i’m *that* person?

last night after we got back into town, we stopped by publix. i was hoping some items i had seen advertised for buy one get one free were still on sale, but they weren’t. i decided to wait until i went on my big grocery shopping trip for those, but we picked up some popcorn since it was 10 for $10.

when we got to the register, though, they rang up as $1.75. now, i’m not going to haggle over $0.75, and i just made an off-hand comment to joe about how i thought they were 10 for $10. the cashier and a bagger both went looking to see what caused the discrepancy, and all the while the line kept growing. joe turned to the man behind us, apologized and said, “i never thought i’d be *that* person.”

i guess we now are *those* people.

your opinion

so what do you guys think — too much stomach pooch?

new clothes 1

why do clothes look so much better in the store than at home? and please pardon the blurry picture. for some reason, whenever i turn the flash off on our camera the pictures turn out blurry.

disgruntled shopper

we are leaving tomorrow to go to joe’s grandmother’s house for the weekend. the whole family’s going, and we’re going out saturday night to celebrate nana’s birthday. i’m always the frumpy one of the kids. no matter what i wear, my sil always manages to look cuter.

so yesterday, i hit the internet to find someone super cute to wear. and i did. i found a flowered halter top at old navy for $7.99. i picked out that, a pair of capris and a pair of red sandals, but before i submitted my order i called the local old navy store to make sure they didn’t have the top in stock. i was told they didn’t have any halter tops in stock, so i confirmed my order with *gasp* next day shipping. i’ve never done that before, but i was determined to look good.

tonight after work, joe and i headed to the outlet mall in calhoun to see what other deals we could find. and what did i find at old navy? the exact halter top they told me they didn’t have. grr. i also found some super cute tube tops, and i got a pair of capris and a pair of bermuda shorts. everything but one was on 50 percent clearance, so i think i did pretty well.

new clothes crop

now i have many options to choose from for saturday night, though joe likes the magenta top the best. i’m partial to the blue one myself.

but, i’m still mad about the miscommunication and i’m going to be kicking myself for a while for next-day shipping which really was a waste now. and now, i’ll have to find time to take back what i ordered online. on the bright side, i discovered that i ordered the wrong size online (they really should put in the description that women with big boobs should get a larger size), and now i’m guaranteed to look cute all weekend. and that’s really what we were going for anyway, wasn’t it?

steve and barry’s goes bankrupt

my mom told me some sad news today. steve and barry’s is filing for bankruptcy. what a bummer. according to that story, the reason for the bankruptcy was opening too many stores and hiring too many employees, and having such low prices, which start at $10.

i’ve only been to steve and barry’s once, as the closest stores are in chattanooga and duluth, and even though i didn’t find a lot that fit me well, i totally fell in love with the jeans on sarah jessica parker’s bitten line. they fit so well, and are really inexpensive. that and jewelry are the only things i’ve bought there so far.

apparently, steve and barry’s stores aren’t going to be closing. i hope not. just to be safe, though, i may have to go stock up on jeans.

coloring our world

while we were waiting out a summer storm at home depot today, joe and i picked out the colors we plan on painting the rooms in our house. i knew what colors i wanted to use, and even though behr had so many to choose from, i think we’ve found the perfect shades.


living room:
living room-green



behr has fabulous color combination books that show how different shades will look in a room, and those really helped us with our decision. we’re going to start painting the bedroom either wednesday or thursday, and i can’t wait. our house will look so much better once it’s not all one neutral color.

our finds

we didn’t end up buying anything from the antique store that is going out of business, though i found a couple of things that i might go back and get before the store closes for good tomorrow night.

we did, however, find a few things at the other antique store. we bought this cute cart and basket of flowers, which are perfect in our kitchen.

kitchen cart 2

kitchen cart 1

i also found a hutch that will fit perfectly. i think we’re going to go back and get that too.