what’s up?

hey. i’m back. sorry for the lack of posting, but we finally got our internet hooked up in the new place. it turns out we could have had it up and running three weeks ago because we didn’t have to get on a list to get it setup like the phone operator told us. we just had to pick up a handy dandy do-it-yourself install kit that took joe about 10 minutes to finish this weekend.

we had a fun weekend. on friday, we drove my grandparents’ truck back up to my parents’ house (we had used it to bring boxes down) and visited with the parents for a while. we didn’t do anything really on saturday, which was nice. and yesterday my parents came down to see the new place and have lunch. then it was off to joe’s friend’s graduation party, then to joe’s parents’ house and then to the mall. busy but fun. now today it’s back to work. blah. heh.

so here’s my question: why do two test blogs i set up to test designs say they were edited today when i haven’t touched them in months? just curious.

halfway done

well i’m completely moved out of my old house. joe and my brother ryan were there until 1 a.m. moving the last boxes and cleaning. i got off work around 8:30 p.m. and had to go straight home to start breaking down boxes for ryan to pick up and take back with him to dalton. they didn’t want me to drive up there, so i worked until 1 emptying boxes, putting things away and just trying to start orgainizing our new apartment. sigh. and there’s still so much to do. i want to get our christmas tree this weekend though, so i hope i have it done by then. tomorrow joe will start working again on moving out of his old apartment. blah. this is the move that never ends.

my weekend is almost here

today is my last day at the paper. i’m sad. and scared. i’ve been a journalist for four years, and now, though i’ll still be a journalist, it won’t be the same. i’ll be writing three-sentence stories instead of 15-inch stories. i don’t want to stop writing. i’ll have to find some way to continue. maybe i’ll start freelancing.

on a brighter note, this weekend will be mucho fun. tomorrow we’re going to my parents’ house for my dad’s birthday. he *loves* harry and david, and when i saw a harry and david store a few weekends ago, joe and i decided to make him a basket. we got his favorite fruit flavored chocolates, chocolate truffles, nuts and a coffee mug in a pretty basket. i know he’ll love it.

on saturday we’ll head down to atlanta to celebrate our one-year anniversary. we’re going to muck around during the day (joe promised me lunch at johnny rockets, one of my favorite restaurants. they make a fantastic veggie burger) and then he has a fancy schmancy night planned with dinner at the palm and a night at the atlanta marriott marquis.

on sunday we’re stopping on our way home to have brunch with lori, a friend of joe’s from work, and her husband. then it’s back to cartersville to relax with the crazy kitties and prepare for my first day at the new job!

i’m so excited. bring on the weekend!


i made it through surgery, and yesterday wasn’t so bad. i was bombarded by hospital personnel in my room (the anesthesiologist, two nurses and my doctor) who explained things to me and stuck me with needles until it was time for them to lead me to the operating room. the nurses there were very friendly and they talked to me as they poured the “feel good” solution into iv. the last thing i remember is them asking me where i like to go on vacation.

the next thing i know i’m in the recovery room, hurting and freaking out because i couldn’t swallow. “oh, they had to numb your throat the put the breathing tube in,” the nurse told me.

i didn’t know i was going to have to have a breathing tube.

when i was wheeled back to my room my parents were still there, and one of my brothers had arrived. my other brother couldn’t come because he wasn’t feeling well. on the windowsill was a stuffed lion and a balloon that joe bought me. joe has been so good to me. he said he didn’t leave my room until he knew i was in recovery and was okay. then he and my brother, randy, went to the gift shop to find something for me. he’s such a sweet guy.

