4 months to go

on wednesday, it will be exactly four months until the wedding.

it’s time to get going on the exercise program. i’d love to lose 20 pounds by the wedding. i’ve been dieting, but it’s hard to find the motivation to bike for 30 minutes. i like to do it in the morning, but my arthritic knees are always hurting then. by the time i get home from work, i’m usually too tired. but, no more excuses! i want to be a semi-thin bride!

so here goes nothing. send me your words of wisdom! every little bit of motivation helps!

checking off the checklist

i can finally relax. we found co-officiants for the wedding. the young adult pastor at my church and a cantor from atlanta have agreed to perform the ceremony, and my grandfathers, who are both adventist pastors, will give homilies. it will be very nice — most likely a little longer than anticipated, but nice. we have to do pre-marital counseling with both officiants, so we should be the world’s best prepared couple when we’re finished.

last night was a very relaxing end to an otherwise hectic week. we met after work at los reyes, our favorite mexican restaurant. we got our usual waiter, and he greeted us with an exhuberant, “hola amigos!”

“hola!” i replied.

our waiter has my order down. i always choose the same thing: a chimichanga with beans instead of meat, no cheese or sour cream, and a side of rice. joe decided to change his order up. after our yummy meal and discussion of politics, we headed out to browse around target for a bit and then decided to get joe’s finger sized at friedman’s. when we arrived, joe said, “i need to get sized.”

the clerk said, “for what?”

“what else do you guys size here?” joe asked.

the three girls sitting behind the counter laughed.

after that, we decided to hit up brusters, a yummy ice cream stand in town. i usually get a peanut butter cup — vanilla ice cream, peanut butter, chocolate, whipped cream and a cherry — but this time opted for an orero blast. joe chose an oreo milkshake. yum. we walked around a bit while eating our ice cream (because calories don’t count if you burn them off while you take them in, right??), but we ended up not eating much of our very overpriced desserts. oh well. it was still a very nice evening, one we may have to repeat more often.

t-minus 2 days

i love this time of year. the sun is shining, the temperature is warm and my birthday is in two days. i will be 26. wow. i am now beginning to have a love-hate relationship with birthdays. i love the presents, but i hate the getting older. hehe.

this birthday is going to be fantastic. my birthday cake is going to be a test cake of my wedding cake!! yay!! we picked an almond cake, which i’ve heard are fantastic, so i hope i’m not disappointed. i know i won’t be. wow. i can’t believe we’re going to be testing my wedding cake. that’s so cool! oh, and joe has picked out his groom’s cake: a cookie cake! he loves them, as do i, so it was perfect. he’ll be making an emergency run to the mall the day before. 🙂

in other wedding news (which i’m sure you all are bored of by now!), i have started ordering my bridesmaid’s gifts. they’re kind of expensive (since there are six of them), which is why i’m starting to order them slowly now, but i think it’ll be cute. i hope they all like them.

and now it’s off to start the day. i have to get a new driver’s license and tag before i go to work. hopefully that won’t take my whole day. those lines at the drivier’s license center are always horrendous! happy friday everyone!

bye, bye weekend. *sigh*

i love weekends. i get sad when sunday night rolls around because i know another work week is about to begin.

this weekend was another great one. on saturday we went to church at my old church because my grandpa from california was giving the devotional for this youth rally that’s been going on. afterward joe, my brothers and i went to my grandpa’s seminar. then it was on to my parents’ for lunch. it was nice getting to chat with my parents and update them on the latest wedding news, and it was so nice to see my grandpa. since he lives in california we rarely get to see him, and i miss him a lot. he got kind of emotional talking about my wedding. hehe.

oh, and the best news: we have our officiant problem worked out. my grandfathers, who are pastors, can’t marry us, but they want to give the homily, whicih is what i wanted in the first place. we’ll just have the rabbi officially marry us. everything seems to be falling into place.

when we got home, we napped for about an hour, and then joe headed to dave and busters in marietta for his friend tim’s bachelor party. they had a rather tame, but fun, night playing games and then heading to hooters for dinner. i had a “me” night. it was really nice. i curled up on the couch with my take-out chinese and a glass of merlot and watched some of the o.c. season 1. it was very, very nice. i just love hanging out in my pj’s.

we didn’t do much yesterday. i worked on cutting clips out of my many, many, many old newspapers. we watched mission impossible 2, the press your luck marathon in honor of the death of host peter tomarken. his death was really sad. joe and i are huge press your luck fans. he was a good host. oh, and we used our brand new belgian waffle maker that joe’s parents gave us as an engagement present yesterday. those were fantastic waffles. yummmm. last night we did more relaxing and watched the simpsons, extreme makeover: home edition and grey’s anatomy.

what a great weekend. one of those you just don’t want to end.

getting closer . . .

the wedding seems so much more real now. we received our first wedding present last week. nana, joe’s grandmother, bought us eight settings of our casual china. i’m so excited! it’s really pretty. in a few weeks we’ll be picking up my parents’ china cabinet, which they don’t use anymore. hopefully we’ll be getting our formal china as well. 🙂

now that rachel’s wedding is over, the focus is all on us now. i spent some time after the wedding on saturday night talking with my flower girl’s mother about her dress and how she’s going to do her hair. she’s really cute. i can’t wait to see her in the dress i picked out. all of joe’s relatives were asking us about our wedding and telling us they’re marking the date in their calendars. it’s making me even more excited!

and yesterday we bought our baskets for the yarmulkes and programs. i love them. i also bought white and royal blue ribbons to decorate them with. now the next step is to sit down with the people at the chapel and give them our menu. we also still need to meet with our photographer and d.j. man, five months is going to go by so fast!

the search continues

we are *still* trying to find officiants from both our religions to conduct our wedding ceremony. the chapel we’ve chosen has an officiant, but we’d both rather have co-officiants from our religions. it’s been a lot harder than i thought it would be to find a pastor and rabbi to co-officiate. most don’t do interfaith weddings. we thought we’d found a rabbi, but it turns out he’ll be in israel for his nephew’s bar mitzvah the weekend of our wedding.

the chaplain at the academy i attended said he would do it, but he’s not sure if he’ll be in town since it’s labor day weekend. *sigh*

and so the search continues. now that we have the site and photographer booked, this is my first priority for a while. it may take until our wedding day, but i’m determined to pull this off.