the other night, joe says to me, “everyone i know at the statesboro paper has a blog.” yep. stacey. eddie. holly. scott. luke. so i reply, “you need to get a blog.”

it’s the same thing i’ve been telling him for the past several months. his response? “i have nothing to blog about.” that opens it up for me to launch into my typical woman response. “you *sniff* mean *sniff* i’m *sniff* not *sniff* something *sniff* you *sniff* can *sniff* write *sniff* about??? *SNIIIIIIIIF*” i love being a woman sometimes.

“no baby, it’s just i’m sure no one cares about what i write.”

“well i write about you on my blog. does that mean no one wants to read what I’M WRITING????”

at this point joe realizes he’s lost. he always does.

so, everyone, post a comment here and convince joe to get a blog. everyone else is doing it!

my day

was fantastic. joe and i went to church, then to my grandparents’ for my birthday dinner with the family. afterward, we went and walked around downtown, then went to tony’s, an italian restaurant, for dinner. we were going to go see phantom of the opera, but it is a 2.5 hour movie and i was afraid i wouldn’t be able to stay awake, as it started at 9:55 p.m. so we walked around the mall, bought a few things and came home. joe gave me the greatest presents: a hanging picture frame with three frames, hanging candle lanterns and bridget jones 2, which he said he bought because it was what we saw on our first date. awwww.

let the countdown begin

1 more day till my 25th birthday! i love birthdays! i still get all excited about ripping open presents. i’m such a little kid. joe’s letting me open his presents tonight. he knows i can’t wait. 🙂

four months!

today is our four month anniversary. yep, i’m the kind of dork who gets excited about things like that. i love you more than you know baby! today is also the day that i become a baseball widow. joe’s fantasy baseball draft today kicks off baseball season which lasts, what, the rest of the year?! now, i am a baseball fan and i plan to attend as many games as possible, but i have a feeling i won’t be seeing my boyfriend much over the next nine months. maybe that’s because in his new year’s resolution column one of his resolutions was to at least remember my name. hmmm. no really, it’s ok. he can have his fantasy baseball, which i’ll probably never understand, no matter how many times he tries to explain it to me. he can have his televised games and trips to the stadium. as long as i go with him, that is. 🙂

party, party, party

last saturday night, we went to a surprise party for joe’s parents’ friend brian’s 50th birthday. brian’s kids and their significant others, as well as another couple, met us at joe’s parents’ cabin for snacks and then we all caravaned to doris and carl’s cabin. brian was totally surprised. he thought everyone was getting together for a neighborhood cookout.

we all…well, most of us…ok, us younguns put on party hats and got into the celebration. it was great fun. we cooked out (even grillers for moi, the vegetarian) and just hung out and talked and watched brian open his presents, most of which were gag gifts.

the picture joe’s mom took of us sitting on the couch is i think by far the cutest we have of us.