halloween fun

joe’s office goes all out for halloween. with this year’s western theme in mind, joe and his friend came up with the greatest idea. dressed in dirty clothes, and with dirt on his face and a bloody hand and brain on a plate, joe was the sole survivor of the donner party. i thought it was great. he was planning on taping “donner, party of one” several times on his tape recorder to play but ran out of time. when i told my parents about his costume, my mom thought it was sick, and my dad thought it was great.

well, today he won third place in the costume contest, beaten by a cow, the second place winner, and an indian that won third place. i think portraying the donner party is way more creative than dressing as an indian or a cow. but i wasn’t a judge, so i digress.

we just had one of the best weekends ever. it was so relaxing. we shopped, and joe bought me the cinderella dvd. that’s the only disney movie i don’t have either on dvd or vhs, so i was really wanting it. my plan now is to get them all on dvd (but alas, beauty and the beast is already locked back up in the disney vault. sniff sniff.). we went out to dinner. we watched movies. i read. he played video games. it was fantastic.

tonight i head back down, minus the boys, to hand out candy to trick or treaters. silly joe didn’t buy any chocolate. how can you buy halloween candy and not buy chocolate? so i will be driving down laden with chocolate to give out to the kids. too bad i don’t have a costume.

a fun, family and friend fourth

i’m still recovering from the long holiday weekend.

out of four days together, joe and i got to spend about a couple hours together. that’s it.

on friday we went shopping for things we needed for our trip. on saturday, we got up early and headed to joe’s parents’ cabin in blue ridge, georgia. it’s so pretty and peaceful up there. we sat out on the glider rocker on the porch with our books and got through about two pages before passing out for several hours. that night we cooked out and then went to a double feature at the drive-in: war of the worlds and batman begins. ticket price? $5. yep. you read right. five freakin dollars for two of the summer’s biggest movies. too bad i didn’t stay awake through most of them. since it’s outside the movies didn’t start until it was dark, which was around 9:30 p.m., and we didn’t get home until around 2:30 a.m. my poor body can’t stay awake past 10 p.m.

on sunday we left after joe’s sister and her fiance arrived, napped for a couple of hours at my house and then headed out for dinner and fireworks with julisa, one of my close friends who was visiting from memphis. we passed out after fireworks.

we woke up around 10 a.m. on monday and were going to have a leisurely morning with nothing really to do, but then joe’s friend jon called and wanted us to meet him for lunch. we both like hanging out with jon, so we headed back to cartersville early to meet him. then it was off to town center mall in kennesaw to hang out with joe’s other friend named john for about an hour before meeting phillip, wendy and one of phillip’s friends at the theater for war of the worlds.

whew. i’m getting tired just recapping everything!

after the movie, joe and i locked ourselves in his apartment and sat on the deck and watched fireworks. that is, until, i somehow broke out in a rash on one side of my face and my neck. so it was off to the quik trip for benedryl and then to bed.

what a weekend. we’re busy again this weekend, but next weekend we’re locking ourselves in and not answering the phones.

daddy’s little girl

my dad and i always have had a close relationship. when we lived in maryland we had a weekend house in the woods of virginia. every morning as a little girl when we’d spend the weekend there i’d get up very early with my dad, while my baby brothers and mom still slept, and we’d sit on the couch and he’d read to me. those are the times that he and i both remember and still talk about. daddy-daughter time.

i’ve always been my daddy’s little girl, and i know i always will be. even though i’m an adult now, i still cherish the time he and i can spend together. i don’t see him very often now, since i live in georgia, so sometimes he and i will have lunch when i go to chattanooga for my weekly staff meeting. even though we only spend an hour together, it’s nice. and now i think about the day when he will walk me down the aisle at my wedding. his youngest daughter. yet another, special moment i can share with him.

i always wanted to be like my dad. as a child i wanted to be a lawyer just like him. now i hope to marry someone just like him. i think i’ve found that person in joe. joe and his dad have a relationship that i admire as well. they play catch together. they go to the movies and eat cups of jalapeno peppers together. they roast the turkey for thanksgiving together. it’s interesting how different and yet how similar a dad’s relationship with a daughter and a son are.

now, as i look at joe, i see what an amazing father he is going to be. i see the soft look in his eyes as he sees a baby and admires how sweet and innocent it is. i can picture him playing catch with our son, taking him to little league and cheering him on. i can see him teaching our daughter how to drive and, as he said last night, waiting on the front porch with a shotgun for her to return when we let her start dating when she’s, oh, say, 32.

i know people who haven’t been lucky enough to have a great dad. i’m glad i did. i love you dad.

loving the three-day weekends

i thought it was sunday all day yesterday. i’m not used to having three day weekends, but how nice they are when they pop up. saturday joe and i napped a lot of the day before getting ready to have dinner and a movie at my place with my friend julisa and her boyfriend. on sunday we had lunch at my grandparents’ to celebrate my grandma’s birthday, my parents’ anniversary and my brother’s girlfriend’s birthday. then we drove back to cartersville, hung out with joe’s friend jon and then went to bed.

yesterday was not the ideal memorial day. i know many people plan outdoor activities, and we were no exception. we were going to spend the afternoon at the park with a picnic and our frisbee and books, but it drizzled all day long. instead, we went out to lunch, watched movies, played a card game and napped until joe left to go to a concert in atlanta with his friend, brandon. i stayed at joe’s with the diz, did some laundry he needed for today and watched romy and michelle’s high school reunion and romy and michelle in the beginning (yes, i’m a dork).

i also learned your not supposed to put ties in the washer (please hold your laughter back to a minimum). i didn’t know this. joe had a tie in the laundry basket, so i figured it needed to be washed and in it went. well. i think i may have ruined it. he said he’s going to take it to the dry cleaners and see if they can fix it, but i feel terrible. it’s probably something i should have known, but at least i’ll never do it again now!

let the countdown begin

1 more day till my 25th birthday! i love birthdays! i still get all excited about ripping open presents. i’m such a little kid. joe’s letting me open his presents tonight. he knows i can’t wait. 🙂