the boys’ wild night

let me just say that our girl’s night out was *much* tamer than the night the boys had in athens. first, dave was fitted with a “bachelor gone wild” t-shirt. all night, the boys stopped people (read: women) everywhere and anywhere — on the street, in the restaurant and bars, etc. — to write marital advice on the shirt. dave also wore a nice little pink sombrero, had some fake “bling” around his neck and walked with a cane. oh yes, and let’s not forget the ball and chain joe bought him that he attached to his leg.

i wish i had seen them walking down the streets of athens. joe said that most people moved over to the other side of the street to walk around them. haha.

the first stop of the night was an italian restaurant where the boys were saddened to find that they had the only male server (poor, poor babies). then it was off to a bar for shots and drinks, and then on to a strip club. from what i’ve heard there were more attractive women at the club *we* went to than theirs. joe said he spent a lot of his time there standing in the hallway talking with another guy at the party (good boy). after the strip club (which they weren’t at for long, surprisingly) it was off to two more bars and then to a diner to add some food to the alcohol in their systems.

then it was off to bed. oh what a night.

night with the girls

there was no breakfast this morning, and there was no bridal day at belk for us. we were exhausted from our nights out on the town (although ours was a bit tamer than the boys’).

joe dropped me off at rachel’s early, and he headed to athens with his dad, dave and dave’s friend. rachel and i spent the afternoon getting to know each other better, which was really nice since we’re going to be related soon. two of her friends, the other bridesmaids, picked us up, and off we went to the cheesecake factory for dinner. a long dinner. a cold dinner. we were seated on the heated patio, which really wasn’t very heated. and our waitress sucked. she came to take our drink orders, and we told her we were ready to order our food.

“i’ll take those when i bring your drinks,” she said.

20 cold minutes later — no joke — she brought our drinks. “are you ready to order now or do you need more time?”

ummm…what part of “can we go ahead and order our meals now?” did she not understand 20 minutes earlier?

that’s how it went all night. but we had fun as we shivered and gabe and danielle held their hot drinks in their hands to warm them. we played games. we gave rachel lingerie. well, mine was more fun. we bought her some gag gifts from an adult store…everyone loved them.

then it was off to wild bills. now, joe and i thought this was a strip club, so we were ok with the fact that each of us would be going to one. neither of us are comfortable with them, but we were going to go for rachel and dave (and yes, joe really does not like them). ours was just a club. cool with me. we bought rachel a jello shooter and headed out to the dance floor. we each had candy necklaces adorning our wrists as part of a game to see who could get the most candy eaten by guys, but we ended up just getting guys to eat rachel’s candy. we danced together. she danced with a guy, and then threw him over to dance with me. she danced with another guy. it was a really fun night.

oh, and i got hit in the eye. the charlie daniel’s band was performing, and charlie daniels was throwing mardi gras beads out to people on the dance floor. rachel said, “man, that’s going to hit someone,” and just then i felt something whack me in the eye. beads. fabulous. at least i got to keep the beads. hehe.

by 1:30 a.m. i was ready to go. we weren’t even really dancing anymore, just standing on the dance floor. hehe. we left about 2 a.m., the same time the boys’ party broke up in athens. i really missed joe, especially during the slow songs when all the couples were dancing. by the end of the night, danielle and i were both texting our men. hehe. joe and i talked and passed out around 3 a.m. or so, and by 9 a.m. he was back to pick me up. so after lunch at a mexican restaurant and grocery shopping, we passed out and woke up just in time to watch transporter 2 (fabulous movie) the oscars. man, jon stewart is hilarious.

now i’m off to watch along came polly, which joe, surprisingly, wants to see. it’s such a funny movie.

so who wants to know what the boys did?? 😉

milking up the relaxation

because it all ends tomorrow. rachel, joe’s sister, is getting married a week from saturday. tim, joe’s friend, gets married two weeks later (on my birthday, coincidentally), so the chaos is about to ensue. let me share with you a glimpse of what will be known as the month from hell. 🙂

tomorrow night is rachel and dave’s blessing at their synagogue. on saturday night, joe will be in athens with the boys and i in atlanta with the girls for the bachelor and bachelorette parties. *note: must pick up bachelorette party items*

then on sunday it’s breakfast at the original pancake house in atlanta, hopefully with wendy and her boyfriend, and then heading back here for bridal day at belk. we’ve already got everything planned, but we figure we’ll get some fun free things. 🙂

next friday we have to be in duluth, about an hour from here, for rachel’s wedding rehearsal at 4 p.m. yes, you read that correctly, four in the afternoon. sigh. that seems like a terrible time for a rehearsal. luckily i’ll be able to leave work around 2, which means *loooooong* hours the rest of the week. at 6:30 we all head over to the rehearsal dinner, followed by dessert at the hotel.

saturday night is the wedding, a nice 6 p.m. affair, followed by a four hour reception. let me just say that joe and i will *not* be at our reception for four hours. hehehe. we’ve decided two hours tops. 🙂

on sunday, we’ll wake up bright and early for a wedding brunch, and then head home. home! relaxation!

