Week in Phone Pics ~ 10/52

So…it’s been a few weeks since I’ve done this. Sigh. I have been so incredibly busy with some new VA work and spending time with the kiddo (more on all that later). Hopefully, I won’t miss any more week!


Last week we:

  • Dressed up like Ariel
  • Snuggled with AJ
  • Did a jigsaw puzzle
  • Had a lunch date with Mommy
  • Threw pennies into the fountain at the mall
  • Went out to dinner with Mommy and Daddy
  • Made leaf angels
  • Went to church (and insisted on pics as we left)
  • And, drew with chalk.


We also:

  • Played at McDonald’s (and had to wear their ridiculously big socks since we forgot ours)
  • Visited Lucy’s great-grandmother in the hospital
  • Played at the park
  • And, made Kool-Aid!

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Mommy-Daughter Date

Whenever I go to my rheumatologist, it ends up being a several hour affair. I’m still getting used to my new doctor who really takes his time during appointments rather than rushing through as my last doctor did.

I had Lucy with me today, which really isn’t a big deal – unless you have to get x-rays done. And, guess what I was told had to happen after my appointment? Yeah. Obviously, Lucy couldn’t go in with me, so we set her up in the infusion room so she could watch cartoons. She was A-OK.

I was kind of stressed out during the x-rays and the bone density scan because, you know, I couldn’t see her. She wasn’t crying, which was good. I was sure she was OK.

When I finished, I found her curled up in one of the big infusion chairs, her hand over her head. I thought she was sleeping at first, but when I got closer, I saw that she wasn’t. I asked if she was watching TV.

“No. I scared. I hiding from people.”

Broke. My. Heart. I seriously felt like the worst mom ever.

After we left, we headed across the street for my lab work and then trekked back home. Lucy fell asleep not long into our drive so, instead of stopping to eat like we had discussed, I phoned in a take-out order to Chili’s and quickly ran in to get it.

But, when I got back to the car (I parked in front of the door and kept my eyes on it the entire time), Lucy was awake and adamant that we go in for our mommy-daughter date. So, after having just picked up a meal, we went in to eat. I was kind of embarrassed since, you know, there were only two servers working, and I’m pretty sure they recognized me, but my kiddo was SO happy to be on a date with Mommy. That outweighed all the embarrassment.

And, we had a GREAT time. I can’t wait for another actual lunch out together!


I was supposed to go to our Kiwanis club meeting tonight.

Instead, I am on the couch in my pj’s eating a bowl of chili I made for our club’s potluck tonight. That’s how bad of a day it’s been.

It all started this morning when I asked Lucy to put her shoes on. She’s 3. She can put them on herself. She just doesn’t want to. And, that’s when my day of back-to-back-to-back temper tantrums began. Because, you know, I am the meanest mom EVER.

And, so, my little drama queen spent about 45 minutes under my bed crying her little eyes out. She wouldn’t talk to me or come out but would scream at me when she would hear my show on TV. Yeah. She was a joy to be around.

Then, there was the meltdown at Kroger because she didn’t want to sit in the cart. The CAR cart. The car cart that I got because she won’t ride in anything else even though I can’t navigate it to save my life. I’m sorry, but my little munchkin is slow, and I was in a hurry, so riding in the cart was her only option.

And, then…THEN, she woke up in a crappy mood from her nap. She didn’t want to get out of bed. She didn’t want to get dressed. But, she DID want to go to Kiwanis. U-G-H.

So, here I am. Enjoying the quiet, watching the news and hoping my splitting headache goes away soon.

Super Bowl Sunday

Wow. What a game last night. I’m a Baltimore native, so I was definitely cheering my hometown team on last night.

The Ravens blew away the 49ers in the first half but, as we have seen in other rounds of the playoffs, the 49ers are a second half team, and that certainly was the case last night. After the crazy power outage, momentum switched, and I really thought we were going to blow it. It was like we were watching the Falcons game all over again.

But, we pulled it out, and the Lombardi Trophy is going home to Baltimore. Yay!

We had big plans to have friends over for the game. I came up with a pretty good menu – vegetarian chili, pizza rolls, chicken nuggets for the kids, pasta salad, chips and dip, and cookies – and Lucy and I spent some time out picking up decorations and last minute items.


But, when Joe returned home from his 30-mile (yes, that was 3-0) run, he wasn’t feeling quite right. We waited until about 45 minutes until our guests were supposed to arrive to give him a chance to start feeling better but had to call it off. We’re not sure if he had a stomach bug or it was something with the long run and amount of fuel. In any case, he wasn’t in any shape to have people over.

Lucy was REALLY disappointed because she was looking forward to playing with the kids who were supposed to come. I think she thought she was being punished because she kept begging us to let them come. It broke our hearts. So, we set up the party for her. I didn’t make all the food I was planning, but I set up some decorations and put out some food for us all. She had a blast!

Lucy had her first taste of grape soda.

We watched some football. We watched a time lapse video of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly.

And, we played some games.

It was a nice, fun, family night. Gooooo Ravens! Hopefully next year, we’ll be watching our Falcons in the Super Bowl!

Lucy’s First Haircut

Last week, we got Lucy’s hair cut. For the first time. At age 3. That’s how slowly my kid’s hair grows. I mean, really, up until this year, she hardly had any. And, if it wasn’t for the straight strands underneath all her beautiful curls making the back look like a mullet, we probably would have waited even longer.

We don’t have any children’s hair cut places in town, so our options were either Great Clips or a salon. We opted for a salon and, boy am I glad we did. The stylist was SO good with Lucy and the hair cut REALLY enhances her curls. It seems MUCH more curly now, which I love. So happy.

And Lucy? She did awesome. She didn’t cry. She didn’t fuss. She sat, intently staring in the mirror as the stylist worked.

When the stylist was done, she sprinkled fairy dust on Lucy’s hair. And that was when she won all of us over. Best children’s stylist ever.

Before we left, Lucy insisted on sitting under the dryer like the other women.

And, we had to get a picture of her in front of the salon, since we hadn’t gotten one when we arrived.

Her hair doesn’t look too much different, but it is a little shorter and a *little* less shaggy. Honestly, I didn’t want it cut “short” because I want it to grow a bit. We needed it cleaned up a little, but with all those curls, it’s always all over the place! I wonder how long it will be before her next haircut!




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