it’s the superstition’s fault

remember when i forgot several things when i was packing for our trip last weekend? i thought i hadn’t done too badly with forgetting just the camera, batteries and my enbrel.

after work, joe swung by to pick me up, and we were on our way. that is, until i remembered that i had forgotten the father’s day cards in my car. we turned around and went back, and i grabbed the bag of cars and hopped back out. then, i remembered the *other* thing i had forgotten.

our suitcase.

how mad do you think joe would have been if we had gotten all the way to blue ridge before i remembered that i had forgotten our clothes? probably pretty mad.

i blame it all on friday the 13th.

wordless wednesday: bathroom sign

bathroom sign

ok, so this is a semi-wordless wednesday. 🙂 this sign was in the bathroom of a gas station we stopped at in macon on our way to savannah. you would have thought we were in a third world country. joe came out, put his hands on my face and said, “they ran out of paper towels, so i took one from the trash can to dry my hands.” ick.

bon voyage

my brother left today for florida, where he will spend the summer working at florida hospital. he has a practicum there, which is required for his nursing degree, and then he’ll spend the rest of the summer working as a nurse tech. a bunch of his classmates are going, and his girlfriend, kristen, is working there also, so they’ll have a lot of fun. the great part is that under florida law, hospitals can’t have out-of-state nursing students working for them without pay, so during his practicum he’ll get paid about half the normal rate, and after his practicum he’ll get the full pay. the hospital also is paying for the apartments the students are staying at. randy and kristen stopped in cartersville this morning on their way for breakfast, and it was fun to spend a little time with them. i rarely see kristen, so it was nice to get to see her again. i like her. she’s really nice, and i can tell how much she likes my brother, which makes me happy.

the downside is that he’ll be gone all summer. randy and i are closer than ryan and i are, so it’ll be tough. joe and i hang out with randy a lot more than ryan. but, it’ll get us used to having him gone since he’s moving to kentucky for three years at the beginning of january. *that* will be hard.

the other bright spot is that now my parents and i are planning a trip to orlando in july. i haven’t been since i was little, and kristen’s mom can get us tickets to disney world and universal studios, so that will be fun. plus, tampa bay is only an hour and a half away, so we’re all going to catch a devil rays game and go to bern’s steak house (which my dad says is fabulous. i hope they have a good salad!) while we’re there. my parents are getting a hotel suite with two bedrooms, and since we’re flying together we’ll share a rental car, so all we’ll really have to pay for are our plane tickets. that’s my kind of vacation.

ryan graduation 6
the last picture of us together before randy left. they’re so much taller than me! i can’t call them my “little” brothers!

weekend getaway

we had so much fun in savannah, despite the oppressive humidity. we left early friday morning and arrived in statesboro around 11 a.m. we walked around the campus of georgia southern university, where joe went to school, and he showed me things like the radio station he worked at. i can’t imagine how people live there in the summer. it was bad enough for me in april!

savannah trip-gsu sign crop

savannah trip-gsu radio station 2 crop

when we left, we drove through the downtown area and stopped by the statesboro herald, the first newspaper joe worked at. a couple of people he worked there with five or so years ago were still there, so they got to talk for a bit.

savannah trip-statesboro herald 1

after lunch at a local mexican restaurant and a trip to the statesboro mall (otherwise known as the “small”. seriously, it’s so small that we walked across it in less than two minutes.) where i went on an unplanned shopping trip at maurice’s (*love* that store!), we headed to savannah. our hotel was on abercorn street, which is one of the main roads in town and pretty central to everything. we were just a few miles from the mall and numerous restaurants as well as from the historic area.

we relaxed friday night, and our plan saturday was to go to the beach and then hit the historic area. however, i got pretty sick and ended up taking a 4-hour nap. we headed to the historic area around 5 p.m., but it actually worked out well because the temperature was very nice. it made the outing enjoyable rather than unbearable, as the day before in statesboro had been. we passed about four weddings. the historic area is so beautiful, i told joe we should have gotten married there!

as we walked, we stopped by the house from the book “midnight in the garden of good and evil,” a nonfiction book based on a murder that happened in savannah. we were told that the bird girl statue featured on the book’s cover was moved to the telfair museum because visitors trampled the grave of a young girl who had recently died. her parents were upset and complained, and the statue was moved.

savannah trip-historic squares 2 crop

we also saw the fountain and the synagogue that houses the oldest reform congregation in the country. it is a gorgeous building. joe took some pretty artsy photos of it.

savannah trip-synagogue 5

savannah trip-synagogue 2

after touring part of the historic area (there are 23 squares), we headed downtown for dinner and walking along river street. it was a great weekend trip and a pretty good way to escape from reality for a while.

off for vacation

well, we’re off for savannah. i’m really excited about this weekend. this trip will be really good for us, especially after yesterday. we need to get away from everything and just relax for a while without worrying about anything. life will resume on monday morning. 🙂

shopping trip

tonight after work, joe met me at target where i had my arms loaded with bathing suits. i haven’t gotten a new bathing suit in a while, and since i’m feeling better about my body now, i thought i’d get one before our trip (you know, since there’s a beach and savannah is *hot*).

i got a super cute tankini set. i have to say, this kind of pattern is very daring for me. my last bathing suit was a tankini as well, but it was solid black. i tend to be drawn toward black because it is supposed to be slimming. but, this suit actually doesn’t look half bad on me. 🙂

bathing suit

i also got a pair of cargo walking shorts (in khaki). i didn’t realize until after i tried them on that they were juniors, and i fit into a smaller size, which definitely made me feel good.


i’m so excited for our trip. i love road trips, and it’ll be so much fun to get away.