a funny thing happened on the way to work today

car 2

i got in a car wreck. yes people. i was stopped with my turning signal on to turn into the gas station when i got *slammed* into from behind. it was a pretty hard impact, probably because i was completely stopped. he said he didn’t see me. i don’t know how he couldn’t have seen me. i’m really lucky the damage to my car isn’t any worse. it doesn’t really seem to be dented at all.

car 1

so, i missed my lunch date today, spent a good hour in the gas station parking lot waiting on the gsp and then dealing with the other guy’s insurance company, and then i spent about 3 hours at our lovely hospital getting checked out because my head and back hurt. it turns out i have a concussion. i guess it’s a good thing the doctor ordered a ct scan even though he “didn’t see the need for one”. or maybe our hospital’s er should start employing real doctors and not just physician’s assistants.

now, i have to work late for elections tonight, and my head and back are killing me. i can’t take the meds the doctor prescribed because i can’t drive after taking them. can you tell that i’m grouchy??

technology tuesday

i haven’t kept up with looking at keyword activity on my site meters. i can’t remember the last time i had anything register. imagine my surprise when i logged in and found quite a few keywords. maybe this will be a continuing trend. for now, i give you some of the ways people have stumbled upon my blog.

pictures of men going poop on women
huh? i’m really wondering how you found my blog since i have never mentioned those words together, until now, that is.

middle names for cadence
my middle name rocks. i could help you think of some more, since cadence is such a rockin name.

biggest loser atlanta
ooh…is someone else doing a weight-loss challenge like my fil and i did? and dubbing it the same name (which, btw, was completely original)? awesome!

when is jeff francoeur getting married?
i think sometime in december. whenever it is, it will be a sad, sad day for he is hot, hot, hot. 🙂

gilmore girls pajama yellow pants
what a combination. planning a girl’s night with lorelei and rory?

thousand words is how many pages?
3 pages, give or take.

more to come next week…

yes, i’m computer illiterate

what a day today has been. i tried to upgrade my wordpress platform and ended up screwing things up so badly i couldn’t access my admin panel. i really suck at this kind of thing. luckily, now that i recopied over my old files it seems to be working again. please bear with me while i once again translate all the spanish into english. sigh. dumb me also copied over all my theme files that i had spent so much editing. now, this all begs the question: does anyone here know *how* to upgrade and, if so, would you be willing to help me??

now, i’m off to my meeting. fun times.

road trip

we spent most of yesterday in the car on our drive up u.s. highway 41. highway 41 runs from the upper penninsula in michigan to naples, florida, and was the main north-south route until interstate 75 was built. we originally had planned to do it as a fun road trip, but when joe pitched the story to the sunday paper, the features editor loved it and assigned joe to write a story on it.

we had a fabulous time. we hit 41 here in cartersville, and headed north, passing through adairsville, calhoun, resaca and dalton, which is where i used to live. i was amazed at how much as been developed since i left!

in ringgold, we stopped to take some pictures, stretch our legs and browse some of the shops. i found some apple-themed items for our kitchen — a cute sign and a tea cup warmer for scent chips. it is fabulous, and my house smells so yummy now.
hwy 41 road trip-downtown ringgold 5
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we had such a fun time on our road trip today, but our 11 hour day has left me exhausted! i couldn’t even keep my eyes open enough to watch all of “my name is earl” from thursday. boo. that’s ok. we’ll finish it tomorrow. i’m off to bed, but i have lots of pictures to share tomorrow!


i don’t know how i’m going to make it through november. first, i signed up for nablopomo. that’s not so bad. it will actually be kind of fun coming up with something interesting to post every day. however, i wish they didn’t do it in november. with the holidays, it’s hard to post every day. i know we’ll be away from our computer for one night while we’re at joe’s parents’ cabin. maybe i can use his dad’s laptop while the boys are out all night smoking the turkey.

the second thing i did was sign up for national novel writing month because i’m finally going to write this book i’ve been working on (or not so much working on). it’s giong to be tough (the goal is to write 1,667 words a day), but yesterday i exceeded my goal and i got on quite a roll, which boosted my spirits. joe is doing it too, so at least i have someone to go through it with. and who knows. i could come up something semi-decent! maybe i will share later. or if you want to read it, leave a comment.