on driving

joe and i love the amazing race. it’s one of the few reality shows i watch that he really enjoys. this season, as with last, there is a team of ditzy blonde girls. i ended up liking last year’s blondes, but this year’s team just seems pathetically dumb. here are some quotes from last night:

on the amazing race:
“clearly i haven’t had a facial or a manicure, but it’s even tougher than you can even imagine.”

on driving:
“well, my brights aren’t staying on, so i have to hold them with one hand for the entire way — unless i’m just an idiot?”

i have nothing to say to that.

going, going, gone

finally, this will be out of my house for good.

jeff gordon lamp

joe won this jeff gordon touch lamp at a silent auction a couple of years ago. he only participated to outbid a local attorney he knew who was a big jeff gordon fan as a joke. he won, and we’ve had it ever since.

until today. thanks to freecycle, this hideous, hideous lamp will be gone for good.

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hair today, gone tomorrow

this is what joe spent his saturday doing:

joe shaved head

yes, my friends, he shaved his head. and yes, i know the picture from my camera phone sucks, but you get the gist of it. when we went out to dinner, he was shocked at how cold his head suddenly was. so, when we got home, he tried on some hats.

joe cowboy hat

joe toboggan

now, give him some love! tell him how fabulous he looks. 🙂

“24” pilot from 1994

this is hilarious.

an hour to go

until the weekend begins. i am really looking forward to relaxing. tonight, we’re going to joe’s services, and we’re meeting up with his family beforehand for dinner. that’ll be fun.

tomorrow, we’ll probably go to my church, and then relax until sundown, when we’re going out to dinner and then to rent a movie. there were so many movies we wanted to see over the summer but never got a chance to. now there’s nothing in the theaters and the summer movies are starting to come out on dvd. yay!

on sunday, i have to work. i have to cover the local veteran’s day program. the downside is that i have to work on sunday. the upside is that i’ll have enough comp hours to only have to take half a sick day for yesterday. yay.

what do you all have planned for the weekend?