Joe Schulman Photography

Joe’s photography business has been officially launched. He put an ad in one of our local papers and has some prospective clients. Check out his Web site. I’m really excited about this. This has the possibility to grow into something pretty awesome.

Rocking the Mineral Show

Today, I did a story on the Southeast Gem and Mineral Show being held here in Cartersville this weekend. It’s the largest mineral show in the Southeast. I volunteered to go since it was being held out by Tellus, where Joe works, and I had plans to meet him out there for lunch anyway. I wasn’t really excited about it, but it turned out to be much cooler than I thought it would be. The minerals were all really pretty (yes, that is the scientific term), and I had a *lot* of fun looking at the jewelry. I ended up buying two rings made out of amber.

amber rings

I also got a Star of David pendant made out of amber, which we’re going to give to Rachel for Hannukah. I really think she’ll like it.

amber star of david pendant

Vendors at the show come from not only all over America but from throughout the world. There were some from India, Pakistan and the Netherlands. And the minerals at this show don’t come cheap. They ranged in price from $5 to several thousand dollars! Insane.

have you hugged a tree today?

i covered a tree meeting today. and you know what i learned? that crapemyrtles are pretty much the hardiest trees you can plant. the arborist said that it’s pretty hard to kill a crapemyrtle. that made me feel better because we forgot to water it the last couple of days, and i thought it was going to die.

and that, my friends, is the something new i learned today.

wbhf celebrates 62 years

yesterday was my station’s 62nd birthday. we usually broadcast our morning show outside on our birthday and have coffee, cake and t-shirts for people who stop by. this year, we had coffee from jittery joe’s, and our local bakery made a cake, donuts and special wbhf cookies.

wbhf birthday collage

we had a bunch of listeners who stopped by. one man was part of a band that played during wbhf’s first broadcast in 1946. i thought that was pretty interesting.

wbhf birthday

joe tilley, who does a show on thursday mornings with kevin, got most of us on the air with him. (and really? there wasn’t *one* flattering picture of me? or do i really look that bad??)

wbhf birthday

wbhf birthday

kevin, one of our morning show hosts, had to spend most of the morning running the board in the studio.

wbhf birthday

and of course, the chick-fil-a cow made its usual appearance.

wbhf birthday

happy birthday, wbhf. we’ll do it all again next year!

wbhf’s heading to austin

someone here has to represent us at the national association of broadcasters’ awards banquet! remember how my boss put me in charge of submitting our station for the marconi awards? yeah, well, we’re one of the five finalists for oldies station of the year. the other finalists in that category are from much larger cities, and we’re the only am station in our category, which is neat.

the winner will be announced at the nab convention in austin on september 18, so i’m sure someone from here will be going. i will be in cleveland for joe’s best friend’s wedding which is a bummer. i would have loved to have gone! but really, how cool is this?? i’m super excited.

temperature changes

today, joe called me and said the a/c in his office was broken. again. it was a sweltering 80+ degrees and another one of those days when they went *outside* to cool off.

i called him later and said, “man, it’s *freezing* in my office today. kevin had to turn up the thermostat in the studio because it was *so freakin cold*.”

apparently, i’m walking home tonight.