Things that go Barf in the Night!

So. The other night. It was around 2:30 a.m., and I reached down in my sleep to pull our comforter up. And, felt something wet.

My first thought? Did Lucy come in here and throw up??

I know. I know. It made no sense. But, I was half asleep. We tossed the comforter off to deal with it in the morning, and that was that.

Until a little bit later when I rolled over. Into throw up. Yes, THROW UP. As in all over my arm. Apparently, JOE’S cat threw up (as he does pretty regularly) and decided to do so IN OUR BED.

Are you laughing yet? It is pretty funny when, you know, you’re not going through it.

So, we got up and changed the sheets. At 2:30 a.m. I resisted the urge to shower since I had gotten THROW UP all over my arm and just scrubbed it REALLY well in the sink. And then, we were finally back to bed.

The next day, I didn’t see Dizzy at all. Until nap time, that is, when he laid on top of me. Really??

In which I Learn my Lesson for Snoring


See that? That’s what happens when your snoring annoys your husband and he whacks you in face.

Actually, that’s a joke because I don’t snore. Really. And, Joe didn’t hit me. I don’t think. We have no idea what happened. On Saturday, Joe said, “Hey, look over there,” which of course made me say, “No, I’m not looking over there” because every time I look over there, Joe does something to me or takes something I have.

But, when I did look to the side, Joe saw that half of my eyeball was bloody. I told him he should have said, “Hey, look over there because your eyeball is a bloody mess.” That would have worked for me.

We chalked it up to a broken blood vessel and went on with our day. That night, though, Joe noticed what appeared to be a scratch on my eyeball. So, yesterday we went to our optometrist to see what he thought. It didn’t hurt like a cut on the eye normally would, but if it was a cut we didn’t want it to get infected.

The verdict: a broken blood vessel with pooled blood that could resemble a cut. It should go away in the next 3-5 weeks. Until then, whenever someone asks me what happened to my eye, I’ll get to say I learned my lesson for snoring. 🙂

From Yum to Yuck

Apparently, there is no safe place to eat in my town.

Remember my Quiznos story from earlier this week? Yeah, I thought that was bad. Today when I got in to work, I had a *huge* stack of restaurant inspection reports on my desk with *six* failing scores. Yes, people, SIX RESTAURANTS in our town failed their health inspections in one week.

The worst was a restaurant that failed last month with a 44 and then failed again this month with a score in the 70s. The kicker? This restaurant was featured on the Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” at the end of November. I’m guessing it was one of the Dives. Among the notes on the three-page report was that a live roach was found in the restaurant. Joe says that actually could be considered a good thing because the fact that the restaurant’s employees didn’t kill it shows that they are humanitarians. Yes, that’s my husband’s sense of humor.

The joke today has been that I should fax the restaurant report to the Food Network. I’d love to see their reaction. It’s a good thing Joe and I have been making a more conscious effort to eat at home because after today, I don’t think I’d be comfortable eating anywhere!


Yesterday, I walked down to Quiznos for my daily Baked Lays and Diet Mtn. Dew snack. I’m a regular, so the two managers who are there in the afternoons know me.

As I was filling my cup at the drink station, one of the managers came out from the back, stood next to me and started picking at her teeth. Then, she turned to me and said, “There! I finally got it! That piece of roast beef has been bothering me all day.”

Yes, this is a person who makes food for customers. I can never eat there again.