couldn’t have a better day

today was a fabulous day. joe and i went to my parents’ house for lunch, and then we went with them to look at the courthouse where we plan to have our wedding. on our way back to cartersville we met up with john and stacey to talk for a little bit and picked up a wedding planner, journal and wedding scrapbook.

when we got back to cartersville, we went straight to target to do our wedding registry. of course, we couldn’t leave without buying *something*, being three candlesticks and candles for our mantel, sex and the city season 5 and an 80s compilation cd. after target we hit up applebees for dinner.

but the best part of the day? when we got home i popped one of the 80s cds in the cd player to hear “eternal flame” by the bangles (absolutely love that song!). joe came into the living room, turned off the light, restarted the song and pulled me up off the couch to dance with him. “this is our first dance as an engaged couple,” he said. “is it bad that i don’t want this to end?” i started to cry (yes, yes, you can call me a dork!). i didn’t want it to end either.

holding the power

a man from the wedding chapel where we’re hoping to have the wedding called me today to set up an appointment for us to see the location and talk about services and pricing.

“i just talked to your fiance. he said to call you because you make all the decisions.”

why yes. yes i do.


i like having the power. 🙂

invitations and dresses

joe and i have already made some decisions regarding the wedding. we picked out our invitations. we wanted one on which we could use a picture of us, and we both fell in love with this one.

i’ve also picked out bridesmaid’s dresses. these are the two styles, but they will be in navy, not red.

and this is what i’ve picked for the flower girl. i think it’s adorable.

the ring

here’s a picture of the ring. it’s not a great picture because i took it with my camera phone (*must* get a digital camera!). i think it’s pretty. the manager who rang me up at eckerd said it was gorgeous. i will be posting more pictures of the ring and the scrapbook page later. hopefully tomorrow.

call me MRS schulman

i’m ENGAGED!! joe proposed to me TONIGHT!! i’m so excited.

today was a really rough day. i found out some very bad news which really stressed me out, and i just wanted to come home and cuddle up with joe. i got home, and joe said he was working on the cover page for our scrapbook and needed my help. he told me to sit down, and he opened our scrapbook. there on top was a page he had done with a tuxedo and wedding gown on either side that said “sweetheart,” “i love you,” and “true love.” at the top it said “marry me.” he had already put “y” and “e” stickers on the page and needed me to put on the “s” sticker. of COURSE i said yes. we kissed and kissed and kissed, and he slipped his mother’s engagement ring on my finger. oh my gosh i’m so excited. i can’t stop staring at it!! i’ve been bouncing around all night, and when i had shiver run up and down me when stacey called joe my fiance tonight. i’ll post pictures of the ring hopefully tomorrow. he’s going to buy me a new one to match my wedding band.

check out our wedding webpage

ahhhhhhhhh!!! i’m getting MARRIED!!!!

unpatiently waiting

joe says he has an uber-romantic proposal planned.

i’m dying to know when. sure, i want it to be a surprise, but i hate the waiting game. i pester him every day. “when are you going to propose? is it going to be soon? this month?”

apparantly it’ll be soon. it better be, since we’re planning a fall wedding. i hope it’s before our parents meet on the 22nd. it took us so long to get this meeting together, i doubt we’ll be able to get them together again to discuss our plans before the wedding.