“honey, are you almost done?”

i know that some people like to take their time in the bathroom, but a 35-year-old woman from ness city, kansas, went a little overboard when she stayed in her boyfriend’s bathroom for two years. two years of sitting on the toilet. apparently, if you sit on a toilet that long, your skin grows into the toilet. when her boyfriend finally called emergency responders, they had to pry the toilet seat off and take her to a hospital to have it removed.

the first question i had when i heard this story was, how do you sit on a toilet for two years? the second was, why did her boyfriend *let* her sit on a toilet for two years? if i locked myself in the bathroom, joe would kick down the door after two hours. according to the story, the boyfriend would ask every day if she wanted to come out. i can totally picture this conversation.

boyfriend: “hey honey, you want to come on out today?”
woman: “nope.”
boyfriend: “ok. sounds good.”

this has to be the most bizarre story i have heard in a long time.