Mother’s Day 2012

We had a super low-key day on Mother’s Day, which was perfect. The day started off with a breakfast of donuts (yum!) and some relaxing around the house. We had plans to go to a Rome Braves game, but since it poured the night before and rained up until about an hour before game time, the game was postponed.

That’s OK, though! We all napped a bit — I while Joe took Lucy to McDonald’s (only because I could.not keep my eyes open), and Joe and Lucy later in the day — and then we had a late lunch/early dinner at Armando’s, one of our favorite restaurants. We hadn’t been there in a while, and it was a great choice because there were hardly any other diners there.

After we ate, we ran a few errands, which included getting Lucy a toddler t-ball set at Target. She was SO EXCITED. Seriously. Excited was probably an understatement. We also got her a baseball hat because she INSISTED that she couldn’t play baseball without one. And, even though the ground was wet, we stopped at the park on the way home so Lucy could play for a bit.


Lucy insists that the correct way to hit the ball is with the handle. Telling her otherwise just made her scream.


You know what also made her mad? Taking the bat to show her how to use it. That made her SERIOUSLY mad.


Eventually, she did try to hit it with the correct end of the bat. Unfortunately, she’s back to using the handle again. Oh well!


I love my little athlete!


Easter 2012

OH. MY. GOODNESS. I completely forgot I had started working on this post and never finished it. So, I’m posting it now since, you know, this is my record of life with Lucy.

Wow. Easter was SO MUCH more fun this year. Lucy was SO into everything, and watching her made me so happy. When she woke up on Easter morning, she came out to the living room to find her basket. She was beside herself with excitement.

DSC_0573 (2)

DSC_0574 (2)

DSC_0562 (2)

Then, it was time for the big egg hunt. It was so much fun seeing her walk around the yard and shout, “Egg!” whenever she saw one. Then, she would open it up to see what was inside because she just couldn’t wait. She’s her mama’s daughter.

DSC_0576 (2)


DSC_0583 (2)

After she had collected all the eggs, she had to go through her loot. Duh.




That was pretty much the extent of what we did. We had a pretty low-key day at home watching Lucy’s new Dora DVD about 800 times. It was perfect.

Happy Easter!



Happy Passover!

For all my Jewish family and friends…

Ringing in the New Year

We started the new year in the North Georgia mountains. Joe’s parents have a cabin in Blue Ridge, and we usually go up there for New Year’s Eve since my mother-in-law does a traditional Southern meal for New Year’s Day. We were bummed that Joe’s sister and her family couldn’t make it, but Lucy enjoyed all the attention from her grandparents.

We arrived late Friday night, and on Saturday we were up early to head to downtown Blue Ridge so Lucy could see the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway, which travels from Blue Ridge to McCaysville. Lucy loves trains, and she really liked getting to see one up close. We’re thinking about taking the girls on the train ride this summer.





We waited for the train to leave, and then we headed over to the park to let Lucy play. She completely bypassed the smaller playground and made a beeline for the large playground with the longer slides. She certainly isn’t timid! She spent a lot of time sliding down the big, enclosed slide.




After the slide, Lucy played at the rock climbing wall. She liked to peek through the openings and shout, “Boo!”




It was a fabulous morning. We headed back to the cabin, and Lucy took a 30-minute nap (SIGH), which meant we were all dragging the rest of the day. After sundown, we put on some Disney movies and Curious George and watched until 11:30 p.m., when we put Lucy to bed. She probably could have made it until midnight, but we decided she had stayed up late enough. The funny thing is that Lucy made it through the movies while Joe’s parents and I dozed off.

We watched the ball drop online and toasted at midnight and then headed to bed.

On Sunday, we had a lazy morning and at the typical Southern meal of greens (for wealth), black-eyed peas and rice (for luck), meat (for progress and prosperity). There was also spaghetti for the vegetarian (me!) and broccoli for my veggie-loving daughter.

We had a nice, laid-back weekend, which is what going to the cabin is all about. I’d love to the mountains one day. I always miss the peacefulness when we come back home.

Celebrating the Holidays

Since Christmas and Hanukkah fell at the same time last year, we had a crazy busy holiday weekend. We gave Lucy her gifts from us on Friday morning since we were heading to Joe’s parents’ Friday night and then going to my parents’ on Saturday. Her big gift was a Dora coloring table, which she LOVES!



She had a blast playing all day with all her new toys.





I had to work, but at 5 p.m., we were out the door headed to Joe’s parents’ to celebrate Hanukkah. We always have a great time, and this year was no different — except for the fact that I was still dealing with the effects of my Reclast infusion. I had to miss out on the lighting of the Hanukkah candles because I was too light-headed to stand, but Lucy and Rivka really enjoyed it. They are so much more fun at this age!


Lucy had the best time because she got Let’s Rock Elmo. She is in LOVE! Also, she is his drummer. He’s pretty lucky to have her in his band.


The cupcakes also were a big hit with the kids.


On Saturday, we took our time packing up and headed to Chattanooga mid-afternoon. We had a fun Christmas eve with my siblings, even though my dad wasn’t able to join us. Lucy always has a blast with her cousins. The three of them ran through the doors separating the living room from the hallway for about 20 minutes before we opened presents and 30 minutes afterward. They weren’t loud. They just ran. And ran. And ran. Joe said the adults were trying to keep them quiet when I passed out in bed after presents, but I didn’t hear a thing.

Anyway. All the kids had a blast and got some great gifts.



I showed off Lucy’s new bath book, Barnyard Bath! We are big Boynton fans in our house.



We forgot to take pictures on Christmas Day, but we had a very nice lunch with my family (minus Ryan and his family who were at his in-laws’) and Joe’s parents. Once it was over, though, I took one of my anti-dizziness pills and passed out for the ride home. We had a fun holiday weekend, but here’s hoping everyone is healthy for next year!