talented collegiates

last night was the talent show for the university of tennessee at chattanooga’s honors program, which my brothers are in. they performed two songs that randy wrote, so joe and i made the trek. and, my sister was in town, so joe finally was able to meet her, her husband and their three kids.

the talent show was an ecclectic mix. the boys performed songs with piano, drums and guitar and there were several other guitar pieces amongst the broadway song, the french opera piece and the classical piano.

then, came the cake icing. yes, you read correctly. one girl showed off her talent, which was icing a cake. joe and i thought the “icing the cake” in the program was some sort of song. hehe. she wheeled out her table with one already iced cake and one not iced, which she used to show us how to put on two layers of icing (so there are no crumbs, of course) and how to fold the icing over the top. then she used the already iced cake to show us how to make the border and the flowers.

then, it was back to the musical stylings of the other students. what an interesting mix of talents.

26 years

at this time 26 years ago, my mom had only been a mom for 20 hours. i was born at 1 a.m. at mount sinai hospital in baltimore. a few weeks ago, joe saw the pictures of me as a baby and a young child with my cute smile and thick, wavy hair. oh to be that young again when all i had to worry about was time to play with my toys. but getting older is great too.

i had a fabulous birthday weekend, which began yesterday with the traditional birthday lunch with my parents, brothers and grandparents. on the sabbath before each birthday we celebrate by letting the birthday person choose the meal and have the “special” plate, a red plate that says “you are special.” by the way, the almond wedding cake was *fantastic*. last night, joe and i went shopping for tim and mindy’s wedding present, and we bought cake mix to make my birthday cake, but only got so far as baking the two cakes (it’s a round, layered cake) before heading to bed around 12:30. at 1 a.m., joe’s alarm went off. “happy birthday, sweetie,” he said before we both fell back asleep.

this morning, joe made me waffles for breakfast and gave me my two smaller presents: the movie fever pitch and an 80s compilation. we love 80s music. my big present, a kate spade purse i’ve been wanting. i love kate spade, and i’ve been so into purses lately. my next plan is to save up for a gucci purse. 🙂

this afternoon was spent at tim and mindy’s wedding. i hung out in the groom’s room with the groomsmen, and leah, the other groomsman’s girlfriend, and i made a snack run because tim hadn’t eaten all day, and the other boys were hungry as well. the photographer they hired was unbelieveable. one of the first things she said was, “bear with me, i’m new at this.” that was painfully obvious by the way she stood in one place to shoot the boys playing pool in the groom’s room or tim and mindy’s first dance. she also forgot to take a picture of the wedding party. joe had to remind her of that as she told everyone she was done. the wedding was really pretty though. i enjoyed it.

after the wedding, we stopped by joe’s parents’ house to pick up some goodies, chat and change, and then headed to olive garden, my *favorite* restaurant for dinner. we were *starving* by the time we got there because we’d had only a few doritos for lunch. it was delicious, and we had such good conversation ranging from our wedding photography to more serious issues. one thing i love about our relationship is the deep discussions we have together.

now it’s home to watch our regular shows, desperate housewives and grey’s anatomy, decorate the cake, blow out the candles and eat a slice before heading to bed. a perfect ending to yet another perfect birthday.

bye, bye weekend. *sigh*

i love weekends. i get sad when sunday night rolls around because i know another work week is about to begin.

this weekend was another great one. on saturday we went to church at my old church because my grandpa from california was giving the devotional for this youth rally that’s been going on. afterward joe, my brothers and i went to my grandpa’s seminar. then it was on to my parents’ for lunch. it was nice getting to chat with my parents and update them on the latest wedding news, and it was so nice to see my grandpa. since he lives in california we rarely get to see him, and i miss him a lot. he got kind of emotional talking about my wedding. hehe.

oh, and the best news: we have our officiant problem worked out. my grandfathers, who are pastors, can’t marry us, but they want to give the homily, whicih is what i wanted in the first place. we’ll just have the rabbi officially marry us. everything seems to be falling into place.

when we got home, we napped for about an hour, and then joe headed to dave and busters in marietta for his friend tim’s bachelor party. they had a rather tame, but fun, night playing games and then heading to hooters for dinner. i had a “me” night. it was really nice. i curled up on the couch with my take-out chinese and a glass of merlot and watched some of the o.c. season 1. it was very, very nice. i just love hanging out in my pj’s.

we didn’t do much yesterday. i worked on cutting clips out of my many, many, many old newspapers. we watched mission impossible 2, the press your luck marathon in honor of the death of host peter tomarken. his death was really sad. joe and i are huge press your luck fans. he was a good host. oh, and we used our brand new belgian waffle maker that joe’s parents gave us as an engagement present yesterday. those were fantastic waffles. yummmm. last night we did more relaxing and watched the simpsons, extreme makeover: home edition and grey’s anatomy.

