is it here yet?

yay! i got my fourth place setting. woo. now i can have a dinner party. i’ve been dying to have one. i’ve been in such a domesticated mood lately. hehe.

i am so ready for the wedding to be here. i’ve been so stressed, and let me tell you, i’ve lost 4-5 pounds over the last week or so. and i’m not even eating well! heh. the other night i had french fries *and* fried mushrooms (my weakness!) with my veggie wrap and my clothes are still looser on me. if this is a side effect of the stress, i think i’ll take it. maybe i should be stressed out more often! hehe. i just can’t wait for saturday to be here. i love the sabbath because i can relax, and it’ll be even better with all our family here. then saturday night, the festivities begin!

3 days to go

joe and i are going out tonight to celebrate our last night alone together before the wedding. we’re going to the mall to get the kate spade purse i’ve been wanting (yay!), and then out to eat, probably at either olive garden or chilis. yum. 🙂

this morning, i’m off to the spa. i’m getting a french manicure and pedicure, and my usual facial waxings. woo hoo. i’d like to get a massage and maybe a facial after the wedding. i just don’t have time for that now.

last night, joe interviewed san francisco giants coach felipe alou. he was as giddy as a little boy when he called me afterward, gushing about how great alou is. i asked if he saw barry bonds. “i sat right next to him,” he said. he spent about an hour and a half just hanging out in the giants’ clubhouse before the interview, which i bet was just so exciting for an avid baseball fan like him. i was excited for him. and a little jealous…when i interviewed cal ripken jr., i didn’t get to go in the clubhouse! 😉

now i’m off to pack, pack, pack and clean out my dining room so the boys can bring my china cabinet in tomorrow. yippee! now i can put *all* my dishes in there and use my meager cabinet space for glasses.

walking (or hobbling) for a cure

joe was sure he’d come in first in the arthritis walk this past weekend. not that it was a race, but he knew he’d beat the “hobbling arthritics.”

we ended up arriving a little late for the walk, due to two lanes being shut down on the interstate unexpectedly and the wrong exit listed on the directions, but we headed out anyway, chatting with my brother, randy, and his friend, carla. we took the three-mile option and ended up catching up with the rest of the group. it was a good walk, though the uphill climb just about killed my knees. but it wasn’t too hot, and it was just enjoyable.

after the walk we found rachel and dave, joe’s sister and brother-in-law, and hung out with them, randy and carla. rachel had put a sticker on her back that said she was walking in support of me. i thought that was really nice.

then it was off to grab lunch, but nothing was open. we were hoping for california pizza kitchen, but it wasn’t opening for another half hour, so we stood in front of moe’s, UNpatiently waiting for them to open the door. hehe.

by the time we returned after visiting joe’s dad, we were exhausted. i couldn’t sleep, but joe passed out. that night, though, the exhaustion overcame me. i fell asleep at 9:30 p.m. while watching “fever pitch.” sad, i know, but i don’t care. 🙂