Enjoying our Nation’s Pastime in our Nation’s Capitol

We had quite the trip last week, and we were going, going, going every day except Saturday. Part of me feels like we should do all that we can on vacation while the other part just wants to relax!

Since we did *so* much, I’m going to break up our trip into three posts so I won’t overload you all at once. You’re welcome.

We left town on Tuesday. Our plan was to leave around 6 a.m. BUT…Joe woke up at 1 a.m. sick. He was up every two hours like clockwork until about 6 a.m. or so. It was awful. We thought maybe he had food poisoning at first, but we later come to think it was a stomach bug as my brother and Joe’s sister’s hubby both were sick as well.

We sloooowly packed up the car (we didn’t have much to put in since we spent the night at my parents’ and left most of it in the car) and headed out around 9 a.m. I started to feel nauseous at that point, so we stopped two exits up and headed to a pharmacy. We called our family doctor (thank goodness we have the same one!) to see if he could call in a script for Zofran (note to self: always take said Zofran on trips!), but the receptionist wasn’t sure how long it would take. Since we didn’t want to sit in the pharmacy all day, we went to a nearby urgent care clinic to be seen and get a prescription. It was RIDICULOUSLY busy for a Tuesday morning, and we waited a LONG time.

Two hours and three prescriptions later, we were on our way back to the pharmacy where we discovered our doctor had called in a script for Phenegren. We filled that and two of the new scripts, and were finally on our way.

That night, we stopped at the Tennessee/Virginia border because we were exhausted and Joe wasn’t feeling up-to-par enough to continue. Lucy was very concerned about her Daddy at dinner.


We didn’t make as much progress as we wanted, but the rest was necessary, and the next morning, Joe was feeling MUCH better, so we trekked on to Washington D.C.

We rolled into town mid-afternoon and went the house where we lived in Beltsville. My old neighborhood hadn’t changed at all (though the person who now owns our old house has made several changes to the house and property), and it was fun to be back there. We took Lucy (briefly) to my old neighborhood playground. It was too hot to stay long, but it was fun to see her play where my brothers and I did as kids (albeit on new equipment).



Then, we headed to the Metro to ride to D.C. We always rode the Metro when we lived in the D.C. area, and was excited to introduce Lucy to it, especially since she’s obsessed with trains. She loved it, as I expected, and she called it the “Lucy Jane Schulman” train. LOVE HER.



The Metro stopped right at National’s Park, which was super convenient. We were excited for our first game of the trip. Unfortunately, we only stayed through the 3rd inning because Lucy was super tired (she asked us to go home, which is something she never does), and it was already getting close to 9 p.m. and we didn’t want to get to my cousin’s house too late on the first night.

It is a beautiful park, though, and we had a lot of fun.







The view of the river from the stadium was awesome.


And, Lucy had fun meeting Abe Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and Thomas Jefferson!




It was a fun but exhausting day. Up next…BALTIMORE!

Wordless Wednesday: Princess Tattoo Club


Rise Up!

This month, we took Lucy to her first professional football game. And, it was MY first football game as well! I was psyched. We had tickets (that were FREE, I might add!) in the end zone in the 11th row. Seriously. We had awesome seats.

The Falcons were playing the Ravens, my hometown team. I didn’t know who to cheer for! I ended up rooting for the Falcons, but I will say that I LOVED hearing the few Ravens fans in attendance shout the “O” during the National Anthem. It’s something that’s always done at Orioles games.

When the Falcons run out, they shoot off fireworks. Lucy LOVED that.



We stayed until the third quarter, and by then we had been there for more than two hours. I heard on the radio later that it took longer than normal to get through the first half. We were getting tired and, even though she didn’t want to leave, Lucy was tired as well. She had fun cheering and waving to the Falcon, though.


She also had a blast dancing and entertaining everyone sitting around us, though.





And, of course, I took a video of her dancing. The pictures don’t do her justice. You have to see this girl in action. You’re welcome.

It was only a pre-season game, but it was still a lot of fun. And, I know a regular season will have even more energy. We’re hoping to go to again this season, and we’ll probably leave Lucy at home so we can really focus and enjoy the game. I can’t wait!

