sweet caroline

sweet caroline is playing on the radio right now. i love this song. it’s fun to sing. and it makes me remember the red sox game we went to while in boston on our honeymoon. apparantly, it’s a tradition at fenway. now, it’s time for me to sing along. it’s a good thing none of you can hear me. 🙂

anyone know where i can find a curling rink?

dining with the braves

we hobnobbed with the braves last night.

as a writer for choptalk, the atlanta braves’ official magazine, joe was invited to the braves’ 400 club’s annual banquet, and i was able to go as well. it was at a really nice hotel in atlanta and, despite my toe poking through my hose (i *hate* pantyhose…if it hadn’t been 30 degrees outside i wouldn’t have worn any!), it was a fabulous night.

we paid $13 for a beer and glass of wine (yes, $13 freakin dollars. man.) and perused the silent auction items. i was hoping for something signed by jeff francoeur, my new favorite brave, but he was not among the players’ autographed items up for bid. we bid on several items, including hats signed by three players (joe really wanted one to give his friend tim as a wedding present), a baseball signed by pete orr and a baseball signed by sid bream. i staked out the hats at the end of the auction, but an old man hovered over the bidding sheet, spending two minutes writing his name and bid amount so no one else could bid. sigh. at least we won the two baseballs. or so we thought.

after the program, we headed out to claim our balls, but after joe paid we realized the sid bream ball was missing. “someone must have walked off with it,” one of the men said. not surprising. no one was watching the two tables the items were on, so it wouldn’t have been that difficult. we took home our pete orr ball, but joe was still bummed because he’s a sid bream fan, and he was really proud to have won the ball.

this afternoon, however, while we were at david’s bridal getting rachel’s (his sister) bridesmaid dress for our wedding (one down, five to go! they all opted to get the dresses now because they’re on sale until next weekend, saving them about $30), someone from the 400 club called joe and said they had his ball! apparantly the person who won the chris reitsma ball picked up the sid bream ball by mistake. it should be in the mail to us in the next day or two. yay!

there were two braves players at the banquet, and after dinner we had a chance to meet them. brian mccann is a rookie catcher who ended up starting most of last season because starting catcher johnny estrada (now on the diamondbacks…sigh…) was injured.

we also met kyle davies, a rookie who ended up being one of the braves’ starting pitchers last season as the regular starters were plagued with injuries.

they were really nice. we got our tickets signed, and we’re putting one in our scrapbook, and we’re going to frame the other with their baseball cards. once we get a house we’re going to start a “sports room” of memorabilia, such as the baseballs and pictures.

and rachel was right…baseball players *are* taller in person. hehehe. 😉

lazy afternoons

all three cats and one fiance are sleeping. i am bored. and so i blog.

tomorrow we are hosting a superbowl party. somehow we always get stuck hosting, although that means i don’t have to go to someone else’s house, so there is a bright side. tomorrow also is the day i am going wedding dress shopping and we are going to scout out our wedding location, so it will probably be a rushed trip (*sigh*) as joe’s friends are always early. i will be coming home to a testosterone-filled house. maybe i will curl up in the bedroom with some girly movies.

on a happy note, I’M GOING WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING! hehe. i’m excited. my mom and grandma are going with me, so it should be fun. hopefully i won’t feel too fat. i have several picked out that i’m going to look for. hopefully i’ll find the one i have in mind.

last night as we were leaving after service’s at joe’s temple, his future brother-in-law hugged me and said, “bye sis.” then he said, “wow. i’m going to have a sister. i’ve never had one before. this is so cool!” i thought that was neat. i told him sisters are way better than brothers. and of course, i’m right. i always am. i’m marrying into a fun family. i can’t wait. 🙂

i want a chip and dip server. i found one i liked at mikasa, but i can’t find it online. that means i have to go back up to the store. *sigh* which leads me to my next question: why are only selected items put online? for instance, i was looking for dinnerware we liked in a lighter color, but i couldn’t find that online either. blah.

i want to write a book. i’ve always dreamed of being a published author, but no matter how i try i can never come up with a decent plot.

i’m addicted to joe’s poker game for the xbox. i feel like i’m getting good. now i have the urge to go to vegas. i love vegas. i love the fact that you can go down to the casino in the middle of the night and play. it’s fabulous. and the free drinks aren’t bad either.

i wish i could design webpages. i want a new one for www.cadyandjoe.com for after we get married, but i pretty much suck at designing.

i came up with *very cool* favors for our wedding. i’m making them myself. i can’t wait to see how they turn out. they’re totally “us,” which makes it even better.

it *really* annoys me when people park in the handicapped spaces here. granted, i don’t think there are any handicapped people live here, but it’s the principle. you don’t park in handicapped spaces. i feel like calling the sheriff’s office and having the cars ticketed. are they really so lazy that they can’t park a few more spaces away?

2 games in 1

the braves made baseball history. the fourth game in the postgame series against the astros last 18 innings. yep. two whole games.

and the braves didn’t win. sigh.

i thought we had it in the bag when adam laroche hit a grand slam in the 3rd. catcher brian mccann hit a home run. the score was 6-1 in the 8th. bring in the braves bullpen. and i use the word bullpen loosely because they suck. really suck. kyle farnsworth gave the astros a grand slam in the 8th and another home run in the 9th to tie the score.

then start the extra innings that keep going and going and going…joe and i didn’t think the game would end before the yankees/a’s game started at 7:30 p.m.

each team held the other at 6 runs. the braves were running low on bullpen relief. the astros were out of their pitchers, so they called in roger clemens, who started in game 2. i was shocked, partly because he had started just two days ago and partly because he’s 43 and had just started two days ago.

we continued to hold the astros, and joe and i kept saying, next inning we’ll get a run. that was until the bottom of the 18th when joey devine gave up a home run to chris burke.

game over.

no more postseason play for the braves.

what a crappy game.

i just hope the yankees lose tonight to the astros. that’s the only thing that’ll cheer me up from this.


this exchange took place yesterday when i was trying to cheer joe up after a long, exhausting day.

me: i’ll have the (braves) game on when you get here so you can watch it.
joe: only if we change it at 9 p.m. to big brother.

i don’t think i know any other guy who would say that! this is just one of the many reasons why i love my boyfriend!