we have one weekend off before the wedding cycle hits us again. joe at some point will be heading off with tim and his friends for tim’s bachelor party, which joe is planning. tim’s rehearsal is scheduled for saturday morning at 8. 8?? seriously, *what* was his fiancee thinking. we don’t even get up that early when we go to church! so joe will be leaving here a little before seven and heading to dallas, about an hour away, where he will practice walking in a straight line. then he will rush back here to pick me up and head to my parents’ house, which is about an hour and a half away, for my birthday lunch. we always do birthday lunches the sabbath before a birthday. i’m excited. 🙂

then on sunday, back to dallas we go for the next set of nuptuals.

sigh. we have so much to do in the next few weeks! i think the weekend after tim’s wedding will be spent vegetating on the couch with a stack of movies and the phones turned off. sounds good to me. 🙂

the weary traveler

my brother just returned from a two-week trip to taiwan. he went to see the country and learn the culture, as well as to speak to students. he and his girlfriend, who picked him up from the airport, stopped by a few minutes ago to say hi and give us some gifts. he brought me a good luck bracelet with my name and the date he got it engraved on it. he also gave us a good luck cat figurine, taiwanese coffee (can’t wait to try *that* in the morning!) and taiwanese honey. yum.

during his 18-hour flight home he had a layover in denver. before the plane could takeoff for the leg to atlanta, five people had to get off because “the plane was too heavy to fly.” that’s just a bit disconcerting to me. i think i’d volunteer to get off! what do you all think?

dried seaweed, anyone?

we had such a busy, yet fun sunday. we were *supposed* to have our engagement pictures taken, but it was snowing, so our photographer wanted to postpone it. that afternoon, we met rachel in gwinnett county, about an hour from here, to shop for her bridesmaid dress for the wedding. for the next week the dresses are marked down from $110 to $79.99, plus a $20 bridesmaid discount on top of that. none of my friends are wanting to let that deal slip by! hehe.

after ordering rachel’s dress, the three of us went to lunch at ledo’s pizza. this was definitely my choice. ledo’s is a maryland chain that has started to expand. it is *the best* pizza in the world. it’s made in the shape of a rectangle, so all the pieces are square, and it has the lightest, flakiest crust ever. it’s not oily, so it doesn’t weigh you down as much as pizza from places like pizza hut and dominoes. joe has never had ledo’s, so i was excited to share it with him. he *loved* it. and it was fun just hanging out with my future sister-in-law.

after lunch, we headed to the super h mart, which is basically an asian walmart. it was really cool. i saw things i’ve never seen at a grocery store before, like dried seaweed, rice pops and containers of blood. they also had neat things like chinese and japanese cookies. i wanted to get a box of japanese cookies for my grandpa, since he and my grandma lived in japan when my dad and uncle were young, but i couldn’t tell which was which! hehe. it was a really neat experience though.

and then we came home and collapsed. ah, the weekend. 🙂

lazy afternoons

all three cats and one fiance are sleeping. i am bored. and so i blog.

tomorrow we are hosting a superbowl party. somehow we always get stuck hosting, although that means i don’t have to go to someone else’s house, so there is a bright side. tomorrow also is the day i am going wedding dress shopping and we are going to scout out our wedding location, so it will probably be a rushed trip (*sigh*) as joe’s friends are always early. i will be coming home to a testosterone-filled house. maybe i will curl up in the bedroom with some girly movies.

on a happy note, I’M GOING WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING! hehe. i’m excited. my mom and grandma are going with me, so it should be fun. hopefully i won’t feel too fat. i have several picked out that i’m going to look for. hopefully i’ll find the one i have in mind.

last night as we were leaving after service’s at joe’s temple, his future brother-in-law hugged me and said, “bye sis.” then he said, “wow. i’m going to have a sister. i’ve never had one before. this is so cool!” i thought that was neat. i told him sisters are way better than brothers. and of course, i’m right. i always am. i’m marrying into a fun family. i can’t wait. 🙂

i want a chip and dip server. i found one i liked at mikasa, but i can’t find it online. that means i have to go back up to the store. *sigh* which leads me to my next question: why are only selected items put online? for instance, i was looking for dinnerware we liked in a lighter color, but i couldn’t find that online either. blah.

i want to write a book. i’ve always dreamed of being a published author, but no matter how i try i can never come up with a decent plot.

i’m addicted to joe’s poker game for the xbox. i feel like i’m getting good. now i have the urge to go to vegas. i love vegas. i love the fact that you can go down to the casino in the middle of the night and play. it’s fabulous. and the free drinks aren’t bad either.

i wish i could design webpages. i want a new one for for after we get married, but i pretty much suck at designing.

i came up with *very cool* favors for our wedding. i’m making them myself. i can’t wait to see how they turn out. they’re totally “us,” which makes it even better.

it *really* annoys me when people park in the handicapped spaces here. granted, i don’t think there are any handicapped people live here, but it’s the principle. you don’t park in handicapped spaces. i feel like calling the sheriff’s office and having the cars ticketed. are they really so lazy that they can’t park a few more spaces away?