happy mother’s day

another mother’s day is here. happy mother’s day to all the mothers out there who read my blog! joe picked up a card from the cats for me. hehe. i thought that was cute.

i always reflect on my mom on mother’s day, especially now that i’ve moved away and am about to get married. we had our difficult times as any parent and child do as i grew up, especially when i was a teenager. my dad says i was overly difficult. we’ll agree to disagree on that one. 🙂 now that i’m an adult, my mom is more of a friend to me. since i’ve moved away we spend more time talking during our phone conversations. i really enjoy those. and planning my wedding with her has been so much fun. i’ll always remember it. so on this mother’s day, i want say, “i love you, mom.”

pre-mother’s day fun

here’s a quiz i found in honor of mother’s day. try it. it’s fun. i got 3 right (sad, i know). how did you do?

mother’s day quiz

i love you day

the alarm went off at midnight yesterday morning.

“why is it going off?” i mumbled in my grumpy, semi-concious state.

“valentine’s day starts now,” joe said. “every hour i’m going to tell you something i love about you.”

and he did. i smiled as i fell back to sleep.

at 8 a.m., joe woke me up with breakfast in bed and reasons 2-8. throughout the rest of the day he’d call me and give me a reason. it was the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me, and it made me so happy to hear the different things joe loves about me.

after work we scrapped our plans to have dinner at olive garden. we didn’t feel like waiting for several hours for a table, so we got takeout at applebees and curled up on the couch. i enjoyed it much more. he got me a gift certificate and the movie “in good company,” which is what we were watching last valentine’s day when we first said, “i love you.” it’s going to be our traditional valentine’s day movie. i gave joe the second season of arrested development (one of his favorites!) and a large hershey kiss container filled with chocolate.

for my final surprise, joe put tea candles all around the room and lit them and had a bottle of pinot grigot, one of my favorites. it was a fabulous day.

and tonight? dinner at olive garden. 🙂

happy new year!

i can’t believe it’s already 2006. we had a fabulous new year’s eve here in georgia. the night started off with a group of our friends gathering at our place for pizza, and then after about an hour of eating, chatting and watching the cats chase the light of a laser pointer, we headed to the irish pub here in town. we love it. it’s got such a cool ambiance.

we got fun party hats.

my friend stacey came down with jon for the night. it was so much fun for the four of us to hang out again. we don’t get to do it often enough.

tim, one of joe’s friends from high school, came up with his fiancee, mindy. they’re great, but since they live an hour away we don’t see them very much.

joe’s friends brandon, jon and patrick from the local paper were there too, and patrick brought his girlfriend, so we had quite the group. this year we were actually able to all have seats. last year it was so packed i had to sit on joe’s lap and a couple people in our group had to stand. at midnight we all watched the ball and peach drop in new york and atlanta on tv and toasted the new year with some pretty nasty champagne. it was a great night.

but the highlight? brandon, joe, patrick, tim and jon singing “we didn’t start the fire” by billy joel during karaoke at the pub. enough said. 🙂

the clock is ticking

we’re having a new year’s eve party.

we had one last year; however, this year we will be having more people and it will be at our place. i’m excited…except for one minor detail.

our place is still full of boxes. and i’m sick, so joe won’t let me help.
sigh. i hope i’m better tomorrow (at least able to sit and stand without being dizzy)so i can help with the cleaning and organizing. joe’s been off work this week, so he’s been able to get more done. i’m busy enough just trying to keep up with the laundry!

joe just woke up, and he’s not feeling well now. i bet he got my bug. the doctor said i was contagious. sigh. now i will be busy taking care of him the way he took care of me. heh.

time to celebrate!

i love christmas. i absolutely love it. my family’s always opened presents christmas eve after a service at church, and i can’t wait to see them open what i got them. i love how happy my presents make them.

joe and i gave each other our presents last night. we wanted to do it alone. he gave me a relic watch, gilmore girls season 5 (yay!), a kitchen clock in the chef motif and a blue topaz ring (soooo pretty). he said the jewelers told him it’s what they use for march. whatever happened to aquamarine?? i gave joe a handheld poker game (he misses his poker games with the boys), a fossil watch and a silver frame with “i love you” engraved on it and a picture of me in it. i knew it would love it, and it was so awesome to see his reaction. i had tears in my eyes. heh. he said it was the best and sweetest gift he’s ever gotten.

we also did stockings. it was joe’s idea. i had my stocking from home and two others hung over the fireplace for decoration, and he told me he was going to stuff my stocking. that meant a lot to me. so i spent some time looking for stocking stuffers for him. it was so much fun. and next week it’s hanaukkah. wooo.

merry christmas to everyone! i hope you all have a wonderful one.