Nobel Prize Awarded for IVF

The creator of IVF was given the 2010 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine.

Thank you, Robert G. Edwards. Without IVF, we wouldn’t have Lucy.

Sock it to Me

This week is “Sock it to Me” week. I participated in a sock exchange hosted by Kim, which was a lot of fun. We all got our sock buddies and exchanged socks. My sock buddy was Tilley, and she sent me several pairs of striped, knee-high socks. They’re perfect for u/s appointments because they’re so long. In fact, I wore the blue and black pair today!

sock exchange

I’ve really enjoyed getting to read other new IF blogs as a result of this exchange. The IF community is larger than I ever imagined, and if this is something I have to go through, I’m glad I have so many other wonderful women to go through it with. The support I’ve received from them throughout my IVF was amazing, and, although I appreciate all of my regular readers’ support as well, it’s nice having readers who know *exactly* what you’re going through. And, on the flip side of that, I’ve really enjoyed being there for other bloggers through the good and the bad. I really feel like I know these women, and I celebrate the BFPs and mourn the BFNs. IF is something I’d never wish on anyone, but it’s so much easier to get through with a bunch of good friends.

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Is This for Real?

Holy cow, guys…37 comments?! Thank you so much for your prayers and good wishes. I still can’t believe it’s real. I had to check the pee stick again this morning to make sure it hadn’t changed (it hadn’t).

But, it’s true. I got the official call from the doctor about half an hour ago. My beta level is 129, and while she says it’s not definitive, she says it looks like I’m having a singleton. While I am more happy than I can ever express, I am sad that one of the babies didn’t make it.

Last night was surreal. We were both ready to wait until this morning, but after work, I started getting really antsy and I just had this “feeling” that I should go ahead and test. So, Joe picked up the tests on his way home, and I once again poas. He made me wait TWO WHOLE MINUTES before looking at it, and when we saw it, we both turned away and then looked again. Joe said, “Does that say what I think it does??” and I replied with, “I don’t know…where’s the ‘not’??”


I stared at it all night, expecting it to switch back to “not pregnant”, but it didn’t. I still can’t believe it. Wow. According to an IVF Web site, I was exactly four weeks along yesterday — perfect timing to take my first belly picture!

belly shot -- 1 month

On Saturday, I go back for my second blood test to make sure my beta number doubles. Then, two weeks from tomorrow, I have my first ultrasound! That will also be the day I swap progesterone shots for suppositories, which I can’t decide is a good or bad thing. I’ll stay on progesterone and estrogen patches for the next six weeks. Hopefully by then this will all have sunken in!

I Cheated


11dp3dt — One Day to Go

My beta is tomorrow. Holy cow, am I scared. I think that’s mainly because I can’t wrap my mind around the idea of being pregnant. I’ve never been pregnant. I’ve never seen a positive pregnancy test. That’s how I’ve kept myself from doing a hpt. All I see in my mind are the negatives, and I can’t bear to see that one, bold line again.

Every time I get scared, I say a prayer and think about the implantation bleeding I had, and that makes me feel better for a little bit. And even though I think I am, I’m still scared to death. I keep thinking like tomorrow’s beta is like a test in school — all I need is a 50! It’s too bad it doesn’t work like that.

I don’t really “feel” pregnant, but then again, I don’t know what I’m supposed to feel like right now. My little babies are still tiny, so I doubt I’d been feeling much. What I have noticed is a bit of cramping two days ago, which my mom thinks is my uterus changing, and how my abdomen cramps a little when I hunch forward at my desk at work. I doubt it means anything, and it’s probably a coincidence, but it’s just something I’ve noticed.

So, please, keep those prayers and good thoughts coming. Pray for me to have peace, because I really need that today.