Joe is coming home today! He has been in Albany, Ga. since Wednesday for a museum conference. This was the first time we’ve spent a night apart since we got married, and I was not a big fan of it. It was hard coming home to no one but the cats, and it was lonely making dinner for myself and watching tv alone in the evenings. But, the real reason I missed him was because I had to clean out the litter box! This has been the first time I’ve had to do that since we moved in together three years ago. Am I spoiled or what?

I know he’s going to have more business trips. He was supposed to go on a week-long trip to Jekyl Island in January but is no longer going because the museum is opening the week before, and in April he’ll be gone for a week for a conference in Florida. I’m thinking about meeting him there for the weekend if he’ll be near either Miami or Tampa Bay so we can hit another baseball stadium.

I’m sure I’ll get more used to his being gone, but for now I’m super excited to see him in just a few hours.

Wordless Wednesday: The ‘My Husband will Kill Me for Posting This’ Edition

joe foot spa

Cold Pizza, Anyone?

Joe and his friend Stucka have decided they want to open a restaurant called Cold Pizza that would serve, well, cold pizza. Joe says they would make the pizzas the night before and open just for breakfast. “Who wouldn’t buy 4 slices of cold pizza?” he said. Cold pizza is pretty good. Maybe there could be a market for this…

The Anniversary Celebration

Our anniversary yesterday was fabulous. Joe got me a gorgeous three-stone aquamarine necklace. It was a great choice because I love jewelry with my birthstone. I love, love, love it!

anniversary gift-me

I gave Joe a shirt and a collage I made of pictures of us from the baseball stadiums we’ve visited in a really neat baseball frame.

anniversary gift-joe

Around lunchtime, Joe stopped by the radio station and had these for me. The women at my office all commented about how pretty they are. I have to agree. 🙂

anniversary flowers

After work, we headed to Provinos for dinner. It’s one of our favorite restaurants, and happens to be where we had our non-rehearsal dinner. It was absolutely fabulous, although I could have had just the garlic rolls and chocolate cake and been just as happy. 🙂

When we got home, we read the advice the women who attended my wedding shower wrote us. It’s something we did last year and decided we want to do every year. It’s always good to take time and remember the little things that are really important in a marriage.

Two Years

At this time two years ago, I was getting my hair done for our wedding. I can’t believe it’s already been two years. Time flies when you’re having fun. I still can’t believe how calm I was on our wedding day. I wasn’t stressed out about anything and had the whole “whatever” attitude. I didn’t see a point in stressing out. I just wanted to enjoy everything.

But, I did cry. I really didn’t want to, but I think my mom jinxed me when she told me she cried through their ceremony and wasn’t able to say her vows (we wrote our own, and yes, I wasn’t able to get through mine either). The crying started when my dad saw me for the first time and started to choke up himself and just went downhill from there. Joe thought it was sweet, though. 🙂

me looking out chapel window

dad kissing me in chapel

Our ceremony started *exactly* at 2 p.m., which is what I wanted. I didn’t want mine to be one of those weddings where the guests have to sit around waiting for things to begin.

dad walking me down the aisle


joe saying vows


Our reception was pretty funny in that half the guests drank and danced and the other half didn’t. It was still a lot of fun, though. I was probably the only bride who didn’t dance at her own wedding (besides the first dance, of course, which, in my case probably couldn’t be called a dance since I suck at it). I tried to do the electric slide but my shoes kept getting caught in my dress, so I spent my time going around and talking to everyone. I wanted to make sure I saw as many people as I could.

first dance 2

electric slide



The only thing that went wrong was that our dj didn’t have Hava Nagila for the chair dance. He blamed me because I didn’t specifically list it, but, really, what dj goes to a part Jewish wedding and *doesn’t* have that song? It didn’t matter though. Everyone sang it themselves as they danced around it. Like I said, no need to stress out. Everything worked out. I take that back. I *did* get a little stressed out on the chair because my brothers were holding mine and were tilting it so I’d fall off.

chair dance

chair dance

Probably the best part of the day, though, was my friend who was my “Head of Security”. He stood in front of the bridal room door and wouldn’t let anyone in unless he cleared it with me. I wish someone had gotten pictures of him! I thought it was awesome, though, because I didn’t want anyone seeing me before the wedding.

me in bridal room crop

Two years later and I still love looking at our pictures. Happy anniversary, baby. Here’s to many, many more!

Conversations: The Before the Anniversary Edition

Joe: Can I get you to make a card for me to give you for our anniversary?
Me: Crap! I need to get you a card!


Me: I need to go to Walmart to pick something up. Do you want to come with me?
Joe: What are you getting?
Me: I can’t tell you.
Joe: It’s my anniversary present isn’t it? I know what it is. You’re totally getting your belly button pierced.