my first star wars experience

this may get me in trouble with some star wars fanatics, but i really didn’t think episode III was all that it was hyped up to be. i did like seeing how anakin became darth vader, and the fighting scenes were pretty cool, but towards the end i thought it got slow. there were several places it could have ended — such as with darth vader and his master staring out of their base — but it just kept going. maybe it’s just that this isn’t the type of movie i normally watch. *shrug*

it was fun, though, watching the people who came out for the sneak preview last night. most people were dressed in robes, but one came into the theater dressed either as chewy or an ewok…we couldn’t decide which. then, two boys got into a light saber fight in the front of the theater. the three guy sitting behind us (who hummed the star wars theme whenever someone in costume walked in) egged them on by shouting, “go for the knees! go for the knees!” the fight happened when joe and phillip were out buying food. they didn’t seem to think they had missed anything. hehe.