My kiddo has been big into music lately. She really likes drumming, and lately, she’s really been into toy guitars that we’ve seen at the store. I want to encourage her love for music, obviously, but a little part of me kind of hopes it’s just a toddler phase. I can totally picture requests for vestax at Guitar Center and the noise, and…oh, you know.

But, if it’s something she loves, I can deal with the noise. 🙂

So. My child is into music. Like WAY into music. And, she’s really gotten into drumming lately. I’ll admit, I’ve found myself wishing and hoping that she doesn’t ask us for a REAL drum set. If I think things are noisy now….

And, if she doesn’t, I sure hope she doesn’t get into something else like guitars. I can just see her asking us for something like bc rich guitars at musicians friend. Oy!

Portion Control Plates

It’s no secret that I’ve always had issues with my weight. In fact, I still have weight to lose from when Lucy was born. Yeah. I know. I really need to step up my game. I don’t think I eat badly, but I really need to start keeping a food journal (and stop eating those addicting UTZ chips!).

I also found these portion control plates. I wouldn’t pay $79 for them, but I might consider getting some if I found a plastic version that was MUCH cheaper. The plate is divided out so you know how much of each food type (protein, starch, veggie), you should be eating! My only problem with that is that I’m vegetarian, and I don’t like vegetarian meat enough to eat THAT big of a serving. Maybe some beans instead? What do you think?

If you’re a musician in need of an akai lpd8 laptop controller, here’s a great deal for you! Right now, you can get one for $39.86, down from the MSRP price of $129!

That’s a pretty great savings! It looks to normally be $69, but there’s an additional sale today, which will save you another $29.14! You definitely won’t want to miss this sale if you could use one of these!

My brother works in the IT industry. That is something I have absolutely no interest in. He does all sorts of things that I really don’t understand, like analytic dashboard and things.

It’s all Greek to me! This is why I got into writing. It all comes naturally to me, and it’s all pretty “normal”. Haha. But, I’m glad it’s all stuff my brother understands should I ever need help with anything!

I totally love Tungsten rings for men. One of these days, I’d like to upgrade Joe’s wedding ring, which is white gold, to a Tungsten ring, kind of like the Tungsten masonic rings because I think they may be a little better quality. I know they’re heavier than white gold, and I wonder if that means they’re of a better quality. It would be nice to get him a nicer ring at some point!