yesterday wasn’t too painful today is a completely different story. it hurts to move. it hurts to sit up. it hurts to stand. it hurts to walk. i had three incisions in my abdomen — one in my belly button and two below it on either side of my abdomen. people say, oh, three small incisions aren’t anything. they are when you use your abdomen for everything. think about it. you use it to sit up and to move around in bed, etc. i’ve already taken a percocet and still i’m in pain. combine that with my sore, scratchy throat that makes it very hard for me to talk, and i’m not a happy camper. i may not be able to drive monday. sigh. that means i’ll have to find a ride to my meetings. i just hope this doesn’t recur, like it does in most women. but my doctor made sure to tell my dad (MY DAD) that the birth control i’m on should cause it not to come back. way to go doc.

rollercoaster of emotions

it’s been a rollercoaster of a week. lows then highs then lows.

joe’s grandmother died wednesday morning. his parents called him tuesday night while he was here and told us she was in the hospital. we asked if we should come down to see her, but they said she’d have a few more days. at 3 a.m. joe’s mom called and told us she was dying. we dressed quickly and headed out, but we got held up getting gas and then finding a gas station with a working air pump.

at 4 a.m., while we were still on our way to atlanta, his grandmother passed away. i was so sad. i wanted joe to see her one last time, but he didn’t get to. it broke my heart.

we spent wednesday morning with his family, and on our way back home i got the call saying i had gotten the radio job. we were back on a high for a little bit.

that afternoon, we went to my doctor appointment and found out i’m having surgery next friday. sigh. another low.

yesterday was the funeral. it was a very nice service, but seeing joe’s dad crying broke my heart again. i hate seeing him like that because i like his family so much. what really touched me though was that about 30 people showed up, most of them people who either work or have worked with joe’s dad. that really spoke to me. it says a lot about what kind of a person joe’s dad is that so many people would show up to support him and comfort him and his family.

after the service we had lunch and hung out at joe’s sister’s fiance’s parents’ house (how’s that for a mouthful?!). rachel (joe’s sister), joe’s parents and tommy (a cousin from new york) went out and we met up with them at this very nice outdoor mall. we had a fun afternoon shopping. rachel and i browsed through banana republic and chatted. it was a lot of fun. we found an arch that we both liked at one store, and rachel said we could both use it for our weddings. hehe.

so now i’m back home getting ready to go to my shift at my kiwanis club’s pancake day while joe is at training for his club. what a fun service-oriented morning for us! one of the biggest perks about moving to cartersville is that i will get to transfer to his club. i love the people in it. they’re so great. and the like me more than joe. 🙂 hehe. funny story and then i will end this long post…joe was telling some of the women in his club a few months ago that we were talking about getting married. linda, the immediate past president, asked if they could be the flower girls. without missing a beat, joe says, “you can be the flower women.” needless to say, that didn’t go over too well at first. hehe. now every time i talk to linda she asks if she’s going to be a “flower woman” in our wedding. i told joe since linda helped me find this job down there that she will be our official flower woman. hehe.

and now i’m off to serve pancakes or pick up trash or whatever it is i’m assigned to do this morning. woo hoo.

going to the car wash

today i gave my trusty (or in some cases not-so-trusty) car a wash. it was in desperate need. it looked more gray than white. heh. so, since it’s wednesday which is ladies’ day, aka $2 off for women (according to the sign it is ladies day), off to the car wash we went.

now here in dalton, we are fortunate to have not one but two, count ’em two, car wash/detail places which happen to be about a block from each other. we are, apparantly, quite special. i went to the cheaper one because an outside wash will be the same at both places and i’ll take $3.99 ($2 because i’m a girl!) as opposed to $7.99 ($2 off there too) anyday.

i pulled up to the wash and after the nice man pre-washed my car, it started to move down the line. as the blue octopus-looking things started smacking down on my car, i started to think back to when we were younger. we had a cabin in the woods of virginia, and we went almost every weekend. on the way down, we always stopped for a car wash. my brothers were only 2 or 3 at the time, and every time we would go under the octopus-looking things they would throw their matching blankets over their heads, sreaming and crying until we were done.

it was so cute.

now every time i go to that car wash i smile as i think about my brothers and the car washes. it’s nice to relive memories. especially the ones that still make you laugh.