The Mothering Gene

I already love my little embies. I know that might sound weird, but really, they’re conceived and growing just as they would be if I had gotten pregnant naturally. Everytime I think about them I get this overwhelming sense of love, and I want to rush down to the Emory lab and take care of them.

I think I’ve got the mothering gene. I just hope my uterus is on the same page. I’m pretty proud of it though. I have a great, 11 mm lining, and the doctors all say it’s perfect. I just hope that our little embies like it enough to stick around for 9 months, because I’m already in love with them, and I can’t wait to meet them.

Thank you all so much for your awesome comments and support. It’s so great to know that so many people are lifting us up in prayer and are thinking about us. I know I’m not really good at replying back to each comment, but I really do appreciate all your encouragement. It means a lot.

One More Day

At this time tomorrow I will have my two embies inside me. I am so excited I can hardly stand it!

We got an update of sorts today. Joe called our IVF coordinator who said she doesn’t check on numbers on day 2, since things can change between now and tomorrow, but she asked the embryologist about our embies and he said things look very good. Yay! I hope that means they’re all still growing and that their grades are good.

I keep picturing what it’s going to be like tomorrow to see our embies put inside me. I know I’m going to cry. I just hope I do an excellent job keeping them safe inside me.

Kicking Butts and Taking Names

I have 14 little embies sitting in the Emory lab!

Out of the 21 retrieved yesterday, 17 were mature and 14 fertilized. That’s an 82 percent fertilization rate, surpassing the typical 75 percent fertilization rate. Our babies are already smarter than the norm!

We’re super excited, and I don’t know how we’ll make it to Saturday. My IVF coordinator said I won’t be getting an update tomorrow because most women worry if they’re not fully developed into 6-8 cell embryos by then, but we’re going to call her for one anyway. I want to know how many are still with us and if they’re growing normally and, frankly, since I’m paying them so much money, I think I have that right.

So, we’re pretty happy people today. They had said they hoped for 20 eggs at retrieval and we got 21, and we beat the 75 percent fertilization rate. We’re just kicking butt all over the place! Let’s hope that continues with a BFP!!

The Retrieval

The retrieval today was very successful! I was just relieved to get all those eggs out of my ovaries.

We had to be there around 8 a.m., but since we live about 40 minutes north of Atlanta, we typically have to leave around 6 a.m. Any later, and we run the risk of being late. So, we ended up arriving a little after 7 a.m. Once the nurse arrived, they went ahead and took me back. I was in so much pain that sitting and even standing was miserable. Laying down on the bed was the only way to get a little relief.

The pre-op/recovery room was quite busy. After Joe did his part, he came back and joined me. The doctor came in to tell me what was going to happen and have me sign forms to basically sign my life away. Then, two anesthesiologists came in, one who explained everything to me and got my IV going and the other who wanted to introduce herself and make sure I didn’t have any questions.



I was scheduled to go into the OR at 10 a.m., but I ended up going in at 9 a.m. I lucked out because my doctor did my retrieval *and* she’s doing my transfer on Saturday. I was nervous about the anesthesia, but I didn’t even realize when she started the drip. I remember telling them I felt a little groggy, and that’s the last memory I have.

I do, however, remember how *exposed* I was. When I got onto the OR bed, the doctor pulled up my gown and there I was with 5-6 people I hadn’t met before today milling around. After this, I have absolutely no modesty or shame, and I really don’t think anything could embarrass me.

The retrieval was supposed to take 30 minutes, but it ended up taking an hour. That’s probably because they got 21 EGGS! When I went back to the pre-op/recovery room, the first thing I heard was Joe telling me how many eggs they got and how much he loved me. Of course, I started crying because I was so happy and relieved.



After I got my instructions, we headed out. I have to start my progesterone shots tonight and my estrogen patches tomorrow. I’ve been dreading the progesterone shots, but a friend gave me a great tip — to use a heating pad to numb the area before the shot. I’m definitely giving that a try tonight.

Now, I will be on pins and needles for the next two days as I wait for the status updates of my little embies. They are fertilizing my eggs today, and I’ll get my first report tomorrow around mid-morning. Now it’s time to pray that all (or mostly all) of them fertilize!


I am on Cloud 9. I will have more of an update when I get home.


Uncomfortable isn’t even the term to describe how I feel right now. It’s pretty darn painful to sit here at work and even to walk, hence the waddling. I literally want to do the retrieval myself! Luckily, my meeting tonight was cancelled, so I have plans to head home after the news and relax on the couch. That and my bed are the only places where I have some sort of comfort. We were planning on going to Outback for dinner tonight, but since I can’t sit in a chair without pain, Joe is going to go pick it up and bring it home. What a sweetie. Keep sending those prayers and good thoughts our way!