way others see me. maybe one of these days i will.