i finally got a hold of someone at my doctor’s office. i’m not pregnant. i can’t even talk about it now.

the waiting game

we won’t find out tomorrow the results of my pregnancy test. i have never seen joe so disappointed. he brought our camera along “to take the first pregnancy pictures”. i really wanted him to be there when i got the news. we’re thinking about doing a three-way call tomorrow when i call to find out the results.

it’s awful having to wait. the woman who did my urine test today was anything but nice. she made it seem like if my urine test was negative then i wasn’t pregnant and why in the world was i there anyway? i had to ask for a blood test. so now i’m less confident than i was and i’m expecting the worst tomorrow. maybe that’s good, though, because i won’t be as disappointed. that’s a lie. i’ll be very disappointed. sigh.

and now we wait.

cross your fingers

i will know something by monday. i just spoke with my doctor’s nurse, who told me that it’s not uncommon to get negative hpts but still be pregnant. i’m supposed to take another test in a week and then go into the office for a urine and blood test. i’m going to do it monday, though, because joe is off work and wants to go with me. even if i’m not pregnant, they should be able to tell me why i missed my period. but, she said that since i’ve never missed one before and that i’ve been nauseous and had breast tenderness it’s a possibility that i am pregnant. joe burst my bubble a little by saying that i get nauseous sometimes if i haven’t had enough to eat or don’t get enough sleep. i’m still hoping i am pregnant. besides those symptoms, i’ve been really tired lately, moreso than usual. so, please, cross your fingers for me and here’s hoping i get my bfp!


you know how when you’re worried about something the last thing you should do is google it? well, as soon as someone on webmd said i might be having an anovulatory cycle, i immediately googled it. what did i find? first, anovulatory cycles typically mean you have your period but no ovulation occurs. second, it normally happens to women entering or in menopause, and if you’re not in that phase, it means you’re infertile.

so, i’ve put in a call to my doctor and now have my cell phone glued to me. please send some calming thoughts my way because there is a lot of freaking out going on over here.


i missed my period this month, but two tests say i’m not pregnant.

the hypochondriac in me instantly thinks that i’m not ovulating and therefore am not fertile and will never be able to have a baby.

someone please reassure me!