an easy decision

after a second call regarding our hotel, we were told that we cannot change our reservation to may. apparently, the first person joe spoke with us told him the wrong information. so, since we either go this weekend or lose our money, we’re going for a fun weekend in savannah. hopefully we’ll still get to go for joe’s competition next month. we’ll just have to see how the work situation goes.

san francisco

i have been to san francisco twice. once was the summer after my sophomore year in high school traveled to paradise, california with my grandparents to visit my aunt, uncle and cousins in paradise, california. we went to san francisco for the weekend, which was fun. we did a lot of the touristy things, and also saw where my grandpa grew up and visited the grave and urn of his parents.

a year later, i went back to san francisco with my high school classmates for our senior class trip. we went in march, so the weather was nice, and that was definitely the best spring trip i’ve ever been on. we had so much fun. there are so many things to do in san francisco. we were divided into groups, and when we were out in the city we were supposed to be with the adult assigned to our group. my group had one of our class sponsors, and i remember he walked so fast, we had to run through the streets to keep up with him.

one of my best memories of the trip was the night we arrived. we were on two different flights, and when my flight got in we were starving. by the time we got to our hotel, it was pouring, but me, my friend penny and some of the guys in our class went wandering around the area in the pouring rain to find food. we found a chinese place and had a blast.

while we were there, the movie “the wedding planner” was being filmed, and we saw streets blocked off for the taping. several of the girls in my class were at one spot when a scene was being filmed and got to meet matthew mcconaughy. they got his autograph, and he kept the butterfly pen one of my classmates gave him to write with. they talked about that for the rest of the trip, and i was so bummed i wasn’t with them. that would have been so awesome.

i can’t wait to go back to san francisco. i went on my class trip to a giants game at candlestick park, but joe and i want to go to the giants’ new stadium. we want to plan a california trip to hit as many of the west coast stadiums as we can, such as oakland, la and san diego. while we’re out there, i want to make sure we do the touristy-thing. there are sight-seeing tours offered by trusted tours and attractions that could be fun. that company also offers san diego zoo tickets. when we do make it to san diego for a padres game, whether it’s during the san francisco trip or not, i really want to go to the san diego zoo. it’s pretty well-known. i’m at least signing up for their newsletter. if you do, you get a chance to win a handheld gps system, which i would love since i tend to get lost. 🙂

baseball and friends

our tickets for the braves home opener arrived today! ripping open the envelope and seeing the tickets made me *so* excited for the 31st. i cannot wait for the start of baseball season to arrive.

speaking of baseball, we have booked our trip for july. we’re going to new york to catch a game mets game during their final season at shea stadium. we’re staying at the holiday inn laguardia airport, which is fabulous because it’s only a 10 minute walk to shea stadium. it’s also a 10 minute walk to the subway, which will make it easy for us to get into the city on sunday and do some more sight-seeing. and, as an added bonus, we found out our friends tim and mindy were planning their trip for the same weekend, so we got tickets together for the game. they’re also staying at an airport hotel, so we’ll be able to hang out for the weekend, which will be *so* much fun! i cannot wait until our trip. the only thing that could make it better now is if johan santana is pitching.

summer vacation

joe and i have been thinking a lot lately about our summer vacation. we go to san francisco where i have a lot of family and where we can see the giants and a’s play.

we could also go to maryland, where i am from, to see the orioles and nationals. we’d also get a chance to visit my family and friends up there, and i’d be able to show joe where i grew up. it would also be fun because it will be the first season the nationals will be in their new stadium.

other options we’ve been throwing around going to florida to see the marlins and devil rays, and going back to new york to see a mets game during their final season at shea stadium. that just seems so historic to me.

but, our decision has been made for us. joe’s best friend is getting married on sept. 20 near cleveland, ohio, and last night asked joe to be his best man. so, we will be heading up there and taking in an indians game the day after the wedding.

the question now is, do we make it a quick trip by flying up friday morning and coming back sunday night, or do we make it our summer vacation and spend extra time there, since it is the home of the nfl hall of fame and the rock and roll hall of fame. if we make it a quick trip, we might be able to fit in another trip earlier in the summer. i’d love to do a weekend trip to new york and catch a game at shea. i’d be really sad if we never were able to go there. what do you guys think?

road trip

we spent most of yesterday in the car on our drive up u.s. highway 41. highway 41 runs from the upper penninsula in michigan to naples, florida, and was the main north-south route until interstate 75 was built. we originally had planned to do it as a fun road trip, but when joe pitched the story to the sunday paper, the features editor loved it and assigned joe to write a story on it.

we had a fabulous time. we hit 41 here in cartersville, and headed north, passing through adairsville, calhoun, resaca and dalton, which is where i used to live. i was amazed at how much as been developed since i left!

in ringgold, we stopped to take some pictures, stretch our legs and browse some of the shops. i found some apple-themed items for our kitchen — a cute sign and a tea cup warmer for scent chips. it is fabulous, and my house smells so yummy now.
hwy 41 road trip-downtown ringgold 5
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we had such a fun time on our road trip today, but our 11 hour day has left me exhausted! i couldn’t even keep my eyes open enough to watch all of “my name is earl” from thursday. boo. that’s ok. we’ll finish it tomorrow. i’m off to bed, but i have lots of pictures to share tomorrow!