Worry Wart

In case you haven’t noticed, I worry. A lot. I realized today that I’ve been worrying so much I haven’t been able to enjoy this pregnancy. There’s not as much to enjoy during the first trimester as there are during the others, but just being pregnant is enough. I realized today that I still can’t wrap my mind around the fact that I’m pregnant and that this happens to us, and I think that’s why I worry. I always expect the negative to happen. I can’t fathom the fact that that’s not how it’s going to work this time.

I received a pair of maternity pants I had ordered today, and I was so excited to try them on. However, they didn’t fit *and* they had a tapered leg, which I hate. I really don’t understand how the large was so uncomfortable when my other pants are the same size and quite comfy. I guess it just depends on the size and style, as with other types of clothing.

I’ll have more later on my 10th week along with a picture (hopefully!). I’m warning you right now though — I don’t look pregnant, just super fat.

Great Day

Wow, yesterday was such a great day. For the first time, I really *felt* pregnant. I ended up wearing my one pair of maternity pants because, frankly, they were the only comfortable pair I have, and right now, comfort is all I care about. With those and an empire-waisted shirt, I really looked pregnant. I looked down all day and saw my belly sticking out. It was so awesome.

So yes, I’ve been wearing maternity pants for the last two days. My regular pants just put too much pressure on my abdomen. Today after work, Joe and I went to Kohls to see if I could find any other pants (since I only have one pair). I found two cute pairs of capris, and I found a couple shirts. One is a t-shirt that says “Baby Love”, and when I tried it on, I just looked fat in it, mainly because my love handles were so pronounced and because you can still see the indentation around my belly button. My belly isn’t smooth yet. But, as I reflect on it, I didn’t start off with a flat stomach. I started out with quite a bit of stomach pooch, so I really can’t be too bummed right now. Sure, it’s more pronounced now, but it won’t be long before I really start looking pregnant.

Last night, I was feeling a little bummed because I’ve seen bloggers behind me in pregnancy having heard their babies heartbeats, and I have yet to hear mine. I’ve been really wanting to hear it, and now that I’m halfway through the four weeks between my OB appointments, I’m really wanting to hear it or see it. It’s hard to get used to monthly visits. Joe put his ear to my belly tonight and said he heard something really rapid. My brother, who is a nurse, says the baby’s heartbeat should be able to be heard without amplification just like mine can, so we like to think that Joe did hear it. Maybe our little baby knew how much we wanted to hear it and was helping us out.

Twice my Size

Holy cow, guys. I noticed my belly was a bit bigger today, but now if I let it out all the way, I look like I’m 20 weeks pregnant. Seriously. And it’s really firm, not flabby. Yikes. I’m sure at 10 weeks I should not be looking like this.

Making Adjustments

I’m two days away from the 10-week mark. And, I’m now in that pregnancy limbo period where I’m too big for my normal clothes but not big enough yet for maternity clothes. I can still button my pants, but they now push on my lower abdomen and are incredibly uncomfortable.

Today, I think I’m going to pull out my yoga pants and start wearing them to work. They’re black and can pass for dressy pants, especially when paired with a work-acceptable shirt. And, they have an elastic waist, which is the best part. Besides that, I’ll probably start wearing my pants unbuttoned if my shirts allow for that. I think I have enough shirts that will enable me to pull that off.

Or, I could just suck it up and start wearing maternity pants early. In the grand scheme of things, does a few weeks early really matter?

My Belly is a Growin’

And so is every other part of my body, apparently. I have gained EIGHT pounds so far during the first trimester. I feel like that is an incredible amount of weight to gain, and I’m feeling kind of down about it. I’ve always known that I gain weight super easy, but this is ridiculous. I will admit that I have had some chocolate, but not EIGHT POUNDS worth. How much weight did you all gain during your first trimesters? Am I in the normal range??

America’s Worst Looking Parents

On Sunday, Joe and I headed to Rome for the Rome Braves game. We love minor league baseball, and we thought it would be a fun way to spend the afternoon.

However, we forgot our No. 1 rule is “no Sunday afternoon games” for precisely one reason: the heat. It was unbearable, especially since we had such fabulous seats right behind home plate. We ended up leaving around the 6th inning, and when we got home we noticed how burned my arms were. They were bright, bright red and incredibly painful.

Joe was not having a fun afternoon either. His eyes had been hurting him, and by the time we got home, he was having a hard time keeping his right eye open.

On Monday morning, we got up to head to my new OB’s office, and Joe’s eye was so full of gunk it was almost impossible to open. And I was rocking the Wal-Mart burn with my half red/half white arms. As we sat in the waiting room Joe said, “They’re not going to have this baby. They’re going to take one look at us and say, ‘You can’t be parents!'”

And wouldn’t you know it, but as soon as the doctor walked into the exam room he looked at Joe and then at me and said, “What happened to you guys??”

I told Joe it’s a good thing our baby wasn’t anywhere near being due. He/she would try to climb right back in! I promise, we really will be good parents even if we don’t look it sometimes!