Ohio Stopover

We decided not to drive all the way to Cleveland the Thursday before Jon’s wedding. That’s because we’re now going to a Cincinnati Reds game!

We originally had tried to see if we could fit a Reds game into our weekend but, as the cities are 3 hours apart, we decided it just wouldn’t be feasible.

Then, today, my brother, Randy, who just returned from a trip to Detroit, told me that we will actually go *through* Cincinnati on our way to Cleveland. He pulled out his trusty Ohio map (bought while trying to find a way out of a 3-hour traffic jam on interstate 71) and confirmed the route.

So our tickets have arrived, and the hotel room is booked. We’ll head out of Cincinnati around 6 a.m. and arrive in Cleveland just after the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame opens. We can’t check in at the hotel there until the afternoon anyway, so we’ll have plenty of time to see the Rock and Roll Hall and hopefully the Football Hall of Fame as well.

That will be three stadiums visited this year, a Schulman record that I don’t think will be broken any time soon. But we can always try!

Rainy Night in San Francisco

I’ve been to San Francisco a couple of times, but my favorite trip by far was my high school senior class trip. We thought we were oh so cool because we were the first class to go farther than New York City and, therefore, *fly* to our destination. The trip out was a blast, since we had about half the plane in two planes, but my plane was late getting in. I don’t really remember the reason, but it was dark out when we arrived. We were starving, so my best friend and I went out with some of the guys to find dinner. It started *pouring*, and we had no idea where we were going, but we didn’t care. We thought it was hilarious that we were out late at night running through the streets of San Francisco trying to find dinner. That is definitely one of my best memories.

We saw a lot of touristy things during that week in San Fran (including the shooting of The Wedding Planner — why oh why couldn’t I have been in the group that actually met Matthew McConaughy??), but I still want to go back. We obviously have to so we can hit the Giants stadium in our quest to see all the Major League ballparks (I wish I could remember the name of it, but they all sell out their names so often I can’t keep up). Plus, I’d like to take one of the San Francisco tours there like the one from Trusted Tours and Attractions. I know they’re really touristy, but I’ve always wanted to do that in one of the big cities to make sure I see all the landmarks. I wanted to go on one the last time we were in New York so we could see things like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but we just didn’t get a chance to. Plus, their online travel guides and newsletters could probably really help me plan a great trip. And, Trusted Tours and Attractions is offering the chance to win a $150 to Magellan’s, which is a travel supply company, just for signing up for their newsletter. That could definitely go toward a new set of luggage…:)

destination: progressive field

in a little more than a month, we’ll be headed north to cleveland. our main reason for going to cleveland is for jon’s wedding, in which joe is the best man. our secondary reason is to hit progressive field, home of the cleveland indians and our latest stop on our quest to visit all of the major league baseball stadiums.

i was worried about scoring tickets at first, but when joe reminded me that the indians are in last place in their division (who would have thought that another team would be behind the kansas city royals), i knew we could wait until closer to the trip and still find an abundance of tickets.

today, i decided to browse on stubhub again. i always check there first because ticket prices are usually *much* lower than they are on ticketmaster. and boy, did i get a deal! two field box tickets with surcharges were less than the ticketmaster price for one ticket *before* surcharges. score! here’s where we’re sitting:

progressive field seating chart edit

i’m going to have one happy hubby!

new york, new york

we had another whirlwind trip to new york. one of these days, we’ll spend a week there, but for now we’re getting our sight seeing in on weekend trips.

when we arrived, we caught a shuttle and headed straight to our hotel. it was a few hours before check-in, but we had been told we could leave our bags at the desk while we went into the city.


it turns out that our hotel was right across the interstate from shea stadium. this is what we saw every time we walked outside.

shea stadium 3

after we dropped our bags off, we took the subway into the city. last year, we spent a lot of time at time’s square. this year, we headed to 5th avenue. i didn’t buy anything, but it was a lot of fun seeing all the designer stores.



kenneth cole

we also went to trump tower. we were told there are several trump towers in new york, so we didn’t know if this is the one where the candidates on “the apprentice” stay, but we got a picture anyway. after the fact, i told joe we should have gone up to the employee at the desk and asked to see the board room and when he said “no” because we were insane, we should have said “you’re fired.” yes, i’m a dork like that.

trump tower 1

unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to walk all the way down 5th avenue. i didn’t get to go to kate spade or vera wang, but i wasn’t too bummed. we can always fit those in the next time we go. we walked about 40 blocks in a 2-hour period, and by the end my knees were really hurting. i ended up having a flareup from all the walking, but it was worth it.

we had to rush to get back to the hotel, change and head over to shea to meet our friends, tim and mindy. the good news was we were only two blocks from the stadium. the bad news was i couldn’t walk very fast and was hobbling like an elderly person. oh well.

shea stadium 2

behind the stadium, you can see the new stadium which is being built. the mets are going corporate like almost every other team, and instead of being called shea stadium, the new ballpark is being named citi field.

shea stadium 1

citi field sign edit

i ended up not wearing my braves shirt because tim and mindy decided to be mets fans for the game and joe’s braves shirt didn’t dry in time. we still cheered for the cardinals, which really set off a few of the fans in our section. in the first inning, the cards scored four runs, and in the bottom of the first, the mets scored two. a guy sitting in front of us turned around and started yelling at us and shaking his fist at us. we thought it was hilarious because, really, we didn’t care about the game. we’re not fans of either team. being at shea stadium, though, really showed me why joe hates mets fans. they really can be jerks. in 2006, cards catcher yadier molina hit a two-run homer in the ninth inning of game 7 of the national league championship series, which put the cards over the mets and sent the cards to the world series. now, mets fans hate him. when he came up to bat, they all started chanting “asshole”. i understand it was an important game, but i thought that was just incredibly rude.

