A Tale of Two Weekends

We had the BEST time the last two weekends. Both were family weekends, which has been SO nice.

Two weekends ago, we had BEAUTIFUL weather so we headed out and took Lucy to Bruster’s for ice cream. It was her first trip to Bruster’s, and she OBVIOUSLY loved it. She got a free ice cream cone for being under 40 inches tall. I think she’ll be getting free cones for a LOOOOONG time!

ice cream 2

ice cream 10

She also ate a bunch of our ice cream BEFORE she got her cone! She was on a sugar high!

ice cream 3

After we got home, we took Lucy outside. She walked up and down our road numerous times, and she played a little bit in a pile of leaves our neighbor had raked up for his grandkids. I love that we live on a quiet cul-de-sac so she is able to do this.





This past weekend was a blast, too. We headed out early on Sunday and met Joe’s parents for brunch. On our way, we stopped at the Marietta Square to let Lucy run around. She had SO much fun. She wanted to just walk rather than play on the train, and she cried when we left.







Then, we met Joe’s parents at Bagelicious. I LOVE that place. Once you eat a bagel there, you can’t go back to grocery store bagels. They’re the best bagels you’ll get outside New York.

photo (2)

More coffee over here, please!
photo (3)

After Bagelicious, we headed to Gigi’s, which was right across the parking lot. Oh my gosh, the cupcakes were AMAZING. I will post pictures later tonight since I forgot to get them off my camera.

Then, we stopped at a park on our way home to let Lucy run off some more energy. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much she could do (there weren’t even any baby swings!), but she had fun going down the slide a few times.




I’m really looking forward to this weekend because it’s supposed to be really nice weather-wise. We’ve already got plans to hit the park and take Lucy for another ice cream cone. 🙂

Christmas Recap

Christmas 2010 was a lot of fun. Last year, Lucy was just a month old and slept most of the time. This past Christmas, she was an active 1-year-old who got into EVERYTHING!

We normally open our presents on Christmas Eve but, since that fell on a Friday night, which is the beginning of our Sabbath, we held off until Saturday night after sundown. On Christmas Eve, we enjoyed our traditional meal of chow mein and fruit salad, and spent time with my family. Lucy and Harrison had fun playing in her tent. We put Marshall in there too but, since he can’t move yet, when the others got out of the tent, he was left behind just sitting there! He was pretty good natured about it, though.



On Christmas morning, we opened our stockings from my parents (I think it’s so neat that they do that!). Joe and I got gift cards to a couple of our favorite restaurants along with a few other little things. Lucy got some really neat toys — a pinwheel, a Tigger and Pooh chalkboard with chalk, an apron for cooking in her kitchen and clapper hands. She loved them!



Joe’s parents had planned on joining us for lunch, as they do every year, but they were snowed in at the cabin and weren’t able to make it.

When sundown hit, we were all ready to open presents. I admit that I’m still a kid in that respect because I still go and check out my gifts under the tree. 🙂 Lucy sat very patiently while she waited.



And, she hung out with Marshall.



Harrison had one present he had picked out and wanted to open since the night before, so we let him open it as the first present of the night. It was a book from his great-grandparents in California!


We all got a bunch of great gifts. We gave Lucy two other presents besides her kitchen — a Belle doll and the game Elefun.


We had to get a toy for her to open quickly because she kept playing with the Gloworm we gave Marshall (it happens to be one of her favorite toys at home)! I’m sure she was just showing him how to use it (really, she was….), but eventually, Marshall turned it upside down so she couldn’t play with it anymore!


It was a great Christmas, and I’m looking forward to the holidays being even more fun in the future as Lucy gets older.

Our (un)Happy Thanksgiving

I wasn’t sure we’d been celebrating Thanksgiving with our families this year. It was kind of a depressing thought since last year we stayed home because I was still recovering from childbirth. But, both Joe and I weren’t feeling so hot the Monday before Thanksgiving. I had a viral infection, and Joe was battling a stomach bug. Blech.

But, when Thanksgiving morning rolled around, both of us were feeling better. I still wasn’t back to normal, but I was on antibiotics, and Joe was feeling pretty good, so we decided to pack up and head to the mountains to spend the day with Joe’s family.

We arrived right before lunch and had a pretty good day. Lucy and Rivka are still learning how to play together, and they are so cute together. On Thursday night, they had story time with Aunt Rachel.



And, the cousins did some reading on their own.


That night, the girls took a bath together and had a BLAST. Seriously. I have never seen so much splashing before. Rivka made Lucy laugh so hard she fell over. And, I don’t think the four of us adults stopped laughing either.


That night is when our weekend went downhill. Around dinnertime, I started noticing that the thought of eating made my stomach churn. I kind of shrugged it off, but it just intensified. Around 11 p.m., I began my all-night marathon of going back and forth between our bedroom and the bathroom. Seriously. All freaking night. The worst part was when Joe’s mom came up to check on me. There’s nothing worse than throwing up in front of your mother-in-law.

And so began our weekend from hell. We headed out Friday morning and spent the weekend holed up at home. I felt like crap, and Joe started feeling bad again too. We were one pathetic couple. And, making both parents of a 12-month-old sick at the same time is a cruel, cruel joke.

Apparently, some kind of stomach virus/bug is going around as many of my Facebook friends posted about being sick as well. And, I passed it on to my in-laws. Joe’s parents, Rachel and Dave all were sick on Monday night. Joe and I were still feeling bad up until today, which was the first day in more than a week that I have been ridiculously nauseous. Hooray!

So, that was our Thanksgiving. At least it was fun for the few hours we weren’t sick!

Formula Tales

My brother is big into protein shakes. He has one every morning. One day when we were visiting my parents, he wanted to add a bit of Lucy’s formula to his protein powder because it’s chock full of nutrients. Like I was going to say no to that.

All my brother could talk about was how horrible the formula tasted. I could have told him that from just having smelled it!

Celebrating Joe’s Birth

My awesome husband turned 31 on Oct. 2. That morning, we made our regular birthday jaunt up to my parents’ house for his birthday celebration with my side of the family. Per Joe’s request, we had a taco bar for lunch, which was fabulous. My parents went all out with the toppings.

There also was a chocolate cake, made by my mom.



Someone REALLY enjoyed the cake and chocolate ice cream.


After lunch, we hung out for a while with my family. Lucy really enjoyed playing with Harrison.


Harry even took Lucy for a ride on his new tricycle. I think she enjoyed it. 🙂



And, of course, I took a picture of Daddy and his little girl on his birthday.



Rivka Turns 1!

On Sunday, we headed to the other side of Atlanta for Rivka’s first birthday party. Rachel did a jungle theme to match Rivka’s nursery. The decorations were really cute, and the food was great. She actually had several foods that I was planning on serving at Lucy’s party. Oh well!

Rivka definitely was more into the wrapping paper than the presents. She had a blast playing with all the tissue and wrapping papers.




Lucy got in on the action, too. She was practicing for her upcoming birthday party!



And the other highlight of the day? CAKE! Rivka went after her birthday cupcake!





Happy 1st birthday, Rivka! It’ll be Lucy’s turn in six weeks. Sniff!