my first gabby award

the news story i submitted for this year’s georgia association of broadcaster gabby awards won best news story for our class. yay! i don’t get anything myself, but i can still put it on the resume.

dumb criminals

this is from a police report i read the other day when going through the day’s reports. i couldn’t even make something like this up.

an officer was on patrol and pulled up on a man beating another man with an aluminum baseball bat. the officer pulled over and arrested the man. he said, “i wasn’t trying to kill him. i was only trying to break his legs, but he wouldn’t stop moving.”

seriously? you said that to the cop?? maybe he doesn’t know that whatever he says can and will be used against him in a court of law. i really get a good laugh out of my job sometimes.

when it rains, it pours

it was bright, sunshiney and warm when i left for work this afternoon, so i wore my cute white, linen shirt.

mother nature decided it was a great day to play a cruel, cruel joke on me. i was covering an airport authority meeting this afternoon when i heard the sound i dreaded most: thunder. i left a little early to get back for my news (and because i wasn’t feeling well at all), and i could see the rain pouring down outside. the girl at the front desk at the city annex building laughed when she saw i was trying to leave, though i could tell she was feeling for me.

i made a run for it. i was parked in the back. by the time i got to my car, you could see my skin through my shirt. luckily, i was wearing a camisole that helped. i have never been so wet before! one of my coworkers brought a station t-shirt for me to wear, but i had a comfy sweater in the car that i threw on over my camisole, and i felt a little bit better.

if only the rain could have held off for 10 more minutes. thanks a lot, mother nature.


i have the hiccups. here’s hoping they go away before my 5 p.m. newscast.

the long, long week

“i can’t wait to see you on thursday!”

that was what joe said in one of his e-mails to me yesterday. sometimes i love the fact that we’re both journalists; other times, i don’t. this would be the latter.

our jobs typically require us to work some nights, though it’s usually me more than joe. this week, we’re not really going to be able to spend time together until tuesday. i worked late monday and tuesday nights, and he works late tonight. he was going to have to work late thursday night, but plans got changed. he’ll be telecommunting instead. yay.

i just think it’s funny that we sometimes will say, “i’ll see you in a couple of days!” it doesn’t matter. it makes it even better when we do have a night to ourselves.

did someone call 911?

i set off the alarm last night at work.

i arrived back from my meeting, punched in the code and sat down at my desk to look through emails and get my soundbite off my minidisc. all of a sudden i heard siren and alarms, and when i looked down the hall the glare from the light made it look as if the back door was ajar.

i grabbed my phone, car keys and key card and ran outside. i was there alone, and i didn’t know what was going on. i called our station manager and as i was waiting for him to arrive i heard the distant sound of police sirens become louder and louder until i saw two police cars tear onto our street, pull into the parking lot and literally swing up by the sidewalk, jumping out, prepared to secure the building.

“are you here for this building?” i asked, pointing toward the station.

the female officer nodded. “do you work here?”

“yeah. i guess i accidentally set off the alarm.”

“are you sure?”


i had to sign a form stating i had accidentally set off the alarm, and when my manager arrived he walked through to make sure everything was ok. apparantly when i punched in my code i hit alarm rather than off. hehe. guess i should have realized something was wrong when the red light didn’t change to green, but at least we know it works now!