Firing Up the Country

I was impressed with Barack Obama’s speech last night. Not only was he incredibly well spoken, but he named many of the issues that *need* to be fixed, like tax breaks, reducing the U.S. dependency on foreign oil and finding other energy sources. That’s huge. We aren’t going to see gas prices go down until we cut our oil usage. That means more public transportation, carpooling and hybrid vehicles. I was fired up during the speech, and I found myself wishing I was at Mile High Stadium.

During his speech, Obama mentioned how during the primary election, some Republicans who had never crossed party lines pulled Democratic ballots. I think we’ll see that in November as well. One of my friends, who is a staunch Republican, called a few minutes ago and told me in his mind, the election is over for the Republicans. He said McCain was going in with one hand tied behind his back after last night’s finale to the Democratic National Convention, and now, with his announcement today of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his vice presidential candidate, my friend says McCain has both hands tied behind his back. I was surprised myself at the announcement. I was expecting someone more well-known. I’ve heard several theories — that McCain hopes her opposing views will attract the moderate and liberal Republicans; and that picking a woman might garner some of the female vote. There might be some truth to both of those. My view, though, is that picking Palin goes against McCain’s argument that Obama is too inexperienced for the job. Yes, she is the vp nominee rather than the presidential candidate, but she, too, is inexperienced. Before becoming Governor in 2006, she mayor and a member of the city council of a small town.

My friend says it’s Obama’s election to lose at this point. I think he’s right.