Enter to Win a $100 Gift Card and FREE Wholly Guacamole Products!

wholly lunch

The Wholly Guacamole® brand wants to help you make lunch for you and your kids OMGuac -tastic!  After all, Wholly Guacamole is the Offical sponsor of the OMGuac Lunch!

Stop by eatwholly.com/omg for some great ideas, a coupon and a chance to win $100 gift card with FREE Wholly Guacamole products! Three winners are chosen weekly through Sept. 27.

The One Lunch, Two Ways gives you inspiration on how to create two completely different lunches with most of the same ingredients! Take a look and print out the shopping list for your favorite ideas.

  • Get OMGuac Lunch inspiration and shopping lists to print
  • Watch fun videos to help break out of the boring lunch mode
  • Print your $1.00 coupon good for anyWholly™ product
  • Enter your OMGuac lunch photo for a chance to win $100 and FREE Wholly Guacamole products

If you enter, make sure you come back and let me know if you won!

Sears Contest Roundup

There are a plethora of Sears gift card/gift packages going on around the internet as part of Sears’ Grant a Wish campaign. Several are for gift packages for various interests worth around $500, and others are for $100 gift cards to spend any way you want. In addition, if you happen to not like any of the packages offered, you can list what you would buy with $500 in the comments. It’s a great promotion, especially given the current economy. Here’s a list of the blogs sponsoring contests and what you’ll find on each site:

$500 prize packs
ted.me — Tool Addict, Technerdia and Shapeshifter
Liz Strauss — Chicago DVDs; Cool Tools; and Images, Music and Words
Joseph Jaffe — The Practical One, The Fun One and The Wii One
Jim Kukral — Photo/music, Blu-Ray DVD player, and an XBox 360 system and games
Steve Spalding — XBox Elite, The Bored Traveler and Homeward Bound
Tamar Weinberg — The Family Fun Package, The Camping Package and The Pamper Herself Spa Relaxation Package
Aaron Brazell — The iPod Pack, The Playstation 3 Pack and The “Electronics for your Car” Pack

Again, the following contests for $100 gift cards allow you to pick whatever you want from Sears’ Web site as long as it totals $100. Just leave a comment with the item numbers/product names.

$100 gift cards from Izea Insiders
Ben Sparks

Good luck to everyone who enters!