all in all, though, the game was fun. it ended up going 14 innings. we left after 13 because my knees were really hurting, and we watched the end of the game in our hotel room.

us at mets game edit

at night, there is a skyline of new york city that lights up on the top of the scoreboard. on the left, you can see an unlit ribbon wtih two towers behind it for the world trade center.

mets skyline

the next day, we had planned on going back into the city because i really wanted to go rockefeller center, but i was in no shape to do more walking. instead, we spent a lazy day in queens. we got bagels for breakfast (*definitely* not new york bagels. they were terrible!) and then walked up the block to a mexican restaurant for lunch. the food was amazing and was pretty authentic.

then, i wanted to go swimming, and you all know the rest of that story. joe ended up bashing his head open and we spent the afternoon at the hospital. when we got back, we decided to have dinner at the hotel’s restaurant. the food was absolutely amazing. we started out with a yummy salad and a plate of garlic bread.


garlic bread

i had the penne pasta primavera, and joe had fettucini alfredo with crab.

pasta primavera

crab fettucini edit

and then, our trip was over. since we hadn’t made it to vera wang’s store, i picked up a bottle of her new perfume, princess, at the airport. it is now my new favorite. it has such a light, pretty smell. now i’m totally ready for another trip up north. maybe we’ll fit in another weekend trip next year. 🙂

i think you have my stapler

we planned a low-key day in new york on sunday. i had a pretty bad arthritis flare up from all the walking we did on saturday (more to come on that later), so we thought we’d hang out at our hotel. we had lunch at a pretty authentic mexican place about a block up the street (it was *fabulous*), and then we decided to spend the afternoon at the pool.

joe hopped in (because the “deep” end was only five feet deep so he couldn’t dive) and swam the width of the pool to where i sat with my feet in the water, trying to get used to the temperature. he popped up to swim back across, and his face was covered in blood.

i started freaking out. everyone else at the pool pretty much ignored my comments of “ohmygoshyou’reBLEEDING”. joe couldn’t get his head to stop bleeding. i took a picture to send to my mom, who’s a nurse, and she said we needed to go to the hospital. as we walked out of the pool area, a jackass sitting by the door said, “that’s why the sign says not to dive in.” right, and that would be why he *didn’t* dive in. if anyone had been watching, they would have seen what had happened. joe had to move me along before i hit that guy. he really pissed me off.

joe injury 2

we told the clerk at the front desk, and the manager called us a car (and paid for our round-trip ride) to take us to the nearest hospital.

flushing hospital

flushing hospital is as ghetto as they come. i was not impressed. the triage nurse filled out joe’s paperwork by hand (i don’t think i’ve ever seen a hospital that wasn’t computerized), and she really didn’t seem to know what she was doing.

nurse: when did this happen?
joe: an hour ago.
nurse: how long has it been hurting?
joe: um. an hour. it didn’t hurt until i cut it.

after triage, i had to wait *forever* in the waiting room to register joe while an er nurse came and took him back. i got pretty upset watching the registration employees sitting around talking while i was getting text messages from my husband asking me when i was coming back to be with him.

joe ended up getting seven staples to close the wound because they couldn’t stitch him up in that location. he also got a tetnus shot, which, the way the doctor said it, sounded like he had won a prize.

doctor: when was the last time you had a tetnus shot?
joe: about 10 years ago.
doctor: well guess what *you’re* getting today!!

joe injury 1

joe has to have the staples in for 5-7 days. when the doctor said we could have his pcp take them out, i mentioned that i have a staple remover at home. he didn’t really get the joke.

now, joe is a celebrity at the hotel. every employee there knew who he was. today when we left, the new desk worker asked joe how he was doing, and a man who works at the restaurant came up to us and said, “you’re the guy who hit his head in the pool! i’ve heard about you.” but, when the shuttle arrived to take a large group of us to the airport, no one cared about letting the guy with seven staples in his head on first. 🙂

we have a new vacation goal now. in addition to hitting every major league baseball stadium, we’re going to try to go to a hospital in every city we go to. i think we’re well on our way to reaching that!

baseball and bagels

have i mentioned how excited i am about our trip to new york city this weekend? i haven’t? oh, well let me tell you then. i am SO FREAKIN EXCITED. it’s going to be a short trip, but it will be fun.

we’re leaving tomorrow morning, and as soon as we get settled at our hotel, we’re heading to queens. we’ll have several hours in between arriving and tomorrow night’s mets game, but we want time to find lunch and wander around the area near the stadium. i’ve heard there are a lot of neat shops there.

tomorrow night’s mets game is the whole point of our trip. we had to go to shea stadium before it’s torn down after this season. our friends who are going with us have been in nyc all week to catch a game at yankee stadium. it, too, is being torn down after this season. i’m pysched about this game. i’m so excited about possibly really pissing off the mets fans. we hate the mets down here. not only are they one of our big division rivals, but their fans just suck. so, in the spirit of good fun, i’m going to wear my chipper jones shirt. the mets fans *hate* chipper. to taunt them, he named his son shea after the mets stadium because he hits so many home runs there. so, if you hear on the news of someone being stoned out in the parking lot (and by stoned i do not mean getting high), that probably will be me. 🙂

our first priority sunday is to track down a good ol’ jewish deli for some bagels. once you’ve had a new york bagel you can’t go back. after that, we have no plans, which is good. last time we went to new york we did a lot of the touristy thing, so this time we may spend time on 5th avenue. and, i’d like to hit rockefeller center and central park, since we didn’t have time for those during our last trip.

and then on monday we’re coming home. i’m also taking tuesday off, since my parents are coming to spend the night before our early morning trip to the airport on wednesday to see ryan and oriona off. i probably should take wednesday off too. i’ll probably roll in a little late that day.

what are your plans for this weekend?