sometimes i miss dating. i read blog entries about first dates or hear girls talk about their boyfriends on the radio, and i miss the excitement and the anticipation of dating.

then, i have nights like tonight, when i shared a quick snack with my husband after work before i headed to the meeting i had to cover, and i realize just how much i love being married and having someone to come home to every night. i wouldn’t have it any other way.

the birthday weekend

first of all, thanks to all of you for your birthday wishes. that was really sweet!

my birthday weekend was great. on saturday, we headed up to tennessee, met my brothers and sister-in-law for church, and then went to my parents’ for lunch. i got great gifts. my grandpa and grandma gave me a puzzle of cats he had made and had framed for me, ryan and oriona gave me a beautiful flower arrangement for the new house, and randy gave me money which is to be used “for scrapbooking and for scrapbooking only”. awww. joe and my parents gave me what i thought they were going to: the cricut diecut machine!!

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i love surprises

joe told me on friday that he had a surprise for me. yesterday, i got it.

i was sitting in bed, reading, when he told me to close my eyes. when i opened them, i was surrounded by rose petals, and my breakfast was there waiting for me. we snuggled together amidst the petals, eating our breakfasts, watching “house” on dvd and just having some “us” time. it was wonderful. that definitely was *the best* way to wake up.

i love you day

the alarm went off at midnight yesterday morning.

“why is it going off?” i mumbled in my grumpy, semi-concious state.

“valentine’s day starts now,” joe said. “every hour i’m going to tell you something i love about you.”

and he did. i smiled as i fell back to sleep.

at 8 a.m., joe woke me up with breakfast in bed and reasons 2-8. throughout the rest of the day he’d call me and give me a reason. it was the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me, and it made me so happy to hear the different things joe loves about me.

after work we scrapped our plans to have dinner at olive garden. we didn’t feel like waiting for several hours for a table, so we got takeout at applebees and curled up on the couch. i enjoyed it much more. he got me a gift certificate and the movie “in good company,” which is what we were watching last valentine’s day when we first said, “i love you.” it’s going to be our traditional valentine’s day movie. i gave joe the second season of arrested development (one of his favorites!) and a large hershey kiss container filled with chocolate.

for my final surprise, joe put tea candles all around the room and lit them and had a bottle of pinot grigot, one of my favorites. it was a fabulous day.

and tonight? dinner at olive garden. 🙂

couldn’t have a better day

today was a fabulous day. joe and i went to my parents’ house for lunch, and then we went with them to look at the courthouse where we plan to have our wedding. on our way back to cartersville we met up with john and stacey to talk for a little bit and picked up a wedding planner, journal and wedding scrapbook.

when we got back to cartersville, we went straight to target to do our wedding registry. of course, we couldn’t leave without buying *something*, being three candlesticks and candles for our mantel, sex and the city season 5 and an 80s compilation cd. after target we hit up applebees for dinner.

but the best part of the day? when we got home i popped one of the 80s cds in the cd player to hear “eternal flame” by the bangles (absolutely love that song!). joe came into the living room, turned off the light, restarted the song and pulled me up off the couch to dance with him. “this is our first dance as an engaged couple,” he said. “is it bad that i don’t want this to end?” i started to cry (yes, yes, you can call me a dork!). i didn’t want it to end either.

my weekend is almost here

today is my last day at the paper. i’m sad. and scared. i’ve been a journalist for four years, and now, though i’ll still be a journalist, it won’t be the same. i’ll be writing three-sentence stories instead of 15-inch stories. i don’t want to stop writing. i’ll have to find some way to continue. maybe i’ll start freelancing.

on a brighter note, this weekend will be mucho fun. tomorrow we’re going to my parents’ house for my dad’s birthday. he *loves* harry and david, and when i saw a harry and david store a few weekends ago, joe and i decided to make him a basket. we got his favorite fruit flavored chocolates, chocolate truffles, nuts and a coffee mug in a pretty basket. i know he’ll love it.

on saturday we’ll head down to atlanta to celebrate our one-year anniversary. we’re going to muck around during the day (joe promised me lunch at johnny rockets, one of my favorite restaurants. they make a fantastic veggie burger) and then he has a fancy schmancy night planned with dinner at the palm and a night at the atlanta marriott marquis.

on sunday we’re stopping on our way home to have brunch with lori, a friend of joe’s from work, and her husband. then it’s back to cartersville to relax with the crazy kitties and prepare for my first day at the new job!

i’m so excited. bring on the weekend!