I’m kind of considering getting WellnessMats for my kitchen. The anti-fatigue mats are supposed to give your feet and body more support. They are ergonomically engineered to provide comfort. That might come in handy when I’m standing washing a sink full of dishes or slaving over a hot stove. And, they come in cute colors and patterns, which adds to the appeal. I need to talk to Joe about trying one out.

As Lucy gets older, I love looking for daughter gifts for her. I know she has a special bond with her Daddy (what girl doesn’t?), but there’s a bond between a mother and a daughter, too, and I’d like to get her something to symbolize that. I’m not exactly sure what I want to get yet, but I know that when I see it, I’ll know it.

You know what I like? When offices, like doctor’s offices or office building lobbies, have water features, like fountains or water walls. It’s always so soothing to me. I’d love to get a small fountain to put either in my front yard in a garden area or in our backyard where we want to put in a patio area. Lucy would love that.

I like to wear makeup, but I never find the time to put it on. So, I rarely wear any, unless it’s a special occasion. I wonder if an airbrush makeup machine would help. I can just picture myself spraying makeup on my face in 10 seconds. Lol. Would it even look good? I think I will just stick to my mineral makeup.

One thing I love about big cities are all the big steel buildings. I love driving into a city and seeing the skyline from the distance, growing closer as we approach. I think my favorite skyline is the one in Baltimore. Maybe I’m biased, but all the office buildings, the two sports stadiums and the Inner Harbor make for a pretty awesome downtown area.

I love watches. I just got one that I wear all the time (I usually buy them but don’t end up wearing them), and I think I’d like to get one of the Luminox watches. It would be nice to have one that I can wear when I take Lucy to the pool or we go to the beach or something. It’s handy to always be able to know the time!