When you’re shopping online, make sure you keep your eyes out for free shipping codes. I love to shop online, but sometimes the shipping costs make it really not worth it, so I usually do some Google searches for codes just to make sure there’s nothing I’m missing out on. I’m all about saving every penny I can these days!

I’m always in the market for cheap life insurance. It’s hard for me to get insured because I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. I have no idea why that factors into life insurance, but it does. So, I have a hard time getting anyone to insure me. I sure hope nothing ever happens to me! Otherwise, my husband will be out of luck!

My husband usually carries a messenger type bag to and from work to carry papers and other items. Part of me wonders if I should get him one of those briefcases for men. On one hand, it would look more professional; but, that’s not necessary at his job. And, I think his current bag probably holds more than a briefcase would. Decisions, decisions.

If we had room at our house (and extra funds), I’d want to get a pickup truck. We have to borrow trucks from friends quite often to pick up items for the house, and it would be so much more handy to have our own. Of course, then I’d have to check out Tonneau Covers for sale to keep the truck bed from getting full of water when it rains. That’s OK though!

Have you tried any money-making apps like Checkpoints or Jingit? They are so easy! All you do is scan in barcode labels when you’re out shopping, and you get points that you can use to get rewards, like gift cards. I need to remember to use those apps more often when I’m out and about. Usually, I’m in so much of a hurry that I forget!

Lucy loves to help — or act like she’s helping — around the house, and who am I to dissuade her from that? She LOVES to sweep, rake and mow right now, and although she has one of those toy lawn mowers that have the balls inside that pop and make noise when you move it, I’d like to get her a different one as well — maybe one that makes a little LESS noise! I wonder if they have any toy push reel lawn mower. 🙂