I’m glad my little girl is going to have many more options for acne treatment available to her when she hits her teenage years. There are so many products on the market now to deal with acne, like accutane. You can click here to learn more about accutane. It’s probably a little bit easier to be a teenager now than when I was a teen.

Since I have a little girl, I know that I’m going to be dealing with her outbreaks of acne when she hits the teenage years. It happens to everyone, and I know how hard it is for girls. I’ll definitely be looking at acne treatment reviews to find the right product to rid her of acne as soon as possible.

I spent the bulk of my career as a cops reporter, and I really became intrigued by the law enforcement career. I regularly went on ride alongs, I went on drug busts and I was there with the drug detectives when they uncovered meth labs in homes. It was fascinating, and it made me at one point consider going back to school to get a criminal justice degree. I remember telling my parents that I wanted to be a cop. Not only was it interesting to me, but it was a job that would allow me to help others.

However, I know now that a career in criminal justice isn’t for me. I have the utmost respect for those who choose that route, though. We need more good cops.

I toyed around with the idea a while ago of going back to school to become a nurse. At the time, nurses were in demand (though from what I’ve heard that may not be the case anymore), and it was a tempting idea. Nurses run in my family, and it would be nice to have the medical background to take care of my family.

It’s hard to go back to school when you’re working full time, though. It’s hard to work a class schedule around a work schedule, so no matter what I ultimately decide to go back to school for (if I do at all), I’d want to go to an online university. For instance, Western Governor’s University offers an online nursing degree, which would be a lot more convenient. I’d never heard of Western Governor’s University, but I’ve discovered that it’s a fully accredited online education institution, it’s a non-profit and it’s more affordable than other online colleges, which is a big deal in these economic times.

Even if I didn’t work as a nurse, it would be nice to have the background and training, especially now that I have a child. I know it would give her more peace of mind when she’s not feeling well just as having my own mom being a nurse gave me peace.

I’ve been tempted to ask my primary care physician for another prescription for the diet pills I was on a few years ago. They really helped me lose weight because they increased my ridiculously awful metabolism. I’m sure there are other pills I could try, but I’m familiar with this one, and I know how it affects me, so I wouldn’t need to look up things like adipril side effects. Anyway, just something I’m thinking about right now.

I’ve always thought about going to graduate school to get my master’s degree and then, perhaps, my doctorate degree in journalism. I’d love to further my education while being able to concentrate on print, my speciality. I just dread having to take the GRE, although I’m sure that prepping for that test is easier than LSAT or GMAT prep. Having a graduate degree would make me so much more marketable.