my birthday in pictures

as i mentioned earlier, i’ve had a fabulous birthday. we were up *very* early to head to breakfast as wes-man’s, which is in a little town called white just east of cartersville. we love this place, even though we don’t go too often. last year, joe had a “happy birthday” message to me painted on the 1940s truck that the restaurant’s owner paints each day with messages.

today, we pulled up to find my name on the truck again. this time, though, only my name was on it. yay.

birthday 1

while we were waiting for our food, joe gave me my present. he’d been telling me he got me the best present ever, and it totally lived up to the hype. he made a collage of pictures of me and us together around the lyrics to the song “just like heaven” by the cure, which is our “other” song. i made him one for our one-year anniversary with the words to our song, and now we both have one.

birthday 5

on monday night at our kiwanis meeting, we celebrated my birthday by me being forced to wear a pair of antlers while everyone sang (or, in our case, hummed) the birthday song.

birthday 12

tonight, we’re going to provino’s for dinner, which is one of my favorite restaurants. i can’t wait!

my biggest fan

my biggest fan died last sunday. earl was dating one of the women in our kiwanis club, and she always called me earl’s “other girlfriend”. he listened to me on the radio religiously, and according to jimmie, loved my northern accent. i met him a couple of times, and he was a really great guy.

weekend wedding

the wedding we attended on saturday was very nice. the bride had her husband-to-be’s twin daughters as their only attendants, which i thought was nice. the girls were really cute, and when shawn and aimee lit the unity candle, they had the girls hold hands with them. it was really sweet. when aimee walked down the aisle she was bawling. she was crying so loud you could hear her over the music, but i thought it was sweet. i cried at my own wedding, and i always think it’s cute when brides do that.

after the wedding, we headed upstairs for the reception. it was a nice, simple reception, which really fits the couple’s personalities.

i thought the wedding cake was really pretty.
wedding cake

you can really see the height difference between the bride and groom. shawn had to crouch for the toast. it was really funny.

wedding 9

wedding 7

i thought aimee’s dress was really pretty. i loved the top and how it was different from the skirt.

wedding 1

sigh. i love weddings.

chili cookoff

since yesterday was a holiday and schools were not in session, i was able to go to my kiwanis club meeting. yay for postponed board of education meetings. it was potluck night (double yay for mlk day falling on the third monday), so we decided last week we’d all bring chili. we brought our yummy vegetarian chili, kind of hoping that people would eat it but also hoping they wouldn’t so i would have something to eat!

there were two other kinds of chili plus a pot of spaghetti, and my crock pot was the only one that was completely gone by the end of the meeting! everyone told me how delicious it was. i really didn’t think people would try it because it was vegetarian, but it doesn’t taste vegetarian. in fact, my brother and a bunch of joe’s friends from work who are vegetarian tried it and had to ask us if it was meatless because it tasted so real.

now everyone has realized that vegetarian food really isn’t all that bad.

christmas for the kids

tonight is the christmas party our kiwanis club is hosting for the local children’s shelter. there are 25-30 people in our club. there will be three people at tonight’s event. that’s including me and joe, in case you were wondering. it blows my mind how people who are involved in a service club that does outreach for children are too lazy to help out at events, especially at ones like tonight’s party. it’s easy. it doesn’t require exertion, so our older members can help. they just choose not to. it makes me angry, and it makes our club look bad. and, it makes me wonder why they’re involved to begin with if they don’t participate. i wish there was some way to make them participate, but i just don’t think there is.

christmas parties

tonight is our kiwanis club christmas party, the first of our holiday parties. we have it at the country club, and it’s always a lot of fun. it’s nice to hang out for a couple of hours outside of the meeting setting. there are usually two options for dinner, and i have to ask for a vegetable plate since i don’t eat meat. last year, my vegetable plate consisted of a couple of green bean and a couple of pieces of asparagus. that’s it. i kid you not. at least this year they’ve requested a baked potato to accompany my green beans and asparagus!