All Signs Point To …

Remember my last post in which I talked about the dream I had last night?

Well, this afternoon I walked to the antique store a few doors down, and when I passed the baby store, I saw a bib in the window bearing the name we have chosen for a boy — a name that, while not totally uncommon, isn’t the most common name in the world either. It’s not one you typically see displayed.

I keep chalking them all up as signs. Joe and my mom think I’m just overthinking it. Am I losing my mind??

Dream a Little Dream

Last night, I dreamt that I had implantation bleeding. I can’t tell you how excited that made me. I’m hoping it’s a sign to let me know that this *is* going to work.

I love knowing that my babies are growing inside me. I noticed yesterday that when I’m standing up, I instinctively put my hand over my belly as if I’m protecting them. Is that normal? I also find myself wondering if sitting the wrong way could hurt them. I’m incredibly paranoid right now. 🙂

Other than that, I have nothing new going on. I’m still constipated, though I think it’s gotten better, and my ovaries still hurt. I’ll take any amount of pain, though, if I end up with my babies in the end.

What Happens After a 3-day Transfer

This is pretty interesting. Implantation should start tomorrow!

1dpt – embryo is growing and developing
2dpt – embryo is now a blastocyst
3dpt – blastocyst hatches out of shell on this day
4dpt – blastocyst attaches to a site on the uterine lining
5dpt – implantation begins, as the blastocyst begins to bury in the lining
6dpt – implantation process continues and morula buries deeper in the lining
7dpt – morula is completely implanted in the lining and has placenta cells & fetal cells
8dpt – placenta cells begin to secret HCG in the blood
9dpt – more HCG is produced as fetus develops
10dpt – more HCG is produced as fetus develops
11dpt – HCG levels are now high enough to be immediately detected on HPT


That’s two days past three day transfer for those of you lucky enough to not have to through fertility treatments. Two days, and I’m feeling good. Really good, in fact. Yesterday was rough. I was feeling pretty defeated, even though it’s *way* too early for that. But, then I prayed and I immediately felt overcome with peace and knew the God was telling me it’s going to work.

And, really, the uterus is like a deflated balloon and there’s not really room for the embies to float around. There are two reasons why they wouldn’t implant — a bad lining or a problem with the embryos. We already know my lining is perfect and just waiting for my little babies, and I really don’t think there’s anything wrong with my embies. Obviously, there’s no way to know for sure without doing testing on the embryos, but the fact that one was growing ahead of schedule and one was right on schedule makes me really confident in them. They’re smart, and I know they’re going to be just fine.

I am so in love with my little babies already. I talk to them often because, well, I like to think they can hear me. Joe talks to them too, and when he left for work this morning, he kissed my belly. It’s so freakin cute. I hope these babies know just how loved they are already.

Yesterday, my parents, my brother and his girlfriend came down, and we had a cookout. I felt like a lazy bum hanging out on the couch while Joe manned the grill and my mom did everything in the kitchen, but my parents want me relaxing and taking good care of their grandchildren. It was a lot of fun to see them, and they were just *so* excited about everything.

I had a little bit of a freakout after the transfer on Saturday. I started feeling crampy pains, which I eventually decided were gas/constipation pains. We called my doctor, and she said both are perfectly normal side effects from the progesterone shots and to only be concerned if I start having menstrual-type cramps. Thanks for that because afterward, I started freaking out that the pains were turning into menstrual cramps. In fact, I woke up at 5:30 Sunday morning crying hysterically because I was certain I was having those cramps.

But, today, the pain has almost completely gone away. I’m still having some sharp pains in my ovaries every now and then, which is pretty normal considering how swollen they are, but other than that I’m feeling great. I’m not even really nervous about the pregnancy test anymore. I’m just excited.

Babies on Board

Let me introduce you to the little Schulmans. I’m calling them Hope and Faith right now because that’s what’s getting us through this process — hope that they will want to stick around and faith in God to know that this *will* happen if it’s His plan.


Aren’t they beautiful?? They totally are, and I love them so much already. The one on the left is a compact morula, which means the embryo is already between 16-20 cells and already is compacting. It’s typically seen on Day 4, so being on on Day 3 means my little one is quite the overachiever, something its Dad and I plan to remind it of if it ever gets bad grades in school. The one on the right is an 8-cell embryo, which is right on target for Day 3 growth. Both are Grade 1, which is the highest grade. I’m so proud of my little babies.

The transfer went really well today, despite the fact that I had filled my bladder so full that I had to relieve myself twice in the OR. I guess I’m an overachiever just like my little morula. I was pretty embarrassed, but the doctor running the u/s assured me that it happens to someone every week. The first time they gave me a bed pan, and soon after starting up the trial transfer again, the doctor catheterized me so she could control how much I released. I know this is probably tmi, but I want to be sure to remember everything that happened. Although, how could I forget something like that??

When we arrived, we were taken back to the pre-op/recovery room, we changed, and I started chugging my water. Joe loved his scrubs so much that he didn’t want to take them off when it was time to leave.


He couldn’t quite figure out how to put the hat on, though.


We were so excited and ready to get the show on the road.


When they first came to check my bladder, it hardly had anything in it, so I continued to drink water. I guess I should have stopped after the third bottle.


I was very calm as we waited and spent most of the time thinking about my little embies and in prayer. God was giving me peace.


Before the actual transfer, my doctor did another trial transfer to get a straight shot into the uterus. When she walked in, the doctor assisting already had the u/s going, and my doctor said, “Look at that cervix and uterus! I need to take a picture of that to use in textbooks!” How can you *not* feel proud after hearing that? Way to go cervix and uterus!

Joe held my hand the entire time, and leaned over several times to whisper “I love you” in my ear. When the doctor told us that the embryologyst had brought in the catheter with my little embies in it, I got teary-eyed. However, I didn’t cry because even though I was staring at the u/s monitor, I didn’t see them get released. Joe said he saw the bubble, but I missed it.

My transfer was “beautiful”, according to my doctor. I was once again exposed for the world to see. It’s a good thing I have no modesty anymore. I told Joe I was looking pretty darn unattractive, but he told me I was the most beautiful I have ever been. My husband rocks.

After the transfer when we were back in the recovery room, Joe said, “How are you doing, Baby?” I said I was doing fine, and he said, “I’m not talking to you. I’m talking to them.” And he pointed at my abdomen. How cute!

Now, I am laid back in bed enjoying being waited on hand and foot. I feel a little bad that Joe is doing all the straightening up for my family to come by tomorrow, but he says my job is to keep our babies safe. My side is a little sore, and I’m not sure if that’s normal since they put two catheters up me or not. Anyone who’s gone through this want to let me know? I’m *so* paranoid now and so worried about doing something that will cause this not to work.

By the time we got home, the Valium had started kicking in (not in time for the transfer, but better late than never, huh?), and I passed out, waking up about an hour ago. Hence the late update. Sorry!

By the way, I didn’t ask how many embies survived until today, but there were four that the embryologyst recommended we freeze: a compacted morula, a 10-cell, an 8-cell and a 7-cell. Two are Grade 1, and two are Grade 2. The doctor assured us that both grades have the same implantation rate.

It’s Go Time

It’s time to go. It’s time to go get my babies inside me. I am so freaking excited and yet I’m so nervous at the same time. I stayed up way too late last night because I just couldn’t sleep. As a friend said, it’s like waiting for Santa Claus to come on Christmas Eve. It really is. I’m not much of a morning person, and getting up eary is hard on me, but today, I was wide awake when the alarm went off at 6 a.m. FOUR AND A HALF MORE HOURS, people. Not like I’m counting down or anything. 🙂