happy thanksgiving!

i know it’s a day early, but i will be gone until tomorrow night, and by then it will be a little late for my thanksgiving wishes. we are heading up to joe’s parents’ cabin in blue ridge after i get off work. it’ll be fun. i love joe’s family, and we always have a lot of fun when we get together. but i’m a bit sad because it’s the first thanksgiving i will spend away from my family, and i’m just not used to it.

since i’m going to be the only vegetarian at thanksgiving dinner, i whipped up some of my family’s favorites last night to take along. i made vegetarian turkey slices filled with stuffing, wild rice with vegetarian chicken, and spice cupcakes to add to the dessert mix. yum, yum. i’m getting excited about tomorrow just thinking about all the food!

prepping for thanksgiving 6

faux turkey

i hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving with your family and friends!


i am a big fan of the bachelor. i’ll admit it, though i know i will be mocked. i especially love the last show where the bachelor picks the girl he wants to be with for the rest of his life, which usually amounts to a couple of months.

so last night i was all ready for my happy, feel good moment. it never came. he didn’t pick either girl. granted, he realized it’s ridiculous to think you can fall in love with someone after a month or two of group dating, but dammit i wanted my happy moment!

ok. i’m done now.

birthday fun

we went to atlanta on saturday to celebrate my dad’s birthday. he wanted to see aussie floyd, who were playing at the fox theatre. now, i’ve only heard maybe one or two pink floyd songs, but the concert was pretty cool. this is not your typical tribute band. the stage setup had to have cost at least $500,000 with all the lasers and lights and the giant, inflatable kangaroo and warthog. this picture from my phone sucks, but you can kind of see the huge warthog on the right.

aussie floyd concert

it was a fun night. my dad had a blast, which was the most important part. oh, and a group in front of us lit up several times throughout (i really don’t think smoking is allowed in buildings here, especially not the smoking of illegal drugs), which was great. one of the guys kept blowing smoke back at us, and then he offered his pot to randy and joe. haha. then, he dropped it, and someone two rows up picked it up and started smoking it. nice.

happy birthday, dad!

today is my dad’s birthday. i was blessed with the best dad ever. ever since i was little i wanted to be like him. i even considered going to law school because i wanted to be just like dad.

he was, and still is, my role model. i have always been my daddy’s little girl. i still remember waking up early at our weekend house in virginia and having him read to me in front of a crackling fire in the living room while my mom and baby brothers slept in.

now, i enjoy the conversations my dad and i have, whether it be on the phone or in person when i’m able to drive up and visit my parents. we have a lot of interests in common, and it’s fun to just talk about things together.

happy birthday, dad. i hope you have many, many more to come. i love you!


kelly tagged me for this, so here it goes.

1- link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
2- share 7 random and or weird things about yourself.
3- tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
4- let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

7 random things about me
1. i eat chips and salsa every day. it’s my favorite snack.
2. i sleep every night with julius laying on my head.
3. i eat peanut butter and syrup on my waffles. everyone i know thinks that’s weird, but my family has always done that.
4. i pick at my fingers. it’s a nervous habit that i just can’t stop.
5. i have a collection of newspapers from various states. every time i go somewhere new i pick up the local newspaper.
6. i’ve met three baseball players — cal ripken, jr., brian mccann and kyle davies.
7. i love pajama pants. whenever i’m home, that’s what i wear. i’d wear them 24/7 if i could!

and i am tagging (if you’ve already been tagged for this, then you can just ignore this!)
1. lisanne
2. felicia
3. shannon
4. lisa
5. jennifer
6. sara
7. chas

serious shopping

i can’t remember the last time i paid full price for anything. i guess that’s a good thing though. today, i went to hobby lobby with the intent to pick up a scrapbooking pack that was on sale. however, i just had to browse the decorative items on sale. halloween decorations were 90 percent off and fall decorations, which i can still use, were 66 percent off. so i bought some things. the halloween items were less than $1 each. i saved almost 3 times as much as i paid. yay.

while i was there, a man walked in dressed in women’s yoga clothes (capri pants, people), pink and white flip flops, and carrying a small black purse, which he dangled from his fingers and swung around. it was so hard not to chuckle.