Valentine’s Gala

Joe and I are spending Valentine’s day in South Carolina. We’re heading up next Friday along with his parents to take his grandmother to a gala at the museum in her small town. I’m excited because who *doesn’t* like to get all dressed up to go a party? Plus, we haven’t been out to visit Nana in a while. Since I don’t know what the weather’s going to be like and most of my dresses are short, I decided to get a new dress for the occasion. What do you all think?

gala dress

It’s supposed to arrive tomorrow. I hope it looks ok. That’s always my fear when I order something online. And, even though I’ve lost weight, I’m still not confident with how I will look in smaller sizes.

Shoe Addiction

I have a lot of shoes. As I mentioned in a comment conversation on Facebook last night, my closet is filled with shoes, and now I’ve begun to take over Joe’s closet. I’m out of room in my own. But, to me, they’re necessary. Joe doesn’t understand why I have so many pairs. He thinks I only need three pairs — a black pair, a brown pair and a pair of tennis shoes. Sigh. Men.

I have a bunch of sets of dress shoes, most of which are black. I’ve been trying to break out of that and purchase some more colorful shoes to add to my outfits. My favorite is a pair of red peeptoe pumps. I really need a strappy pair of red shoes, though, to wear with my little black dress. The peeptoes won’t really work with that.

I also have two pairs of boots. Last year, I had just a pair of black boots and discovered I really didn’t have anything to wear with my brown outfits. So, this year, I purchased a pair of brown boots, and I wear either those or the black ones every day, especially since it’s been so cold out. They’re the same style, though, and the colors are *so* close that I usually have to compare boot-to-boot to make sure I wear the right ones. Haha.

I really want to get a new pair to wear for a gala we’re going to on Valentine’s night. I’m not a big fan of pantyhose at all. I refuse to wear it. So, I think I have a long enough dress to wear but, since it’s black, I’d like to get some color in my shoes. If I don’t end up finding any, that’s fine, but it’s something I’ll be looking for between now and then. It’s a good thing Target and Cato usually have cute shoes at good prices.

So how about you — are you as into shoes as I am? If not, what’s your weakness?

Buy Safe

shopping advisorI do a lot of shopping online. It’s so much more convenient for me than driving to the mall. However, it’s also risky. You’re putting your credit card and bank information out there on the internet. With Buy Safe, you can protect yourself. Buy Safe provides financial and identity protection through its shopping advisor for more than 250,000 online merchants. The shopping advisor is a free browser plugin that offers a financial protection guarantee of up to $25,000 per purchase, and your identity is protected for 30 days. The browser plugin is free, so if you’re like me and do a lot of your shopping online, check it out. It never hurts to have more protection.

Photo Book Coupons

I love photo books. I made photo books of our wedding for our grandparents the first Christmas we were married. I think they make great gifts for others as well as keepsakes for ourselves. Plus, they’re fun to make. I have 10 coupon codes for a discount of more than half off of photo books if any of you are interested in making one either as a gift or to keep for yourselves. You get a 30-page photo book for $11.99, which is a fabulous price. If you’re interested in a coupon code, leave a comment or send me an email and let me know!

Getting through my List

I am almost through my holiday shopping list. I have only four gifts left to buy, and it’s not even the beginning of December yet! This is *really* early for me, and I like that I will be able to relax as Christmas and Hanukkah approach. Normally I’m running around like a wild woman trying to get everything I need.

I know several people who are still picking out what gifts they want to buy this year for the holidays and putting them on layaway. Some people use the Kmart Layaway because we have one here in town, and even though it’s not one of the nicer stores in the area, it still has nice merchandise. In fact, we found things we want to buy for the baby there. Layaway is a fabulous idea because you can get bigger presents for people, like your kids, and pay incrementally rather than all at once. If Ryan, Ori and Harry were still in the area, it would be the perfect way for me to buy a nice, big toy for Harry for Christmas. I’d totally be his favorite aunt.

So here’s the rundown. We’re trying to keep it light this year as we’re about to spend a *lot* of money on IVF, but I think we did pretty well for everyone. And, we had to get small gifts for Ryan, Ori and Harry since shipping costs to Taiwan are insane.

*If you are in my family or you are Joe, do not read any further*

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Making a List, Checking it Twice

This year I am *determined* to get my holiday shopping done before, oh, the week before Christmas. Last year, I was running around frantically trying to find gifts for everyone, and I really don’t want the hassle this year. I’ve come up with a list of gifts that I think everyone will like, and they’re all things I can pick up here and there throughout the next few weeks. I would love to have everything done by the end of November so I can relax through December.

I’m hoping I can pick up some of my gifts during the Black Friday sales. I make it a point to stay away from the malls and other stores on Black Friday, but I make it a habit to browse the Black Friday ads ahead of time so I can shop online. I love getting all my shopping done without living home. Hopefully I can find some good Best Buy deals on movies and other electronic items. Best Buy is one of our favorite stores for movies and electronics, and it’s one of the stores I *love* doing my shopping online at because our local store is *so* hard to access. To me, the added shipping cost is usually worth the hassle of dealing with the traffic.