the way my cycle runs, i should find out around my birthday if i’m pregnant. that would be the best birthday present i could ask for.


today is my first of four fertile days. that means i should ovulate by saturday or sunday. for fun, i looked up my calendar on fertility gal to see how far off we were. they had me ovulating on the 3rd, which is about a week earlier than i will be. no wonder we’ve had so much trouble getting pregnant! it’s so nice to know exactly what’s going on now, and it just amazes me that this watch can tell me when i’m fertile and when i’m ovulating. send baby dust our way this week!


i was amazed with the inefficiency at my obgyn’s office this morning. when i made my appointment two weeks ago, i told the receptionist why i was coming in. this morning, my doctor had no idea. he thought i was there for my annual exam. when he came in, i was sitting in a chair because the woman who had taken my blood pressure told me to wait while she checked to see if i needed to be examined since my period started. he asked me why i wasn’t undressed. sigh.

eventually, he and i sat down and talked and, of course, he said it’s probably an ovulation dysfunction. i would have had blood work done today, but since i had protein powder in my water, it didn’t count as fasting. again, that’s probably something they could have warned me about when i made my appointment. so, tomorrow i will go back to have the lab work done. my doctor said it could be something as simple as starting me back on glucophage, which is supposed to regulate ovulation. or, he said i might have to go on bcp for just a little while to straighten everything out and then start clomid.

either way it definitely sounds good, like there’s something that can be done to fix this. that’s a load off my mind.


my period started today. either that or i am bleeding for some unknown reason. it’s a relief, but i’m still going to my obgyn tomorrow to talk about the problems i’ve had since it’s unusual for me to miss a couple of months. i already have the appointment, so i might as well keep it.

since i started today, i was able to start wearing the ov watch.

ov watch

it says “nf” when you’re not fertile and measures the chloride in your skin to list your four fertile days. it’s pretty neat. i can’t wait to see when i actually ovulate.

joe thinks it’s cool too but for different reasons. “it should say what food your craving. it could say ‘ice cream’ or ‘ally mcbeal’ because that’s what girls watch when they’re on their periods. or it could have a frowny face and say ‘cranky’ or ‘bitchy.'”

still waiting. . .

it’s been two months and a day now since i had my last period. if i don’t start by next monday, i’m going to call my doctor’s office again. maybe *now* they’ll try to figure out why my body’s so out of whack. not only am i getting a little concerned, but it’s really not helping the whole trying to conceive thing. i know this is probably an odd thing to share, but i’m pretty sure that missing your period for two months and not being pregnant isn’t normal, which is why i’m a little worried.

moving on

i’m feeling a bit better now. i actually felt bad about being so upset today because, as i told joe, it’s not like we were pregnant and then lost the baby. we just weren’t pregnant at all. but, it was different than just getting a negative hpt because i had missed my period and had all the symptoms, and we were just expecting it. that’s why it was so much harder this time. i tried not to get my hopes up, but i just couldn’t help but get excited.

today i ordered an ov watch. people who used it had really good results, so we’ll see what happens. i can’t use ovulation prediction kits very well because you’re supposed to test at the same time in the afternoon or evening every day. i just can’t do that with my schedule. the watch is worn at night, and it’s supposed to tell you your six most fertile days. a lot of people have said they got pregnant after the first month of using it, so i’m hoping it’ll work for us. i really wanted to have a baby before my brother leaves for kentucky in january, but that’s looking less and less likely. hopefully he’ll be able to come home when and if we have a baby.