thrifty shopping

i am beginning the daunting task of packing up my house for the move south. i hate moving. i dread the thought of having to track down boxes and then load everything up. luckily most of the stuff stored in my closets are still in boxes from the move to dalton.

i went to walmart today in search of something to store my sweaters in the few months we’ll be staying in joe’s current apartment. one closet is hardly big enough for two of us! it’s hardly big enough just for my things!

i found a stackable storage compartment that i liked for $15, but then decided on a rubbermaid container for $6. as i looked around i noticed a large storage bag for $3. i figured it was worth a shot, so i picked one of those instead. if i need another one, it’ll only be $3, i thought. i was able to fit all of my sweaters, sweatshirts, dress pants, jeans, shorts and a few t-shirts in the storage bag — more than i probably could have fit in the rubbermaid and much more than i would have been able to fit in the stackable compartment and for much cheaper. i love finding a good deal!

love the creative stuff

i’m a photo junkie (as if you haven’t noticed). my house is filled with framed and non-framed pictures.

i am also a bag junkie. my closet is filled with purses and bags in various sizes. so when i saw this photobag at bed bath and beyond i had to have it. it’s so great. it’s big enough to hold everything i need, and i can show off pictures of me and joe (mostly joe) to everyone. i’m loving it!

the dress

tomorrow is joe’s cousin’s bar mitzvah. it only took me about an hour to find this dress at macy’s. i tried on three. joe liked one and this other man waiting for someone liked another one. so i had the saleslady be the tiebreaking vote. she liked this one as well, so we bought it. i would have gotten it anyway though because joe liked it.

so here it is (just ignore how HORRIBLE i look!)

and here’s a closeup of the top (i love the way the top is designed!)

and a closeup of the bottom (i love how the bottom isn’t all one length)

what do you guys think?

my unique dvd

i won the first season dvd of the gilmore girls on ebay. i was excited, getting it for $31.99 as opposed to the $45 it is in stores.

today i picked it up from the post office. it’s in english…and asian.


i called joe. i knew my wonderful boyfriend would be supportive.

me: it’s written in english and asian!

joe: *insert extreme laughter here*

me: this is not funny!

joe: i’m not laughing at you. i’m laughing…at you.

joe: *insert more laughter*

me: *sighs* hopefully the audio is in english

joe: if not maybe i’ll have subtitles! *more laughter*

sigh. boys.

cheering up

yesterday was bad. very, very rough. everything just seemed to go wrong, and i was depressed.

so i went to the mall. i’ve really been wanting some new sheets, especially some that actually have color. all i had were white and off white.

i got these in rose. they’re 300 thread count egyptian cotton sheets. oh my gosh they’re so soft. they feel almost like satin! i don’t think i can go back to my regular cotton sheets now! joe and i loved them. i didn’t want to get up this morning. i was too comfy.

i also got two down feather pillows because i really needed pillows. jc penney is having the greatest sale right now, buy one pillow get one for $1.

i was also sad because my favorite ice cream (breyers heart smart 98 percent fat free cookies and cream) was bad. it just didn’t taste right. and ice cream is my vice. it was not pretty.

so when joe got here he surprised me with this, another one of my favorites.

it turned out being a great night. now, maybe i’ll have a little of that ice cream!

opinions needed

alright guys. i need to find a cocktail dress for joe’s cousin’s bar mitzvah. check out the links and tell me which you guys like.

dress one

dress two

dress three