On Meeting Colin and Reese

For the last two weeks, Hollywood crews, including actors Colin Firth, Reese Witherspoon and Stephen Moyar, have been in my town filming scenes for the new movie “Devil’s Knot”. They used our 1903 Courthouse, and it’s been fun to drive by every day and see everything that was going on.

On Wednesday night, we were heading home after meeting in town for a late-ish dinner and, when we drove by the back side of the old courthouse, we saw a bunch of people gathered in the parking lot. Since we were in two cars, I pulled off to talk to Joe about it. He thought they were extras shooting a night scene. I thought there was something else going on.

And, I was going to find out. We headed across the street, and Joe went over to the crowd to see what was happening while I waited at the car with Lucy. He called me and told me to hurry over because COLIN FIRTH was there signing autographs and taking pictures. I jumped in line and got my autograph, but before I could get my picure, he turned away to someone else. I got back in line (because Colin’s “people” were getting onto me for being out of line when really I wasn’t) hoping to get a quick shot with him, and he waved like he was about to leave.

BUT THEN, his “people” saw Lucy and said, “Wait! You have to have a picture with the baby.” And the baby’s mommy. Obviously.


I couldn’t even speak. He is so hot!

Then, we headed to the other end of the parking lot where we found Reese signing autographs. She wasn’t posing for pictures, but that’s OK. We managed to get some anyway. She was super sweet, and it was so neat to actually see her in person (she’s one of my favorite actresses).




It was such an exciting night. Filming here has wrapped now, and it’s going to be weird driving through town without everything going on. We’ve become so used to it in such a short time. Hopefully we won’t have to wait long for the next movie crew to come to town!

Make sure to see the movie when it comes out to see our beautiful old courthouse! I have some friends who were extras in the movie as well. I can’t wait to see it!

Movie in the Park

A couple of weekends ago, we took Lucy to a park in a neighboring county to see Puss in Boots on the big screen.

It was the first time we’d taken Lucy to a Move in the Park event, and I knew she’d have a blast. It started to drizzle while we were driving, but we figured the weather would be fine at the park. Except, it wasn’t. It rained and rained and rained until about an hour or so until the movie started. Luckily, the playground was covered. It’s too bad my daughter wanted to go sit in her chair in the rain rather than play.

We had a blast, though. Lucy started getting antsy right before the movie started (since we’d already been there for a few hours), and she wanted to go play. But, once the movie started, she was fine. I knew she would be. She loves Puss in Boots.




Lucy also enjoyed her first snow cone and got her first glow stick.


It was a fun night. I’m looking forward going to another Movie in the Park soon!

Little Gymnast

We decided a while ago that we wanted to get Lucy involved in some sort of activity. Friends and acquaintances had suggested ballet, maybe because Lucy is a girl, but anyone who knows my daughter knows that she is NOT the ballet type. She is more into running, jumping and tumbling, which is why we decided gymnastics would be a good fit for her.

And, boy, did we make the right decision! Gymnastics class is the highlight of her week, and she cries when the 30 minutes are up. We took her to the first class dressed in shorts and a t-shirt, and then realized that they want the girls to wear leotards. So, we went right out and bought her one. She looks so incredibly grown up in it to me.


Class always starts with a warm-up activity (last week is was bouncing across the warm-up area on balls) and stretching. Lucy is getting really good at getting all the stretches right, and her flexibility amazes me. She can touch her nose to the ground. I hope she always has good flexibility.


Then, we normally do something like handstands against the wall — and last week we did some wall climbing — before we do the circuit. Last week’s circuit consisted of a somersault from a standing position, jumping onto a block and then off, going under an arch, and then jumping on this octagon-shaped rolling thing and doing a roll off it. The kids normally do each activity three times. The teacher changes up everything each week, which I like because they don’t get bored doing the same thing (although, Lucy would be completely happy doing the monkey bars all the time, which is what they did two weeks ago). They also usually get in some balance beam work, and class always ends with a jump into the foam block pit (which terrifies Lucy).




We’re so glad we signed her up for this summer class, and I think we’re going to sign her up for the longer class once the school year starts. I have a feeling this is not going to be a fleeting interest for Lucy, which I’m so glad about. I’m going to have to go buy a “Gymnastics Mom” magnet for my car now!