rain and henry viii

it is *pouring* outside today. don’t get me wrong, we need the rain badly here. but, it’s insane the way it’s coming down right now. i left my umbrella in the car last night (you would think i would have remembered the forecast i read during the 5 p.m. news), so i really hope it slows down by the time i have to leave for work. otherwise, i may as well take a change of clothes with me!

in other news, we saw “the other boleyn girl” saturday night. they did a good job of condensing a *very* long book into two hours, and it was a pretty good movie. eric bana and natalie portman were fabulous, as was the actress who played queen catherine. in fact, i think it’s a shame it came out this early in the year because i could see them being nominated for oscars. on the negative side, it was slow in parts and in others moved way too fast. and, they left out a lot of details. but all in all, it was a good movie. i’m glad i went. have you seen this? if so, what did you think?

the best part of the movie, though, was the new theatrical trailer for the upcoming sex and the city movie. it comes out on may 30 (which is in 99 days, not that i’m counting down or anything), and i.can’t.wait. i loved the tv series, and have been waiting for the movie ever since it was announced. the only downside is that the trailer pretty much shows everything that happens! talk about ruining the element of surprised. at an rate, i’ll be there opening weekend with my (reluctant) hubby in tow unless stacey wants to go with me! anyone else planning on seeing this movie?

movie surprise

i really want to see the new movie 27 dresses. i was hoping we could go to the sneak preview on sunday, but with the dinner of honor for joe’s school that night we really won’t have time. last night, we saw a commercial for the movie, and joe got a little upset when it said it was coming out on the 18th.

joe: “i was going to surprise you by getting tickets so we could go saturday night after dinner.”

i thought that was so sweet. and, i told him he can get tickets for the 19th. 🙂

the weekend recap

we had quite a busy weekend! saturday was pretty typical for us. we went to my church in the morning, had lunch, relaxed for a little bit and then headed out to meet rachel, dave and joe’s parents for live free or die harder. that movie was awesome. it was a little longer than most, but i didn’t want it to end. there was so much action, and it was hilarious.

on our way back home, we decided to get off the interstate in kennesaw and take back roads home because a department of transportation sign alerted us to construction a few miles ahead. we had seen construction back up traffic for 10 miles on our way down, so we decided to avoid it.

we were in the exit lane preparing to get off when we saw a car cut off a jeep that was in the fast lane. the driver of the jeep hit his brakes to avoid hitting the car and, since it was raining, spun out and did 360-degree circles all the way across the interstate, getting hit by a semi-truck in the far right lane, before ending up on the side of the road.

we had seen the semi-truck swerve, and we didn’t think it had hit the jeep at first. joe pulled over, yelled at me to call 911 and ran over to the jeep to check on the driver. neither of us thought he would have made it, but he was alive and seemed ok, despite being very shaken up over the incident.

we were out there for about an hour, waiting for the police to come, giving our statement and talking with the driver’s family. the back side of his car was dented, and the impact with the truck caused one of his back wheels to pop off and wedge between the truck’s tires. he was very, very lucky the truck hit only the back of his car, and we were amazed no other vehicles hit him.

it was late when we got home, and we were up early sunday to prepare for my southern living party. it was so much fun! i love hosting, and i had quite a spread. i made pasta salad and brownies, and i had mini pita loaves with hummus and a fruit salad that my mil made. i also made this *yummy* punch with pineapple juice, strawberry koolaid and ginger ale. i wanted to make an ice ring, but i couldn’t find a bundt pan in the size i wanted, so i made ice cubes out of pineapple juice with pineapples in each one. everyone loved them! i wish i had taken pictures. i remembered after the fact that i had forgotten.

my party was such a success, and if any of you want to order some fabulous things for your homes, let me know! i can send you the link to the catalog so you can order online.

spidey 3

joe and i went to the midnight showing of spiderman 3 in atlanta last night. it was fun because we went with a bunch of people (my brothers, my sister-in-law, a rabbi at joe’s school, his son and a friend). the movie was pretty good, but i was more proud of the fact that i was able to stay awake THE WHOLE TIME. i’ve only been to two other midnight movies — star wars and the blues brothers — and fell asleep during both. in fact, i don’t even think i made it through the beginning of the blues brothers. heh. damn arthritis. i’m going to do nothing but sleep when i finally get pregnant!

on our way out of town last night, we saw the new chilis is open. yay! that made me happy. very happy. chilis is one of my favorite restaurants. so that is where we will be tonight for dinner. i can’t wait. other than that and having my brother and one of joe’s friends over tomorrow night for pizza and video games (and melrose place for me) we don’t have too much planned this weekend. what do you all have planned?

thankful for the weekend

snakes on a plane is definitely a must-see. it is the best movie of the summer by far. we had a great time thursday night, mainly because of the people who crowded into the theater with us. as soon as the title came on the screen they started cheering, and throughout the beginning of the movie they would hiss and chant “snakes! snakes!” there were more cheers when a shot of the snake cage with its timer counting down to release was shown, and when it came on screen with five minutes to go we all counted along. “five…four…three…two…one…SNAKES!” it was the first movie where i’ve been shocked at the gory scenes yet laughing at the same time. i must admit, though, it is making me a little more nervous about flying to boston. hehe. joe says if they tell us first class is closed we’ll wait for the next plane. 🙂

my dress is safely at the alterations shop. thanks to my wonderful friend and bridesmaid, shannon, i found a backup woman to take it to, which is good because yesterday was the only day i had to get up to chattanooga. all she has to do is take it in at the sides up top, and she was able to find a way to do that without having to deal with the beadwork. and the best part? it fit better than it did when i bought it. i didn’t have to struggle to zip it up, and my stomach fat didn’t show as it had when i tried it on all summer. and the best part is that she is only charging me $20, which is $140 less than what it would have cost at david’s bridal. yay!

i headed to old navy to pick up flip flops, but since i was feeling so good about myself, i decided to try on some clothes, too. the skirts i ended up buying were a size smaller than i’d been wearing, and the shirt i purchased was a medium rather than a large! woo hoo.

my hairstylist and i settled on a style for the wedding. i didn’t know if i liked it at first, but the more i looked at it, saw it with my veil, and pictured it with my dress, the more i liked it. only 15 days to go!!

updates, snakes and a plane

thanks for the comments and concern about my grandfather. he’s doing much better, through bruised and sore, and is now home, after refusing to stay in the hospital any longer. that’s just how he is. he’s rather be home.

tomorrow night, joe and i are heading to kennesaw for an advance showing of snakes on a plane. i cannot wait. this seriously will be the best movie ever. how can it not. you have snakes, a plane and samuel l. jackson. awesome.

tonight is the pub and trivia. it’s been ages since we’ve gone to either, so we will meet up with friends for dinner and a night of fun mocking the trivia man for his not-so-funny jokes. just what i need to brighten my not-so-happy day.