Photo Book Coupons

I love photo books. I made photo books of our wedding for our grandparents the first Christmas we were married. I think they make great gifts for others as well as keepsakes for ourselves. Plus, they’re fun to make. I have 10 coupon codes for a discount of more than half off of photo books if any of you are interested in making one either as a gift or to keep for yourselves. You get a 30-page photo book for $11.99, which is a fabulous price. If you’re interested in a coupon code, leave a comment or send me an email and let me know!

Weekly Winners — 11/09/08-11/15/08

Spending a few hours together — my grandmother has been at a nursing home for the last two weeks for rehab because she broke her hip during a fall. She came home for a few hours on Saturday, and is expected back for good just before Thanksgiving. My grandpa has really missed her.

bomma and boppa

Taste-tests — Callie had to make sure the cake I made for my dad’s birthday and my sandwich weren’t poisoned.



“What? This is the *trash*??”
callie and diz

“Can I be a Weekly Winner too?”

It’s amazing how far gas prices have dropped.
gas prices

One paper clip for each pound lost.
weight watchers chain

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Wipe Out

This is pretty funny. I literally laughed out loud as I watched it, though I felt horrible for the bride. If I were her, I would be pretty upset at the best man.

Redneck Fun

Joe and I love to throw parties. We love having people over and entertaining. And, our most recent trip to Walmart sparked the idea for our next party — a redneck wine tasting party. Yes, seeing an endcap display of $3 wine made us think what a fabulous idea having a party with cheap wine would be.

And so, the idea was born, the evites were sent, and the idea seems to be a hit! We are choosing the worst time of the year to throw a party, but we’ll still have a nice little crowd. And, in addition to the cheap wine, we’re asking everyone to bring an appetizer complete with the tackiest servingware they own. This idea was spurred from our own tacky servingware, which we received for our wedding. As I’ve mentioned before, they are hideous. And, since I dug them out during The Great Box Project of ’08, I now have pictures to show you just how horrendous they are. We’ll start with the grape leaf hot plate.

grape leaf hot plate

It goes quite well with the grape leaf platter we received.

grape leaf platter

And then there’s the palm tree platter.

palm tree platter

It matches the palm tree serving spoon set that Rachel and Dave got for their wedding (and surprisingly, both gifts were given by different people).

palm tree serving spoons

We also found a clam serving bowl. I have no idea where it came from (it wasn’t a wedding gift) or what it’s supposed to be used for, but it’s simply awful and perfect for our party. I think it would be great to serve mini pitas and hummus.

clam shell serving bowl

I am super excited about this party. And if it’s as big of a hit as I think it’s going to be, we’ll definitely start planning a couple a year.

Five Pounds

I hit my 5-pound loss at my weigh-in today with a total loss now of 5.4 pounds! I was pretty proud of myself. I had a feeling I had lost this week because I’m really starting to notice it in my stomach, but last week’s gain had me a bit nervous. I knew that was from my tom, but it still is always in the back of my mind.

I’ve been doing really well with the program. There were a couple of days last week that I didn’t even get all my points in. One day I was about 10 points short, but I still managed to lose. I just haven’t been too hungry most of the time. My one weakness is the Weight Watchers candy. I bought a back of the 1-point Double Chocolate Mousse candies covered in dark chocolate, and I am now addicted. I could probably eat my entire day’s worth of points in those. They are fabulous.

I am now 11 pounds from losing 10 percent of my starting weight. When I reach that point I also will be at the top end of my healthy weight range. I’m hoping to be there by the end of January. My plan is to reach my goal by the time we do IVF at the end of March, and I really think that’s doable.

Another Squirrel Attack

Last year, we had an exclusion done to repair holes that squirrels had chewed in the side of our house and to make sure they were all out of our attic.

Today, I woke up to the pitter patter of little squirrel feet running across our attic. Or, it could have been mouse feet. Our pest control man came out today, and we couldn’t find any holes when we walked around the house. There’s a slight possibility that a squirrel could have gotten in through the vents on the side of the house, and if that’s the case it’s an easy fix. If it’s mice, it’s an easy fix as well. He’s going to bring a trap by tomorrow and put it in our crawl space, and he’ll also put some bait in my attic. I plan to be locked in the bathroom in case squirrels and mice come falling out.