Football Tickets

I really want to go to an Atlanta Falcons game this year. Yes, I know the Falcons suck. According to a recent story on Yahoo!, Atlanta is the worst city for sports. But, despite the fact that will most likely lose the game, I still want to go sometime during the season. I have never been to a professional football game before. I never even went to a Washington Redskins game in the 14 years I lived outside Washington D.C.

We figure Falcons tickets will be easy to come by this year. Besides the fact that the team is *really* bad, they also have the Michael Vick debacle working against them. I still think that is going to hurt their ticket sales this season, despite their die-hard fans.

There are several sites that I look at for tickets for concerts and sports games. One that I just started browsing is You can get tickets for any sporting event, from Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees tickets to Indianapolis Colts and Pittsburgh Steelers tickets as well as tickets to live shows, like Wicked, and concerts. I always prefer to buy my tickets from sites like this rather than Ticketmaster because you can usually get a *much* better deal, and I am all about saving money wherever I can. It’s hard to compare ticket sites because ticket availability and pricing can change daily, but Stubpass has a lot of tickets listed. I found 100 just for the Cleveland Indians game we’re going to in September.

So when we start to look for Falcons tickets in a month or so, Stubpass will join the list of ticket sites that I browse to find the best deal. What about you? What sites do you like to use when you are purchasing tickets?

Black Friday Shopping

It’s the middle of August, and that means it’s time for Christmas! And Thanksgiving! And Halloween! At least, that’s according to all the craft stores that have *all* their holiday decor and displays out now. The days of enjoying the summer and starting to decorate for Christmas after Thanksgiving are over.

And that brings us to our subject for today — Black Friday. I might as well jump on the holiday bandwagon too, huh? I hate Black Friday. I’ve hated it every since I worked at the GAP and had to work all day on Black Friday. I arrived *very* early and still couldn’t even find a parking space in the mall parking lot. So now, I avoid the mall, or any store for that matter, like the plague on the day after Thanksgiving. Shopping from home is much more my speed. In fact, I can’t even remember the last time I went to the mall.

So what about you? Do you look forward to Black Friday and take on the crowds for some good sales, or are you more like me and don’t think the sales are worth the hassle? Have you shopped the sales online?

Joe, however, *loves* Black Friday. He’s not as impatient as I am, and he’s willing to brave the crowds to find good deals. Better him than me. This year, we’re spending Thanksgiving day with my family, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Joe and my brother, Randy, head out to electronics stores in search of super sales.

Last year, we did some shopping on Black Friday from home. There are Web sites now that have the sales listed prior to Black Friday, and on D-Day, you can shop right from their sites. The 2008 Black Friday deals should be listed sometime in October. I usually just wait for the e-mail alerts though. We bought something from Best Buy last year, though I can’t remember for the life of me what it was.


I’ve really gotten into couponing lately. I never seem to find coupons for a lot of the grocery items I buy regularly, but I still clip them out every week or so. Besides coupons in the newspaper circulars, I love looking for couponing Web sites. Some of them tell you what coupons are available and match them up with the sales in stores. Others are sites were you can get coupons online and use them either online or print them off and take them with you to the store. I regularly go shopping with coupons when I’m shopping for clothes. One of my favorite stores is American Eagle, and I love finding American Eagle coupons because sometimes their clothes can be pricey, especially their jeans, which I love. And, it’s so hard to find jeans that fit right that when you find the right pair you have to buy them.

I don’t usually use coupons for clothes. I find them on coupon sites and get some sent to me via email, but I rarely use them. That can be attributed partly to the fact that the nearest mall is about 20 miles from us and, while that doesn’t sound too far, I just don’t feel like driving there with the way gas prices have gone up in the last year. And, I’m trying to break away from the “female mentality” that when I use my $30 off a $75 purchase I’m saving money! I’m actually saving money by not going at all! But, when I *do* need to buy clothes, I usually check the coupon sites online before going to see how I can save. I’ve done a lot of shopping online since gas prices have increased, and I always look for either free or reduced shipping offers. I hate shipping costs. They’re always such a ripoff in my opinion.

What about you? Do you coupon? What are some of your favorite couponing sites?

customer (dis)service, part 2

we got our camera today. yay!
it did not come with the software cd. boo!
so, i called ritz camera (because camera world is a subsidiary of ritz) which, of course, got me no where.

me: i received my camera today, but it didn’t come with the software cd.
rep: your package came with several dvds. i need to know which one you’re talking about.
me: the software cd.
rep: ok, i’m not understanding what you’re asking for.
me: the SOFTWARE CD that you use to put your pictures on the computer.
rep: oh. yeah, we can’t help you with that.

apparently, even though ritz is the company i ordered the camera through and they packed it and sent it to me, they can’t send me the software cd. i was given three options: call nikon and see if i can get them to send it to me, send back the camera (and pay shipping) and wait almost three weeks for a new package to arrive, or order and pay for a new camera, send the first camera back and eventually have my money reimbursed.

and this is why customer service in this country sucks.

mixing and matching

i’m a play it safe kind of person when it comes to clothes. if i have a black and white skirt or pants, i’ll pair it with a white shirt. maybe that’s why everything in my closet is black, white or brown.

what do you all think about the colors in this outfit?

new clothes 2 crop

and yes, that is how i look after a 5-hour car trip. back to the outfit, it’s totally out of my comfort zone, but i think it looks ok. too bad i don’t have a yellow shirt to go with it, though.


when i first went into the fitting room at old navy last night, i was the only one in there. it was nice, and i was having fun. then, a couple of the high school employees and their friends ran in and started opening fitting room doors and slamming them shut. it was yell, slam, yell, slam, yell, slam.

i hurridly put my clothes back on and left. i thought they were very rude and unprofessional. is that just me, or would that annoy you as well.