Can I even tell you how glad I am to not be in high school these days? It was bad enough when I was in high school, what, 15 years ago, but now it seems like high schoolers are so much meaner than they were then – coming from someone who wasn’t one of the “cool” kids. Plus, I was much thinner when I was in high school. If I was there now, I’d have to get one of the 2013 plus size prom dresses. Ugh. So glad to be done with those days!

I never know what to get my brothers for Christmas, and I wonder if the one who is musically inclined would like something like a great vox vt20 from guitar center. I know the amp is geared toward guitars, but I wonder if it could be hooked up to his keyboard. That would give him more sound as he practices and composes.

I’ve always liked those floor fountains that you see in office buildings. I think they’re so relaxing and soothing, and I’ve always thought it would be neat to have one at my house. However, I wonder where I would put it so that it would go well. Maybe I can create some space in the backyard to put it. That would be a nice, relaxing oasis.

I’m glad my husband has a professional job, so to speak. He works a 9-5 job in an office where he has to where a dress shirt and tie. I’m glad he doesn’t work in car repair or anything like that, not just because of the mess, but also because I wouldn’t be able to talk to him about his job like I can now. I mean, I know nothing about electric industrial motors or anything like that, so I would be completely lost.

I need to get some new pads for chairs for my patio set. It would be nice to sit out there and drink our morning coffee on the weekends, but my current chair cushions have gotten SO weathered from rain and other weather. They look really rough. I want to find some pretty ones that are more stylish. That might dress up our deck a bit.

I love going to the beach when I go on vacation, and one of my favorite places to visit is North Carolina. There are some great beaches, and you can sometimes find some great deals on vacation rentals like southport real estate at My sister and I are hoping to plan a trip to one of the North Carolina beaches — hopefully next year — and I can’t wait!