still home and waiting

two days after our hospital visit, joe isn’t any worse. but, he isn’t any better. unless anything happens tonight, the plan is for him to get a referral from his doctor tomorrow for a g.i., and hopefully get in to see that doctor this week. he said he doesn’t hurt anymore when he moves, but it does hurt quite a bit when someone pushes on his right side, especially when you let up on it. it really could be anything, which really sucks, but we’re trying to keep our minds off it.

it really bothers me that the doctors just send people home with a simple, “we don’t know what it is.” i know that there are a lot of gray areas in medicine, but i had to deal with not knowing for more than a year when i had severe pain in my abdomen. after seeing several doctors, most of whom said they couldn’t figure it out, i was told it was simple constipation. a year later, my gynecologist discovered it was actually endometriosis. so, having been through it myself, it bothers me that the doctor told my husband it could be anything, and left it at that.

on to more positive things. we did some shopping for the new house this weekend. we got a grill and grill supplies, and a nice, fluffy mattress pad. i know that last item sounds mundane, but i like a comfy bed. 🙂 next on my list are some new towels. ours are unraveling, and i’d like some softer ones. i saw some nice ralph lauren towels at belk, which i think i may go back and get. speaking of belk, there is a nice home sale going on right now. i love sales. i found some nice, *soft* sheets that i’m going to go back and get. it’s going to be our house-warming present to ourselves.

and now it’s back to more packing. have i mentioned how much i *hate* moving lately??

the birthday weekend

first of all, thanks to all of you for your birthday wishes. that was really sweet!

my birthday weekend was great. on saturday, we headed up to tennessee, met my brothers and sister-in-law for church, and then went to my parents’ for lunch. i got great gifts. my grandpa and grandma gave me a puzzle of cats he had made and had framed for me, ryan and oriona gave me a beautiful flower arrangement for the new house, and randy gave me money which is to be used “for scrapbooking and for scrapbooking only”. awww. joe and my parents gave me what i thought they were going to: the cricut diecut machine!!

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sales, sales, sales

i love the bath and body works semi-annual sale. i would have completely forgotten about it if i hadn’t been reminded by lisanne. the only bad thing is that it is only a three-day sale and ends today. i had to work late last night, so joe headed up to dalton to use my mall gift cards. i would have *loved* to have seen him in there. he said he had two sales girls helping him find everything on my list. hehe. last time i sent him to b&bw, he and my brother had quite the time figuring out what kind of sponge to get. lol.

the sales girls gave him a blue bag to keep everything in, and told him it’s easier to carry it over the shoulder. joe replied, “i’ve lost enough of my manhood tonight. i am *not* carrying that over my shoulder.” heheeh.

$47 later, i have enough shower gel to last for probably a year. there were so many new scents (well, new to me, that is), that i just had to try them: strawberry banana (who *doesn’t* want to smell like a starburst?!), sweet cinnamon pumpkin and peach nectar. mmmm.

now, the problem is deciding which shower gel to use every day! joe says this means even less of our scarce hot water.

browsing for luggage

we need luggage for the honeymoon. we decided this today after i got one of david’s bridal’s nice little emails with all the products they sell (isn’t it nice of them to send those out?! *sense my sarcasm*). we don’t really have any luggage anyway. we always use this old duffle bag i’ve had forever.

i’ve decided that this is the set i want. for now at least.

isn’t it pretty?? joe says i can get it if i want to lug it through the airports. blah. i guess we might be going with the black after all.

clothing woes

i weigh less than i did a few years ago yet wear a larger size in clothes now. does anyone see anything wrong with this picture?

have any of you noticed clothes starting to run smaller? i’m really hoping that’s the case. otherwise i’m about to get seriously depressed. i really can’t think of any other reason though. logically, if i weigh less i would wear a smaller size. anyone care to share from your recent shopping excursions??


hello. my name is cady, and i’m a purseaholic.

the truth hurts. one of my favorite stores is ross, and we happen to have one here in cartersville. as i told joe, i cannot be trusted to go in there alone. i stopped by on my way home from work tonight looking for a messenger bag for the honeymoon. i thought it would be easier to carry that rather than a purse (and joe can carry it as well!). i found one that i think might work.

i also found two additions to my purse collection. the first is a cute red liz claiborne. i fell in love with it, and it adds color my black and brown bags. this is a really bad picture. hopefully we will be getting a digital camera soon!

the second is a light blue ralph lauren. it’s a casual purse, which i really needed for my more casual outfits.

i have around 20 purses. that’s a conservative figure. one of joe’s friends once asked me why girls are so addicted to purses. i have no idea. maybe one day i’ll figure it out. for now, i must find something to keep my collection in.