Show Us Your Life — Wedding Party/Flowers

Today’s theme for Show Us Your Life is your wedding party and flowers. We had a pretty large wedding party considering the chapel we got married in was quite small. We really filled up the front of the chapel, which was fine with us. We had so many people we wanted to participate in our special day. My bridesmaids wore royal blue, floor length dresses. I chose the dress because when I tried it on it even looked good on me, so I figured it would look good on anyone. 🙂 Plus, I just thought it was so pretty.

wedding party

me with bridesmaids in bridal room
From front left: Melissa (flower girl), Joe’s cousin; Rachel, Joe’s sister; Shannon, a friend from work; Linda, a friend from Kiwanis; Julisa, my best friend from college; Lisa (matron of honor), my sister; and Amber, my niece.

joe and the bridesmaids

groomsmen 2
From front, l-r: Alan (best man), Joe’s dad; Ryan, my brother; Randy, my brother; Dave, Rachel’s husband; Jon, one of Joe’s best friends; Tim, one of Joe’s best friends.

me with groomsmen

I loved the flowers we had at our wedding. My bouquet was a mix of white roses and blue delphinia. My bridesmaids carried arm bouquets of white roses. I chose the arm bouquets because I thought it would be something different.

me in bridal room

joe and rachel

Unfortunately, I don’t think we got any closeups of my bouquet or the bridesmaids bouquets. Oh well. We also had flowers decorating the chapel. That was something that was really important to me.




And, of course, we had blue and white flowers and petals on our cake.


So, what did your bridesmaid dresses look like, and what kinds of flowers did you use? Make sure you leave a comment if you play along so I can check out your pictures!

Show Us Your Life Friday — Wedding Dress

I saw this fun thing started by Kelly on a few blogs, so I thought I’d participate. You know me, I love showing off pictures, especially when they’re of my wedding, even though it’s been almost three years now!

Let me start off by saying that I absolutely loved my wedding dress. I was *so* excited about going wedding dress shopping, and my mom and went in January even though my wedding wasn’t until September because I had been told it would take several months for the dress to arrive.

The only store we went to was David’s Bridal, and I ended up buying the second dress I tried on. I just knew it was the one as soon as I saw myself in it. It was the perfect dress for me. And, I ended up buying it off the rack, so I didn’t need to wait for it to be shipped. Whoops! I have to say, I was pretty stressed out that it wouldn’t fit by the wedding, so I tried it on every day just to make sure I wasn’t gaining weight. Plus, I just loved wearing it. 🙂

dress hanging
You can’t see it very well, but it has beading on the top. My veil had the same type of beading.

me standing in front of bridal room mirror
I didn’t want a long train.

me looking sassy

Leave me a comment, and let me know if you participate. I’d love to see your dresses!

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to the best soon-to-be Daddy in the world!

father's day 1

Joe, you are going to be the best dad ever. You already take such good care of me and Smudge. You’ve loved Smudge deeply ever since the day that we got our positive pregnancy test, and you show it every day. I love how you pray for all of us, and especially for Smudge to continue to grow well; how you put your hand on my belly and poke around to make her dance; and how you pull out the doppler and ask if we can listen to her heartbeat.

I can’t wait until you are able to feel her moving and until the day she is born and you hold her for the first time. I can’t wait to see you taking care of her, playing with her and teaching her. You’re going to be an amazing dad.

We love you very, very much.

Cady and Lucy


And, of course, Happy Father’s Day to my awesome dad.

me and dad

My dad’s always been there for me and has always been so supportive. One of my favorite memories is of him reading to me early in the morning at our vacation house in Virginia. Those were always our times, and I hope Lucy will have special memories like that with her dad. My dad is also a fantastic grandpa, and I can’t wait to see him with Lucy. I love you, Dad! Happy Father’s Day!

Marathon Man

Joe is now a marathoner.

He ran the Scenic City Trail Marathon on Raccoon Mountain in Chattanooga yesterday, and from what he said, it was a pretty grueling course. The trail took runners up and down steep hills, stumbling over tree roots and skirting branches that were across the course. I can’t recap the race as well as Joe can, so make sure you head over to his blog.

Joe was super excited when we arrived at the race site, and he wasn’t too nervous. He didn’t do much of a warm-up like he did last year for the half marathon because, as he said, the first 13.1 miles are a warm-up.


Last year, the marathoners started farther up than the half marathoners to make up the correct distance. This year, all the racers started out together. I didn’t really understand why they changed that, but it was good for me because I was able to get pictures of Joe starting out, even though they did turn out blurry.


And then, we waited. I was alone for the first three hours or so until my brother arrived to keep my company. About a half hour later, Joe’s family showed up.


Joe had expected to finish around 12:30 p.m., which would have been a 4:30:00 time, but it ended up taking him longer for several reasons. First, it’s a trail marathon, not a street marathon, and the terrain makes it much tougher which takes a lot longer. Joe said most runners were walking up the hills and then running the downhills and the flat areas. And, since part of the course wasn’t marked like the runners had been told, Joe and a group of other runners went a few miles in the wrong direction before hitting the highway and realizing they weren’t on the right trail.

One of my proudest moments was watching Joe cross the finish line.


The first thing Joe did after finishing was give me a BIG hug. I wore an old shirt on purpose so he could hug me with his sweaty clothes. Then, Joe kissed Smudge through my belly. It was so sweet. While we were waiting, we saw several toddlers run up to their dads after they finished screaming, “Daddy!” and giving them big hugs. It made me smile because it made me think about how next year, we’ll have a 6-month-old watching his or her daddy finish the marathon. And, that was what I thought of when Joe kissed Smudge.

The race results were posted today, and they had Joe listed as finishing last, even though we both knew there were runners behind him. It turns out, 26 out of the 79 registered marathon runners didn’t finish, which is a 67 percent finish rate. That’s means one-third of the marathoners didn’t finish. In fact, Joe said he didn’t see a man he ran with for a while on the list of finishers. Knowing how many racers dropped out makes me so much more proud of Joe for finishing. He’s my hero.

America’s Worst Looking Parents

On Sunday, Joe and I headed to Rome for the Rome Braves game. We love minor league baseball, and we thought it would be a fun way to spend the afternoon.

However, we forgot our No. 1 rule is “no Sunday afternoon games” for precisely one reason: the heat. It was unbearable, especially since we had such fabulous seats right behind home plate. We ended up leaving around the 6th inning, and when we got home we noticed how burned my arms were. They were bright, bright red and incredibly painful.

Joe was not having a fun afternoon either. His eyes had been hurting him, and by the time we got home, he was having a hard time keeping his right eye open.

On Monday morning, we got up to head to my new OB’s office, and Joe’s eye was so full of gunk it was almost impossible to open. And I was rocking the Wal-Mart burn with my half red/half white arms. As we sat in the waiting room Joe said, “They’re not going to have this baby. They’re going to take one look at us and say, ‘You can’t be parents!'”

And wouldn’t you know it, but as soon as the doctor walked into the exam room he looked at Joe and then at me and said, “What happened to you guys??”

I told Joe it’s a good thing our baby wasn’t anywhere near being due. He/she would try to climb right back in! I promise, we really will be good parents even if we don’t look it sometimes!


Tonight, I walked into the bedroom to watch TV with Joe, and I saw this.


He changed the sheets, made the bed and put one of my teddy bears by my pillow because he knew I’d like it. Not only did he do that, but he hung up most of my clothes.