Lobbying for Legislation

I’m getting involved in the upcoming legislative session. Tonight, I’m meeting with one of our state legislators to discuss the possibility of infertility legislation being introduced. Currently, 12 states require insurance companies to offer some kind of coverage for infertility treatments. Three states have a “mandate to offer”, which means the insurance companies there are required to offer coverage and employers can decide whether or not to purchase that coverage. Last night, I found infertility legislation that had been introduced last year but for some reason didn’t make it to the house floor for a vote. It bums me out to know that if it had passed last session I would be covered, but at least now this gives me a good starting place and should make this battle easier. Obviously someone else thinks this is an issue too.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while. It’s an issue that hits home since I have been battling infertility and now my husband and I are planning on having IVF next spring. It’s expensive and will make things tight next year, but for millions of couples, it’s either pay $10,000-$15,000 or not have a child. It’s not fair, but sometimes that’s how things go.

I have an issue with insurance companies refusing to cover infertility treatments. Their argument is that such treatments aren’t life threatening. I have news for them — neither are most of the procedures and treatments they do cover.

Going through this is hard. It’s embarrassing. I know it shouldn’t be, but it is. I’m the only person in my family to deal with this, and that makes it really difficult. But now I can make a difference. I can hopefully help spur a change. It won’t help me this time around, but hopefully it can help many other women who otherwise would have to figure out how to pay the thousands of dollars to have the baby they yearn for.

The Great Box Project of ’08

It’s like a whole new world in our storage room.

The before:

box project

And the after:

box project 6

And all the trash we threw out:

box project

box project

Miraculously, it only took us two Sundays to get our carport cleaned out and our storage room organized (the boxes on the side are all trash). And, before you ask, no, it hadn’t looked like that since we moved in last year. We actually had everything cleaned and organized. Then, Joe’s parents decided to put their house up for sale and started bombarding us with boxes and boxes and more boxes. I think we threw out most of the things they gave us. But, until we had time to go through everything, the boxes sat out in our carport. Yes, we knew we looked like rednecks but we’ve been so busy we haven’t really been home long enough to spend time on it.

It’s so nice to go into my storage room to do laundry and see how neat and orderly everything is. Now, we have to tackle the rest of the house which kind of got torn apart while we took apart and repacked boxes. That won’t be as bad, though. What projects around the house are on your to-do list?

Weekly Winners — 11/02/08-11/08/08

It’s beginning to look like fall at our house.
fall decorations

Fall colors
fall colors

callie on dvr lol cat

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Touch and Go

My new phone arrived yesterday, and I can’t stop playing with it. I decided on the LG Vu, and it is pretty cool. Not as cool as the iPhone, but still pretty awesome. It’s a touch screen, and I’ve been having so much fun figuring out how to use everything.


It has XM radio, and it has a memory card slot so I can save pictures to the memory card rather than to the phone’s hard drive, which makes it easier to transfer everything to my computer. I’ve had a lot of fun moving pics from my computer onto my phone as well. I’m also supposed to be able to transfer music to it, but I have yet to figure out how to do that. Apparently, I can’t transfer the music I purchased on iTunes, and although I was able to transfer a song from a cd I ripped, it didn’t go into the music playlist but instead ended up in the ringtone menu. Arg. If only I could figure that out. Then I would be one very happy camper.

Weight Watchers: Week 3

Result: +0.8
Total: -3.6

There it is — the dreaded weight gain. I knew it was going to happen, though. It’s my tom, and since I usually gain 2-3 pounds from that, only gaining 0.8 this week makes me a little happier. It’s better than it could have been.

I really wasn’t the model weight watcher last week. I didn’t track my food as well as I did the first two weeks. I keep my tracker in my purse, but I just never thought about it after I ate at work, and then I would forget everything I had. Sigh.

Last week wasn’t a great food week either. We had pizza twice — once by choice and once because that’s what my boss bought us for election night. We had been planning on Quiznos, which is why Joe and I had pizza on Monday night, but on Tuesday I found out our dinner plans had changed. I didn’t think I had been *too* bad though. Plus, I don’t eat cheese on my pizza, so that takes away a couple of points I would think.

I did receive a compliment, though. When I went to my seat after my weigh-in, one of the women next to me asked if I was close to my goal weight. When I told her I have 33 pounds to go to get to the top end of my healthy weight range, she looked me up and down and said, “Where are you going to lose that from??”

I guess we’ll see next week if the gain was from my tom or not. I’m finding it very hard to be motivated right now. What do you use to motivate you with your weight loss? Give me some help!!

Obama Makes History

More than 40 years ago, African-Americans couldn’t drink from the same water fountains and use the same restrooms as Caucasians.

Today, we have our first African-American president. Today is a historical moment in our country’s history, and all Americans know that. There were very few newspapers left in our city as I discovered while driving around trying to find copies for my dad. Everyone wants something to remember today.

I love elections, and last night was no different. Today, I was feeling quite down after yesterday’s high. I get so energized on election day as I prepare to head off to the elections office and call in all the local numbers. Elections are one of the things that we journalists live for. People depend on us. Our team rocked yesterday. We had fabulous commentary in the studio, and we had several contract workers and my own husband out at numerous polling locations calling in raw numbers. It was a team effort, as it always is, and it was stellar coverage — definitely the best in the area. Days like yesterday make me proud to be a journalist.