what a great weekend. one of those you just don’t want to end.

getting closer . . .

the wedding seems so much more real now. we received our first wedding present last week. nana, joe’s grandmother, bought us eight settings of our casual china. i’m so excited! it’s really pretty. in a few weeks we’ll be picking up my parents’ china cabinet, which they don’t use anymore. hopefully we’ll be getting our formal china as well. 🙂

now that rachel’s wedding is over, the focus is all on us now. i spent some time after the wedding on saturday night talking with my flower girl’s mother about her dress and how she’s going to do her hair. she’s really cute. i can’t wait to see her in the dress i picked out. all of joe’s relatives were asking us about our wedding and telling us they’re marking the date in their calendars. it’s making me even more excited!

and yesterday we bought our baskets for the yarmulkes and programs. i love them. i also bought white and royal blue ribbons to decorate them with. now the next step is to sit down with the people at the chapel and give them our menu. we also still need to meet with our photographer and d.j. man, five months is going to go by so fast!

the boys’ wild night

let me just say that our girl’s night out was *much* tamer than the night the boys had in athens. first, dave was fitted with a “bachelor gone wild” t-shirt. all night, the boys stopped people (read: women) everywhere and anywhere — on the street, in the restaurant and bars, etc. — to write marital advice on the shirt. dave also wore a nice little pink sombrero, had some fake “bling” around his neck and walked with a cane. oh yes, and let’s not forget the ball and chain joe bought him that he attached to his leg.

i wish i had seen them walking down the streets of athens. joe said that most people moved over to the other side of the street to walk around them. haha.

the first stop of the night was an italian restaurant where the boys were saddened to find that they had the only male server (poor, poor babies). then it was off to a bar for shots and drinks, and then on to a strip club. from what i’ve heard there were more attractive women at the club *we* went to than theirs. joe said he spent a lot of his time there standing in the hallway talking with another guy at the party (good boy). after the strip club (which they weren’t at for long, surprisingly) it was off to two more bars and then to a diner to add some food to the alcohol in their systems.

then it was off to bed. oh what a night.

night with the girls

there was no breakfast this morning, and there was no bridal day at belk for us. we were exhausted from our nights out on the town (although ours was a bit tamer than the boys’).

joe dropped me off at rachel’s early, and he headed to athens with his dad, dave and dave’s friend. rachel and i spent the afternoon getting to know each other better, which was really nice since we’re going to be related soon. two of her friends, the other bridesmaids, picked us up, and off we went to the cheesecake factory for dinner. a long dinner. a cold dinner. we were seated on the heated patio, which really wasn’t very heated. and our waitress sucked. she came to take our drink orders, and we told her we were ready to order our food.

“i’ll take those when i bring your drinks,” she said.

20 cold minutes later — no joke — she brought our drinks. “are you ready to order now or do you need more time?”

ummm…what part of “can we go ahead and order our meals now?” did she not understand 20 minutes earlier?

that’s how it went all night. but we had fun as we shivered and gabe and danielle held their hot drinks in their hands to warm them. we played games. we gave rachel lingerie. well, mine was more fun. we bought her some gag gifts from an adult store…everyone loved them.

then it was off to wild bills. now, joe and i thought this was a strip club, so we were ok with the fact that each of us would be going to one. neither of us are comfortable with them, but we were going to go for rachel and dave (and yes, joe really does not like them). ours was just a club. cool with me. we bought rachel a jello shooter and headed out to the dance floor. we each had candy necklaces adorning our wrists as part of a game to see who could get the most candy eaten by guys, but we ended up just getting guys to eat rachel’s candy. we danced together. she danced with a guy, and then threw him over to dance with me. she danced with another guy. it was a really fun night.

oh, and i got hit in the eye. the charlie daniel’s band was performing, and charlie daniels was throwing mardi gras beads out to people on the dance floor. rachel said, “man, that’s going to hit someone,” and just then i felt something whack me in the eye. beads. fabulous. at least i got to keep the beads. hehe.

by 1:30 a.m. i was ready to go. we weren’t even really dancing anymore, just standing on the dance floor. hehe. we left about 2 a.m., the same time the boys’ party broke up in athens. i really missed joe, especially during the slow songs when all the couples were dancing. by the end of the night, danielle and i were both texting our men. hehe. joe and i talked and passed out around 3 a.m. or so, and by 9 a.m. he was back to pick me up. so after lunch at a mexican restaurant and grocery shopping, we passed out and woke up just in time to watch transporter 2 (fabulous movie) the oscars. man, jon stewart is hilarious.

now i’m off to watch along came polly, which joe, surprisingly, wants to see. it’s such a funny movie.

so who wants to know what the boys did?? 😉